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teri-chan - December 19

I'm visiting my father for Christmas, and my internet access is limited. I'm doing reasonably well. It's nice to be here where I feel safe and secure like I did when I was a kid--long before I ever thought of fertility problems!

I started acupuncture about a month before my egg retrieval. I didn't get a pregnancy that stuck, of course, but I do find it relaxing.

I'll probably be out of touch until the new year.

I hope both of you--fiso and baby4us--have good holidays!


baby4us - December 19

You too.. have a great holiday... still have some work to wrap up this week.. but I am hoping by Wednesday I will be free for the holidays!!!!


fiso - December 19

It seems that it's a nice break for you Teri-chan, Enjoy your visit at your father's.

If I don't come back this week to this msg board, happy holidays to everyone.


Hoping - January 16

Good Morning,

This past week I have been very emotional. I had explained that the doctor had told me that I was not pregnant by a blood test. He also did some throid and other type of blood test and everything came out normal. The only thing that some month I do not ovulate. But the pain is so wierd that my ueterus wants to pop out and my ovaries are in so much pain. I'm very bloaded and my breast are so big. Well on Saturday I was checking my uterus and i have a mass horizontal a little below my embilicol cord. I do not know what it is. The last doctor that did the blood test was a verbal conversation he never checked me out. But know I'm concerned. Today I have a doctor visit with another OB that was recommended by one of my friends. I worried because this mass does hurt me when I press it. Has anyone has experience this before???


baby4us - January 17

Oh dear Hoping.. that sounds worrisome... best to talk to a profesional so I am happy to hear you are seeing a specialist.. I assuem that was yesterday.. how did it go???


jacki - January 17

I pray that everything goes well at your visit. Please keep us posted.




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