NERVOUS!!!! Asking for some support!
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hbrotlvr - May 17

Hi all!!. I just found this site, and am looking for any support I can get. I'm 32, and ttc since 28. I've gone thru 3 cycles clomid, 3 IUI cycles, at last diagnosed with stage 3 endo, post excision in January, and at last am day 6 of stim. I will be going back to re tomarrow at 7am for us and bw. Yesterday my est was 337, lining 7, and I have 7 follicles between 11-14, with more than 20 more less than 10. What does all this mean???? I've been searching the net, but what is normal???
I am stressing myself!!!! Help!!!


liz - May 18


I am also new, just found the site. Was looking for support as well. This site seems to be wonderful.

I am not sure I am completly following you, but I can tell you last week I had 3 appointments for ultra sounds to look at the follicles and blood testing. On day 10 there was numerous folicles but only one measured 17, my estrogen was 190, 2nd day follicle was 19, estrogen 254, 3rd day follicle was 20, estrogen 398. I did not have my lh surge so I had to do a shot of hcg to induce ovulation. Now I have the 2ww.

From what I understand it is nomoral for numerous follicles to develope, but usually only one develps to the point of being realeased for possible fertizalation.


hbrotlvr - May 19

Hi Liz!!!
Thanks for writing!!! Did you IVF? I just went yesterday for my day 7 bw and us. My Est. level was 1103, and I have 7 follicles that were 16 or 17. They told me everything was going well, but not to take my stim drugs this morning, only my evening dose. I have to go back tomarrow morning, if all is well then my retreival will be monday.
When will they draw your bw??


liz - May 20

Hi Heather,

No I did not have IVF. I had 3 mc, since the last one in Dec. they began testing. Through bw they discovered that I apparently have an estrogen problem. Which is very odd bc I am very regular. Always ovulate on day 14 and af comes on day 28.
Anyway after more testing to rule out any problems with my uterus and tubes, I began taking Clomid for this cycle. It seems to have worked to get my est up. Yesterday was day 19 and my est was 348 and progesterone is 16.3.
5-26 is my preg test. I am very anxious and scared. Especially since 5-29 is my b-day and all I have been praying for is a healthy pregnancy.
Are you doing IVF? Your levels sound great. I am not sure what stim drugs are (sorry I am really new to this), can you explain?


hbrotlvr - May 20

hi Liz!!!
I will keep you in my prayers. I hope it is positive. That would be a great b-day present!!!
I'm doing my first cycle of in vitro. It has been a real experience.
I went for my bw and us this morning, and my est level was more than 3000, lining 12, and I have 11 follicles greater than 16, I have about 10 more that I hope will develop to at least 16 by monday. That is when they will be doing my retrieval. I have to give myself a shot of hcg tonight at 945. I am now done with the other injections for now. Oh, stim drugs... those are the drugs i've been giving myself for the past 9 days or so to help my ovaries overproduce follicles/eggs. I take 2 injections of stimulation drugs (Bravelle/Menopur), twice a day. Then a shot of Lupron once a day. Thankfully i'm a nurse, so the drawing up and administering the meds hasn't been too bad. My belly is bruised and a little sore, but if this all works it will be well worth it!!!
Please let me know how you're doing. I'm here to talk!!!


liz - May 20


Thanks for the prayers, I will be sure to include you in mine as well.

Sounds to me like you are doing really well. Is this your first round of IVF? I am still learning so it is great to have someone help explain things to you.

I had to do an HCG injection last week. My DH did it for me since I didn't think I could do it myself. I got very sore from the shot, there was a large red welt where the shot went in. The nurse had told me this was normal, but I wasen't prepared for how sore it really did get. We had to laugh because I had to do the shote and then have intercourse for the next 3 days. It is very hard with a sore butt! :)

I wish you the best of luck. Please keep me posted I am anxious to hear how you are making out.


hbrotlvr - May 23

Hey Liz!!!
Hope all is well with you!! I know those shots can be pretty miserable. I have now moved on to the IM (muscle shots) in the old keester!! I have one of the nurses I work with giving me them. I had my egg retreival yesterday, they were able to get 12 oocytes (eggs) They called this morning to day that 9 of the 12 fertilized. I will be going back in on Thursday morning for my transfer and to get the final "head count". I'm hoping they are all good, we plan on freezing any that we do not use. That way if this cycle doesn't work, then we can try again with frozen embryoes. I'm just hopeful this will all work out.
Keep me posted on how you're doing!!!


liz - May 25

Hi Heather,

I am glad to hear everything went well on Monday for you retrieval. I don't know too much about it but 9 out of 12 fertilized soulds very promising.
I am still in the 2ww. Af is due to come on the 28th, I have bw on Friday to test for preg, however I don't have a good feeling. I have this strong feeling that I am not preg and pretty depressed about it. I don't have any reason to think I am not, but I also have no reason to believe I am. I am stuggling this week! I am frustrated and finding it hard to keep my head up. Anyway, enought about that.
I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Plaese let me know how you are making out.


