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Fortyfour - September 22

Hi all, I was shocked get a phone call from my new doc to let me know that has recieved some of my labs but not all of them and to check with them in 2 days. Wow, the doc himself called. My feeling gets better and better.

Take care and baby dust to all.


pj - September 22

sounds like a pretty outstanding doc you've got there!
i hope he has some good news for you.


justme - September 22

Thats great! I hope you have a wonderful experience this time!


Meg - September 22

I am hoping that you have a better experience this time around and get all of the answers that you need. It is wonderful that you have found a Dr. who cares about you and what happens to you. Still praying for you 44:)



oneandonlymel - September 22

I am glad you found a good doctor and I hope he has answers for you so you can have that baby or babies you so desirve.


silli_kitti - September 22

You must be so relieved! I went for a second opinion because I just don't feel my RE is on the same page with me about the age issue (he's taking baby steps with me) but he was very far away, and we don't think we could realistically do it with work schedules, me being away from home for days at a time, etc. It was good to bounce some things off him and pick his brains about others. He was very informative, and gave me some new insight. But it did bother me that he told me to go to IVF - it made me feel like he just wants the big money.

Its important to have doctors you feel comfortable with, and whom you trust. Good for you for finding one!

Baby dust to you!


WantsBaby2 - September 22

Sounds like this doctor is gonna be a lot more sensitive to you. I know what you mean. My ob/gyn has always called me personally with test results etc... and she always answers all of my questions, even if it takes 10 to 15 minutes.

It's nice to know that they care enough to call themselves. Some doctors really do care about their patients. Looks like you found one of the good ones.


Fortyfour - September 22

Thanks ladies. Even his nurses are so different in the office. Even if this doesnt work I will know I did my best.

Silli Kitti- I know you dont want to do IVF but time is so essential for us. I am only saying this because I waited too long and had to use donor eggs. A year can make such a big difference. I am not telling you what to do but to think about it. I hope the IUI's work though and that you dont have to go through anymore of this crazy stuff. Take care. Sorry if I offended you.


sblanton2 - September 22

I am thrilled you finally found a doc that makes you feel comfortable. I think that we are all spending huge amounts of money not to mention our emotions to achieve something most take for granted you deserve to know you got someone's best efforts. I hope this works for you.

Best Wishes,


Fortyfour - September 22

Thanks Sylvia -- It looks like we might be cycle buddies if all goes will with my testing. Take care.


SMS1129 - September 23


You have been so supportive to all of the women here and I wish you the best with your next IVF! You deserve it!! Great news about your new doc!!

Take care,


Fortyfour - September 23

Thanks sue, Congrats on your 3 heartbeats. Keep on growing kids.


Karen123 - September 23

44 - I've been off the boards for a few days and just read this. I am SO glad you found a doctor that you are comfortable with. I wish they all realized that something like a 2 minute phone call makes SUCH a difference. As you know, I wish you ALL the best and hope that this new doctor can make your dreams come true. Karen


baby4us - September 23

44- that is so amazing. you must have a renewed energy and excitement. Keep us informed!

I also duly noted the advice you gave Silli-Kittie.. as I too have been agonizing over the possibility of starting IVF.. I am scared.. scared of the pain and invasiveness of the whole procedure.. so am hoping a few more IUIs will be it for me (I hope.. I hope).. as I have a feeling that this 2nd cycle of IUI is not going to end in a positive.....


Fortyfour - September 23

Hi Baby4us. The only thing that I liked about IVF is that you know that the egg and sperm have fertilized and they are directly there in the uterus. I always use to wonder (until my ovaries went kapoof) if the egg and sperm actually ever got together. With ivf there was no question. I was surprised I got pg so easily with ivf but then was surprised to have the miscarraiges.

Take care and buckets of baby dust to you.


silli_kitti - September 23

I have indeed been thinking IVF...

Its my DH who says we should give IUI a decent chance, and my RE who says I'm too impatient. Especially now, since I did get a BFP. But that is little comfort to me if it doesn't result in baby in my arms in 9 months. I suppose they're both right in a sense, however, I am desperate here. Is it only us women who understand that the timeline is not unlimited here??

My RE hates having me as a patient, I'm sure, because I stand up to him. But then, he does contradict himself a lot, and I always throw it back at him. DH and RE are both on me about "you've only had 2 good cycles" but I say WE'VE BEEN TTC EVERY SINGLE CYCLE FOR A WHOLE A YEAR. I don't wanna hear no crap about "only two good cycles. I told my RE that I came to him to fix that, and he only got to the "good" cycles on the fourth one?!

Men! Sheesh!


baby4us - September 23

That's the thing.. it is all the unknown and uncertainty that really messes with your emotions... Each month that we go through this (and going back to when DH and I had naively started on our own 1 1/2 years ago)

Each month you think.. this is going to be it! So yes... after all this time.. you want answers and you want them NOW!

Join me at Mt. Sinai!!! Just a thought.. seeing as 44 started this posting by saying how happy she is with her new doctor...????



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