Poor DH
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Karen123 - November 11

Hi everyone. Many of you know that my DH had to have surgery over the summer for Diverticulitis. It's an intestinal infection. He had to have a colostomy done and has worn that nasty smelly bag ever since. Well Monday he went in for a reversal. He was in bad shape, had to spend 36 hours in intensive care and was in a lot of pain. I kept telling him that he would get well and that at least now he'd be back to normal. Well, I was wrong. He had a blood transfusion yesterday and still had a high fever today. He actually had to have another major surgery today and had a NEW colostomy done. So he went thru all this horror for nothing. And now he will have to face yet another surgery in 6 months. So, MORE missed unpaid time from work, new deductibles to pay, me with 2 babies to care for and he'll be in the hospital or on bedrest and worst of all, he will have to suffer once again. I know there's nothing anyone can say to help but it just helps to share bad news sometimes and to know someone cares. he'll be out of work another month now for nothing too. It'll be a light Christmas. Well, I know that the main thing is, he pulled through and we still have 2 miracles to look forward to next year. But I am sad today. He is beyond sad. Karen


Meg - November 13


I am sorry that your husband is not doing well. You certainly deserve a break soon. It seems that you have been through the mill. I do hope that things will get better for all of you. Try to keep your stress to a minimum, which I know is extremely difficult, but you want to keep those two babies healthy and inside you for as long as possible. I will keep you and DH in my thoughts and prayers. Know that you are being thought of..

Take Care,



brittonbrunson - November 13

my prayers are with you.


Karen123 - November 14

Thank you Meg and brittonbrunson. DH is suffering greatly right now. He is very, very swollen from the feet to the hips and still has a 102 temp despite the 2nd surgery and all the antibiotics. They don't know what is wrong with him. I'm very worried and feel so helpless. I wish I had some knowlege of medical issues such as this but I suppose if 2 surgeons can't figure out what's wrong, there's no way I could. Well, I wish I had a better update. Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers. Karen


baby4us - November 14

Hi Karen... I am so sorry to hear about DH... you must be out of your mind with worry. I do hope he starts to feel better soon and then you can concentrate on the babies...I hope the fever breaks soon...


Christie - November 15

Thinking of you. God bless.


Fortyfour - November 16

Karen123 - I am so sorry to hear about our husband. The fluid may just be from the surgeries and the blood transfusions. I will pray that his fever goes down and he gets better. How frustrating. If you lived close to me I would come and help. Take care


Karen123 - November 16

You are so sweet, Darcie. Thanks to all of you. Well, a step forward as of yesterday. DH's fever has gone down. It's something at least. I got him up to walk when I was there last night and bugged him during the day to get a nurse to help him walk. It's really the best thing for him. He is still so swollen - no relief there. I talked to the surgeon yesterday who said that DH's wounds may be closed on Friday and he may be able to go home Sunday. I just find that hard to believe at this point because as of last night, he can't even reach for anything, empty the colostomy bag himself or even stand up without help. We'll see I guess. Thanks again for the kind thoughts. You are all so terrific. Karen


Fortyfour - November 19

I am so glad his fever is down. If he goes home see if they can get a homecare nurse to stop by and check on him. ( most insurances pay for a few visits per year) I know he will get stronger everyday. You are right to get him moving and to keep getting him up. That what will get him stronger. Take care.


Mahogany Heart - November 19

I'm Praying for you Karen and your DH.


Karen123 - November 21

Hi and thanks again! DH is supposed to go home today. What was supposed to be a 5 to 7 day stay has lasted 15 days. He's so sick of being there. He has a few more weeks of hard work trying to get well but I'm sure just being home will be a help. He has to face surgery again next year but for now, he's going to live with the colostomy and hopefully feel much better. Karen


baby4us - November 22

Hi Karen... Glad to hear that DH is home... that must be a huge relief for both of you and I hope he has as pain free a year as possible until surgery next year


Fortyfour - November 24

Karen123 - I am glad hubby is home. Have a great Thanksgiving.

A great Thanksgiving to all.



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