overweight and IVF
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Latina - October 17

Have any of you experienced infertility in regards to weight? I have been trying my best to diet but feel my weight could be hindering my chances for a succesful pregnancy.Ive read somewhere that this could be a problem .I guess Im stretching the possibility ;)..I would say im a good 50lbs over weight. Not to mention that 25 of those pounds I gained during my 1 year stint with IVF.Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else struggling with the same dilema? Im planning another cycle in December/January..


WantsBaby2 - October 18

I don't have any answers for you..sorry. I haven't heard one way or another about weight being a factor. I just want to wish you the best of luck on your upcoming cycle.

I am anticipating another cycle in late November...early December. I like to think I am increasing my chances by only eating foods that I think are good for me.....like lots of fruits, steamed vegetables and whole grains. I've also been told that walking helps too. Green tea is supposed to be wonderful for infertility by increasing the quality of your eggs.

Good luck!



sblanton2 - October 18

I had not heard about the green tea thing...thanks for the tip. I knew it was good for the meabolism....
Latina, I can only tell you that my clinic will not do IVF if you are not at a healthy BMI. They said that if you are not at a healthy weight it can make it difficult to see and find the follicles when it comes time for egg retrieval. I read something about that on Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Smith's board also. I think the best thing is just eat healthy and walk a little everyday and see what happens. I am scheduled for my first IVF in January and have been afraid of gaining weight due to the drugs, does everyone gain weight? I wish you the best of luck with everything and keep posting.

Baby dust to us all,


Fortyfour - October 19

My nurse friend was 100 pounds overweight and she had problems with too much estrogen (the fat produces it) and with the help of progestrone suppositories and shots got pg and had 2 kids. I hope that helps. 50 pounds doesnt sound like enought to cause a problem though. What does the doc think? Thyroid problems? Take care.


baby4us - October 19

Latina... what about talking to your doc about recommending a dietian? I have read that it is a good idea to get in as good a shape as you can (no crash diets or marathon exercise classes).. and is a good time to start walking/swimming/ etc. and to keep track of what you eat -- I find that helps a lot.. but a dietician will make sure you are eating sensibly and how much to eat per portion per day (which can be surprisingly difficult)


Latina - October 20

Thank you guys for all your kind words and support. Ive started working out and eating healthier. I hope I dont put on anymore weight with this cycle. My RE said that my weight would not be an issue.
I was told that this cycle I would have to to intramuscular shots :. I was told because of my constant miscarriages this would be ideal.Ive also been put on a daily dose of baby aspirin.
Im hoping I can get a consult some time this month so I can start a cycle in November. I switched PR doctors and lost all my referrals to my fertility clinic now I have to fight my insurance to get them covered again. What a pain..Has anyone done the intrasmuscular shots?


baby4us - October 20

Hey Latina.. that sounds great.. just don't worry about weight gain or loss right now.. but the fact that you are eating healthier and exercising.. that really is the best one can do.

Sorry to hear about your insurance woes.. how did the clinic lose your files? That seems awfully irresponsible!

Where are your IM shots > Are you doing abdominal shots? I found them quite easy.. but I have given needles all my life... some people find it easier to have their DH give the needle. A nurse at our clinic went over the injections, step by step with me and I felt really comfortable... so see if your clinic will go over the first injection with you... you will feel more confident about the subsequent injections! Good luck


silli_kitti - October 21

I know that obesity is one of the major causes of IF.
I don't think that 50 extra lbs classifies as obese.
I've seen the drs above mention that excess fatty tissue can prevent them from seeing/retrieving follicles. You've been through it already, so I'm sure they would have said something to you if it was a problem in your case.
Other than monitoring and retrieval, I don't see why it would be a problem for implantation and pregnancy, but then, I've never researched it.

Good to see you've focused on becoming more healthy. A healthy, balanced diet and exercise are good for all of us and our future babies!

Good luck!


Jules614 - November 14

Hello there - I am new to this forum. I am 50 pounds overweight (20 pounds gained from IUI's and depression) and have started my first IVF cycle. I wanted to know if anyone who has been overweight has become pregnant off their first IVF cycle. I just started but am real concerned.


DianaGR - November 20

Hi ladies,

I have been TTC for the last 10 years. I have done 3 IVF's which abondoned due to different factors. The last IVF they were not able to retrieve follicles as the ovaries had move behind my uterus. (that is what they told me lol) I am overweigt about 80pounds, COuld be that they were being polite and didnt tell me straight up that it was because of my overweight. Although my gynae always tells me to lose weight whenever he sees me I cant seem to diet, (I have been overweight all my life, losing and gaining weight all the time). My sister who was 112kg when she fell preg naturally at the age of 38 had a healthy little girl. So I dont think its a matter of how much you weigh as how healthy you are even if you are overweight.

Baby dust to all


Jules614 - November 20

Thanks Diana -

I am 5 ft 5 1/2 inches at 215 pounds. I am always afriad my weight keeps me from being pregnant. This is my first IVF cycle. I failed on clomid and I failed 3 IUI's. I have a physical with a new primary care today. I wonder what he will say about my state.

I heard that a doc won't perform IVF on you if he feels your weight will get in the way of conceiving. Mine said my weight drops my chances about 10% but that I still have agood chance. He also said my weight gives me a higher rate of m/c. I am trying to diet but no luck either.


DianaGR - November 20

Hi Jules,

I dont think you should get worked up about yr weight right now, I think you should just focus on what your goal is... and that is to have a baby. We will do whatever we have to to achieve this goal. If it means eating a little less and excersizing a little more then that we shall do!!! ( ;D)

I am positive that your IVF will go fine and that you will get your BFP this time round! Can you tell me how old you are?



Jules614 - November 20


I am 31, how about you? How come you had abandoned IVF's, Did you try IUI's at all?




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