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ok ladies i know you all said the 2ww is the pitts or should i say more like hell. I dont know what to do with myself. its been only 6 days since my IUI should I be feeling any different? I dont feel anything I am looking for signs my breasts arent even tender. I am starting to get depressed at the thoughts of no baby again this month. I went for a massage tonight it relaxed me for a little bit but of course I couldnt wait to get home to ask everyone if I should be feeling any diff. I know it was just wishful thinking that this just might work the 1st time but a friend of mine had a IUI 2 times and both times it took. my doc said I can do a preg test oct 15th
part of me wants to try one earlier and the other part of me is affraid to even do one on the 15th our anniversary is the 16th and I just feel if its a big neg it will ruin our special day! I have a daughter 19 from a prev marriage (I was real young when i got preg with her i remember my breasts hurting like crazy and i had morning sickness everyday for 6 months-cant remember how far into the preg i started feeling the symptoms.


Fortyfour - October 8

I had sore breast right away but that was it until 4 weeks when I started to get more and more nauseated. Hang in there. The test will tell better than your symptoms. I hope its a bfp for you.



thanks for your response. I am jumping the gun a little with wishful hopes i guess. next sat is when i can do my preg test I am trying to stay postive!
i was reading about your testing and "mutation"
since i am still a little new at all this i'm not quit sure what all that means with you sometimes after reading these posts i have to research to understand whats going on. good luck to you... my husband and i arent holy rulers but we have been lighting alot of candles at church ( i will light a extra one for all of you ladies on this site.


Fortyfour - October 8

Tickingclock - once again good luck with that BFP. I have only learned this stuff because I have to go through it. Hopefully you dont need to. Once again good luck. Thanks for the prayers.


christina - October 9

tickingclock - I will be in my 2ww next month- so I don't know how it feels yet but, I also will be praying for you and lighting a candle for you :) HANG IN THERE!!!



baby4us - October 11

Hey Ticking Clock... I had almost exactly the same symptoms I get during PMS... I was very crampy and had sore boobs as well.... these symptoms didn't surface until closer to the end of the 2ww.. so you may have a few more days to go before you feel anything? Are you going to take an early HPT? I fould an early HPT helped with the 2ww.. because you can take that test earlier than your scheduled blood test... and gave me something else to focus on!

Let us know how it goes!



thanks for the response its nice to hear from everyone during this 2ww because its so rough. the doc said i can do a preg test sat (i think thats 3 days before my period should be (but of course i couldnt wait did one tonight and didnt tell anyone (but a big neg) i will still try to hold my head up and try again on saturday but still not feeling any different. I'm getting so numb to disappointment dont even no what my emotions really are anymore. tonight i went to a meeting through our church about adoption (just to gather some information) so i cover all options) they say the average wait for a baby is approx 5 years. (more heartache) my husband could not attend the meeting but i was able to give him all the details when i got home. we had talked before about it and even if we can have our own child we still would consider it. (he said hes not ready to even sign up or start the process) he wants us to try all options to get preg first) i thought it would at least be to our benifit just to do the paper work since its such a long process anyway he wants a child of his own my biggest fear is I may never be able to give him his wish!


baby4us - October 12

It probably is a good idea to gather as much info as you can.. that way at least you feel like you are doing something and moving forward... as well... as you mentioned.. with adoption taking so long... sometimes it is good to get that process going as well.

Be positive though... your HPT BFN was probably just because it was too early... last cycle I took an HPT a few days too early and it too was negative.. and then when I took it again a few days later.. there was a faint second line... so just stay positive and try again on Saturday. I know Saturday feels like such a long way away.. but it will be here before you know it!


Fortyfour - October 14

You are in my prayers ticking clock. I hope its a BFP for you. It never hurts to look at our options though. It always helps me feel more in control. Take care.


silli_kitti - October 14

Tickingclock, don't worry about symptoms - they are all over the map for everyone and totally unreliable!

Most women don't have early pregnancy symptoms at all! We in ART are just so in tune with our bodies, we think every twinge, cramp, tickle, and pimple is a sign of something. When I first began this journey, I kept a daily diary of everything, but I gave up when I realized I was writing down everything, right down to the last pimple, and there was NO pattern whatsoever! It is possible to overanalyze and drive yourself nuts.

Anyway, you must be nearing the end of the 2ww. I'm waiting to hear some good news......
Baby dust to you!
And everyone else too!


WantsBaby2 - October 14

Yes, let us know as soon as you find out what is going on! I hope this is it for you! Sending tons of babydust your way.



DawnG - October 19

I had my 2nd ivf done on the 15th and aside from slightly tender boobs - I have no symptoms and it is driving me crazy- my 1st ivf I mc'd at approx 7wks and I was naseau all the time - but as they say every prgny is different - I hope I am - trying to stay +++ I will take a hpt on Sat the 22nd (my d'bay)




Dont be worried.. I've talked to women who went a couple months and had no idea they were preg no symptoms at all. Your boobs are tender thats a good sign.. When i was on my 2ww I drove myself nuts searching for some kind of sign. I must have pushed on my boobs a million times checking them to see if they felt tender. Sometimes I would think they felt tender but the more I thought about it (it was from pushing on them so many times.. LOL good luck with your test!
Keep us posted!!



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