Secondary Infertility
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stacynb - March 10

Hi Everyone,
First timer wanting some input on secondary infertility. This is just words to label someone after they have successfully been prego once with no difficulties and now cannot get prego again. My DH and I have a wonderful 3yo daughter and have been TTC for the past 14 months. We were on DepoProvera after our daughter was born and it took 6 mo. to get my cycles starting again. Now we don't think that I am ovulating as I have peed on the stick 14 days ea mo. for the past 14 mo., tracked my temp every morning, and used Ovulite to check sodium levels: no luck on any of those methods, so my dr. started me on Clomid this month (Day 5) I am waiting to see if I am a late ovulator as it is Day 13 and still no change on any of my 3 methods? Does anyone have any advice about secondary infertility or on ovulating on days later than 14?

Thanks for any advice and prayers to all of you on this site :-*



evansmom - March 10

Hi there I am also new to this site. It has been a while since I logged on to a site for some support and understanding. I too have been ttc #2 for over two years now. I have a DS who is now 4 years old. No problems at all concieving him and easy pregnancy. I don't know what is going on right now. Every month the same old thing. Good EWCM from days 11-14. OV on day 14-15 (temp shift). Then start spotting around day 22 or so 3 days before AF getting heavier as it goes along and then a nice and short 25 day cycle. I have been seeing a chiropractor for about 9 months now to try and "fix" things naturally. I have an appointment with my new OB in two weeks as my old one automatically wrote me off to the fertility guy which my insurance does not cover. I know there are other things to be tried "in the regular office" that my insurance would cover. I am also not willing to try IVF since we just got ourselves out of debt and owe nothing but our mortgate. I am 35 and if I can't do it in the next three years I guess we will adopt or DS will be an only child. I get grief about the from the fam as all my siblings have 3-4 children a piece. Nothing like pressure! Anyways thanks for the vent, it is long overdue!! ::)


stacynb - March 10

Hi, thanks for the reply. I know all about the pressure from family as well. I am one of 8 children and every month my mother calls to tell me about a new neice or nephew on the way. I have just started Clomid and if it does not work than I will probably look into the Ovulex (I just read about this and it appears to be an all natural pill that you take). I have read good things about it and the pills are not that expensive. Well I will be praying for you and your family. I hope that you will get the baby brother or sister for your son:) Vent to me anytime!!!


evansmom - March 11

Thanks, it's always good to know you are not alone and there are others out there going through the same thing. Thanks for the well wishes. I will probably start Clomid and accupuncture soon and I have been trying Evening Primrose for a while now along with the Chiropractic. Good luck to you too I will send lots of baby dust your way ;D



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