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Red7 - July 6

HI I just bought 4 Ganirelix from a Lady on Shared Journey, The 4 Ganirelix came in the mail today in a sandwich baggy in side were 4 opened unsealed syringes that Looked Like insulin diabetic syringes with a little needle with a cap on it only,it was not sealed at all. I have Bought Ganirelix before and it always came in a sealed Long blue and green box than the prefelled syringe was sealed in a plastic see through box made by Organon. Has any one ever bought Ganirelix from a Local Pharmacy that was made not sealed in a Baggy before?. Iam concerned about using a injection that has not been sealed,Ladies what would you do.


AKM - July 17

I have never bought Ganirelix before but I would NOT use the medication. The only time I would think of using it is if you knew the person it came from which it sounds like you don't. I am so sorry this happened to you. This is all so difficult to go through without this happening. I know that medications cost a lot but taking an unknown medication is risky.


Red7 - July 22

Hi AKM thank you for your response. I did not use it at all.Inside the sandwich bag was 4 syringes with needles , the cap on the needles were not sealed at all , You could just pop them off and on the syringe it said ( USE U-100 Insulin only ) It is a syringe you use to take a Insulin shot with.Who knows what is inside the syringes and also the person could have none some thing weird Like take off the cap and stick the needle in her or his body, I wouldn't know if they had Aids or even Hepatitis C. No way would I use That Stuff. When I bought my Ganirelix before it came in a sealed blue green box than inside of the box was another plastic box, I spent $ 130.00 right down the drain. Us women have enough stress with infertility, This just adds to it.


jenfrancis - July 23

Wow - Red, I am so sorry that this woman has sold you this medicine like this! I definitely would not use the needles, you can get those from your IVF clinic free. As for the meds, you can look at the plastic lids and if those are intact, and the plastic where you inject the needle has no sign of puncture, I think I would not mind using those.
As far as some pharmacies using prefilled syringes, true, but some dont they just give the needles and meds to you for you to draw on your own. That is not unusual.

Try to obtain new needles, and email the woman and ask why they were not sealed. Because I have done two cycles of IVF and all my syringes, even the ones inside the kits were all sealed!


Red7 - July 23

Hi Jenfrancis I went and took the syringes with the needles out of my closet and checked them real good and you can't change out the needles, because they are part of the syringe. They are Not the the type of syringes that have twist off needles that you can change. the Needle is built right into the syringe. It is all one piece with the syringe and needle together as one unit.The syringe is really Little it says on the syringe (USE U- Insulin only, Use once and Destroy) I took off the UNSEALED orange cap off the needle and pushed on the syringe and the Clear fluid squirted out.There is NO way I would use them because they are not sealed at all.GOOD LUCK to YOU on your Triplets! GOD has Blessed you!



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