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kelzy - June 1

hmm, hi to all, I've just come a cross this board, and have now started to wonder about something, I had a period on the 1st of march, lasted longer then normal, then 6 days after being off I had a slight bleed, which lasted a couple of days, went to see my G.p. said if it got worse to go back and see them. it did stop, i took a pregnancy test, said Not pregnant. the 28 days went by for me to have next period, Nothing, it's now the 1st june a month since my period, i'm 43 in 13 days time. has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? would anyone suggest I should go back to see my G.P. ? or should I still hang on a few more days and re-test for a pregancy test? i'm started to get worried now as to where is my period.


Fortyfour - June 1

Hi Kelzy, I am 44 and have been pre menopausal for 6 years. When I was 42 I started having shorter times between my periods and then no period for 2 months. That went on til I started the pill to regulate me. I hope this helps. Take care


kelzy - June 1

wow forty four, sounds like you've been through lots, thank you for your reply to me, this has never happened to me before, usually i'm bang on time with my periods, that's why i wondered what could of happened this time a round. I did mention to my doctor if it could be the start of the menopaulse , but he said I was too young for that. hmmm, Anyway How are things with you now? and the big question now is can we still have children, I got re-married 2 yrs ago, we lost 2 babys since then. But I wish you a lot of luck if your still trying.


Fortyfour - June 3

Kelzy, I started perimenopause at 38 so one never knows. They checked my fhs at 40 to see what quality of eggs i would produce and my number was 13. Twice as high as it should have been. They told me I had less than 1% chance of having my own child and not to waist my money.

I have used a donor for eggs for my first 2 ivf. got pg with first and m/c at 10 weeks. No cause found. I had a chemical pregnancy with the second. I found a new donor for my 3rd ivf. We decided to do 6 total ivfs and then do foreign adoption or local older adoption.

Oh, by the way, even though my FSH was high and I had alot of hot flashes at night my periods were every 28 days no matter what my whole life and then one month whammo I had a period every 21 days for a few months and then started to skip months. I felt physically very sick at the time. Have them check your hormones and especially your 3 day fsh. Take care and sorry I was so long winded.



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