Starting Clomid/my intro!
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trying4number1 - August 24

Hey everyone. I was on here not too long ago but somehow the system wont log me in and wont do the password retrieval, so Im using another screen name from now on.
Anyhow....after a year of TTC #1 I was diagnosed with PCOS back in February. I was put on Metformin 500 mg 2x a day. It has regulated my cycles the past three months now...yippee!
I still was not pregnant so now my obgyn upped my metformin to 800 mg 2x a day and I start Clomid 50 mg days 5-9 of my next cycle sicne Im not ovulating. My next cycle should start next week sometime. She also put me on "expectra" to increase my good cholesterol level. She also recommended I do the BBT vs the fertility monitor since its more accurate with PCOS usually.
I bought a CBE fertility monitor but honestly cant afford to keep buying the test sticks with my really long cycles! So far this month I had done about 20 sticks and they all said HIGH never peak--must be the PCOS.
I am also taking VITEX once a day (was three times a day the first 6 weeks or more).
So now Im just waiting for AF to start so I can begin the Clomid.
I was wondering if anyone on here is going to start Clomid soon or just did and wants to be buddys???


Trina76 - September 28

Hi, tyring4#1, I begged for Provera to induce my cycle, ( I just miscarried) it has started, I was supposed to take clomid this cycle but somehow forgot to take my first two doses ( plus I'm in the process of begging for the ovidrel shot) So for sure in November I'll start the 100 mg Clomid....


summer - September 28

I am on Provera to jump start my cycle as well and am supposed to start Clomiphene on day 2. I finish my provera and i will have to wait for the bleed to come.

I am sorry about the miscarriage Trina76.

love summer


Lila - September 28

Hey Trina - I posted to you on the old thread too but wanted to drop a quick note on this one as well. I have two friends who have Clomide babies so it definitely works!! Good luck. I did Clomide for 6 cycles and I do not want to scare you but I wish someone had warned me before I started clomide so I was not so taken by surprise - clomide can cause some pretty big mood swings. It does not happen to everyone but the girls I know who had issues - watch out. Just warn your DH in advance that you love him and you are not responsible for things that may or may not come out of your mouth. Like I said I do not want to scare you and the stuff does work but I wish someone had warned me (and especially my DH) of what might happen. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck to you as well as Summer and Trying4#1.



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