S-L-O-W Start..give up hope?
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sweetp1265 - May 21


I went to the dr yesterday for my 3rd u/s, and my follicles are not developing as they liked. I have been on Lupron since 4/29 (with BCP's prior) and Follistim since 5/13.
They prescribed a new medicine for this weekend, kind of like a "booster shot" to help me out.

Then, I go back on Tuesday. If things do not progress, they will not do a retrieval and will start again next month.......

I'm just a little down as the dr said he is disappointed in this as all my pre-tests were great and my 1st two u/s were great... He said it's just a bump in the road and we can fix it, but I'm still bummed out.....

Any advice ???


WantsBaby2 - May 21

Sweet P,
The same thing happened to me in Feb. and my whole cycle was cancelled. I was devastated. They say that is pretty common for your first IVF until they know how your body is gonna respond to the meds.

We are gearing up for a second try soon and I am so afraid of the same thing happening again. I sooooo know how you feel. All that work for nothing. It's heartbreaking. I hope that things will maybe pick up for you this month. What is your age if you don't mind me asking?

You should fill out the signature section of your profile so we know what your situation is. Sometimes we can give more suggestions and advice if we have easy access to your age and diagnosis.

Good luck!



paige - May 21

Hi sweet P, I did two fresh cycles and my first one went through but they had a hard time with the follicles too. I think it takes them one time to get to know your body. They had to double my med for the second time because the eggs weren't maturing. Good luck it's probly good he's watching you so closely. You don't want to retrieve poor quality and not have it take. I think that is what my doctor did just to keep things moving. I was just another patient and it took me three times!!


shaz - May 21

Hi Sweet P,

The first cycle is hard as the doctors dont really know how you will respond to the drugs. They dont want to overstim you as that can have horrible side effects. I know how dissapointed you must be feeling though. Hang in there, the booster shot they give you may do the trick.



Dee - May 22

Thank you for all your support! I will let you know how it goes on Tuesday :)


sweetp1265 - May 22

Sorry- I wasn't logged on....
I will let you know how it goes :)


cassandra - May 22

SweetP, Good luck with the booster shot. If it doesn't work, please don't give up. My very first cycle was cancelled for the exact same thing. It is devastating but the very next month it worked! ;) cassandra


WantsBaby2 - May 22

Yes Sweet P, please keep us posted. I really hope the booster shot works for you! What exactly is in the shot? I have never heard of doing that before. Let us know asap on Thursday if it worked. We are rooting for you! Hang in there girl.



sweetp1265 - May 22

It's called Luveris - the dr said it's like Repronex, but purer. I am still on the Lupron & Follistim - now I add the Luveris till Monday - hopefully they will see the results they want!!

Thanks again everyone :)


Debie - May 23

Wishing you the best of luck and a speedy BFP soon.



Fortyfour - May 23

Good luck with your cycle sweetp. Baby dust to you.



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