hbrotlvr - May 25

Hang in there. I know how difficult it is. Sometimes I think that we tell ourselves that it is gonna be bad news simply just to protect ourselves. Everyone keeps telling me how great things are going, how this is gonna work. But honestly, until I give birth I will always be thinking something else in the back of my head. I just think that after disappointments we have to get some way to cope. If we didn't how would we keep going back for more.
I truly hope it is good news for you!!!!
You're in my thoughts and prayers


liz - May 25

I completely agree with you. I think human nature is to protect yourself from getting hurt. You are so afraid it is negative that you convince yourself it is to avoid the hurt.
I have had 3 miscarriages so I agree with not feeling everything will be ok until you are holding your baby in your arms. I know that even when I finally do get preg it will be very hard to not worry that something will go wrong.
Thank you so much for your words of encourgement and prayers. I think this site is absolutly wonderful. You are able to get talk to people who know exactly what you are going though.
I hope all is well today with you and your transfer. Let me know how you are making out.
My thoughts and prayers are going out to you.


iluvbabies7 - June 24

I am wondering at what "avenue" to travel. 12-05 I had a miscarriage w/ alot of pain, huge blood clots and a cycle that lasted for two weeks. 5-27-06 I found out I was pregnant again, this time the "spotting" started almost a week later. I called the Dr's office and they told me that there was nothing that could be done, and again I told them I was scared and nervous. I waited a few days and could not sleep, went to work as usuall, the spotting almost stopped then started again. So again I called the office, I received the same reaction with no alternative or nothing to calm me down,like a visit.
Finally I felt I needed peace of mind and went to the ER . They took some blood, urine and did a exam. The good news was that my spotting was normal, my cervix was closed. The blood test came back that I was pregnant, but my HCG levels were low to where they should have been. I was sent home with a order for a ultrasound, and a diagnosis of threatned miscarriage.
The very next day I called the Dr's office explaining the events of the trip to the ER. One of the staff that answered the phone stated that I could have miscarried even with my cervix closed and if I pass anything that I should take "it" to the lab and have it analyzed. And then this person stated "How do you know that you were even pregnant anyway?" This person even told me that there was noway that I would get into see the Dr. that day. And I felt myself just see what little of a chance slip away for this pregnancy also. One of my co-workers the only one who knew what was going on took the phone from me and proceeded to tell this person that I and my husband needed some peice of mind, how I was slipping into depression and was very short with folks at work.
Within a few minutes I had a appointment and was told that the lab had faxed over the results of the urine test. There was blood in my urine and bacteria. I live in a rural community and the Dr's office was 80 mles away. To make a long story short the ultrasound showed nothing and I never received any medication for the bacteria. Only valium for not being able to stop crying. During the ultrasound the same person made one comment about myself not being pregnant. The Dr made a comment and that was it. It has been three weeks since, my cycle has not started, the things that I was told would happen haven't, I am sick in the morning like my stomach is upset. On 6-18-06 I took a Home pregnancy test and it came up positive. I refuse to go back to that office. And I am scared now what may come from another Dr's visit. Same verbal abuse? Not caring atmosphere? Or for my health just go? What are the chances of still being pregnant? I have mixed feelings about this. Am I going to ruin my chances on getting pregnant again? Baby dust to all ten times fold.
And God bless.


liz - June 26

Hi iluvbabies,

I am truly sorry to hear about your losses. You have been through quite a lot.

You asked about going to the doctor, I recommend you go to the doctor! Your health is very important and I think the only way for you to know is to go. I know you had a horrible experience and trust me I can understand why you would be nervous to go back, but it is important. Can you go to another doc? You should feel comfortable so maybe finding another doc would be a good idea.

Best of luck to you, and lots of baby dust!


SHELLY - June 27

Dear iluvbabies7,

I agree with Liz... you really need to go to a doctor that
has compassion. With the situation you are facing
any respectable practice would see your situation as
urgent and give you top priority at this point. I know
you feel vulnerable but you may just have to get aggressive and not allow them to push you to the side.
I will for sure be praying for you. Keep pushing and
please let us know the outcome. I am sorry for
all the hurt and hope everything gets better soon.



iluvbabies7 - June 28

I thouht I would let you all know that I have a appointment tomorrow w/ a differant DR. I met a women who I thought had it all. Somehow we started talking about women things and the conversation led to m/c and things. She told me that she carried a baby for 8 1/2 months when one day she did not feel any movement. After a few days she went to her Dr.'s office and they could not pick up the heartbeat. Scary!She delivered a stillborn baby boy later that day. Somehow he had strangled himself w/ the umbilical cord.
My grandparents told me at one time that when you feel sorry for yourself that all you need to do is look over your shoulder and there is someone who has it ten times worse. A angel put this lady in my path when I needed to hear positive things. Anyhow she was pregnant a month later w/ her daughter. Now I am going to see her Dr. I am not exspecting miracles. Just peice of mind.
Baby dust to all and God bless.


liz - June 28

Hi Iluvbabies, good to hear from you.
I am very happy to hear you found another doctor to see. I will be praying for you today and hoping things are going well for you.

Take care. Let us know when you are ready how you are doing.




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