Shared Journey please change our board back to the way it was.
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Mahogany Heart - November 9

I love this discussion board and I enjoy it truly but I really don't like the new look. For one its to small please change it back. It gave us more details.

Mahogany Heart


suzyQ - November 9

need help posting a message


TICKINGCLOCK - November 10



baby4us - November 10

I have to agree too.. the one thing I liked about the old boards.. is that you could see which discussion had last been posted in each board.. that helped a lot.. as I am usually trying to scan through these as quickly as possible in the a.m... so now I have to click on each board to read which posts are new, etc...

I would rather have it back the way it was!! sorry.. I know all the improvements you are making are great... except this one!!!


Karen123 - November 11

I just logged in after a couple of days and do not like this new format either. Just thought I'd add my opinion. Karen


WantsBaby2 - November 11

I don't like it at all either ladies. It's so difficult to navigate without seeing what has posted and what has not!!!

In addition, my computor screen is not full size and I have to move the page over everytime a new screen comes up. Perhaps if we all e mail the S J Moderator they will change it back!


sblanton2 - November 14

I cannot stand this new format, it makes it difficult to see what is new and who has posted. I preferred it the other way too. It was easy to tell at a glance if there was a subject I wanted to respond to, now I have to go into each catagory. I HATE IT!!!!!



baby4us - November 16

I agree WantsBaby 2.. I think we should all voice our opinions en masse to the SJ moderator.. I do not like the new look!!!!


Karen123 - November 16

Ok, the more I use the site, the more I hate the new format. How do we go about informing the people that may be willing to change it back? Sorry I dont' know what to do but with the site this way, I can't do anything easily any more. :(


baby4us - November 17

Hmmm.. there used to be a link that you could click on to send an e-mailt o Shared Journey... but I can't find it anymore... they do have a contact us section.. bu tit is a small form to fill out... so I would say to either go to teh Contact us section and vent... or maybe try [email protected]????


Mahogany Heart - November 17

Hi Ladies,

I did email the company and forward this page. I see they changed the forum format. You can see who last replied but I still don't like it. I wish they would change it back. If its not broke then why fix it.

What I did was click the report to Moderator and submitted it there. I got an email and wrote back.


baby4us - November 18

I like the fact that you can quickly see who wrote and when.. so I am happy with that change.. hopefulyl will adjust to the other changes!


cassandra - November 18

Hi! I agree with these ladies. I sometimes come on to see a specific's persons progress and posts. I liked it before when you could see who started the thread and where they last posted at a glance. Thankyou. cassandra



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