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lyly14 - May 21

Teanque- Sorry to but in but I was reading your posts. Triggering when you use an opk and get a positive is just plain silly. The opk indicates your body is about to ovulate. So why would you need to trigger ovulation with a shot if you are going to do it on your own. I would be very leary about the information you got from your friend of a friend who is a nurse. If your body is on its way to surging naturally there is no need to use the ovidrel. When I did clomid and ovidrel they told me if I got a positive opk then there was no need for the ovidrel. You really need to be monitored otherwise you are just throwing away your money. If you are doing it on your own you wont have any idea how you are responding. If you trigger too early the eggs wont be mature enough to fertilize and you just wasted your femera. If you trigger too late or you are at risk for ohss you can get seriously ill. I know you want a baby really bad but this is really dangerous. Not to mention you will have no idea how many eggs you have and could end up with high order multiples. I wish you the best of luck. Please be careful hun!


Teanque - May 21

i took my femara on the days the doctor had me scheduled to take on that I just followed my doctor's guidelines. I am trying to do it all the way my doctor and I had planned...the only change up is the ultrasound.

I understand about the chance of " high order multiples" it is scary...but worth the risk. If we have more than 1, We are both fine with that. my husband and I feel at least for THIS cycle, we are making the right choice. The money already spent on the medication would have been wasted by NOT giving it a shot. (we are at the end of the 90 day shelf life.....)

Your concern is greatly appreciated though........its more than family members have shown that's for sure. Found out last night, I am going to be the proud great aunt of another little girl. YAY! :(


RB - May 22

Teanque - sorry to butt in also but i really feel i need to. The reason for the trigger shot is so that the doctors can control when you ovulate so they can time retrieval or insemination etc. If you are using an opk to dtermine when you ovulate there really is no need to trigger anything. The purpose for the trigger is to take control of your ovulation. If you are planning to time intercourse based on a positive reading from the opk, i just dont see the need for the trigger. Please double check this with your doctor or you can even post a question to Dr. Jacobs in the medical reference section of this forum.

I know how you feel about wanting a baby of your own while being surrounded by your closest relatives and friends having babies all the husband and i have tried for 7 years and by the Grace of God, i am now pregnant.

I wish you all the luck in the world and i really hope it all works out.



Teanque - May 22

fine i give up, thought i needed a friend to talk to...but Im just gonna go back to dealing with all of this by myself. I have done it all my life, i can continue doing so.

I had hope when I started visiting this site...but all I have done after coming on here is breakdown crying everytime. I get your "trying to help" but have a really crappy way of doing it.


jenfrancis - May 22

Teanque -

Oh man, I dont want you to give up. Just verify for yourself!
Talk to your friend again.

I think all the ladies are saying is that once you ovulate it will be too late. So maybe you have to use the predictor kit to find out when you are getting ready to ovulate.

So you can take the shot right before then, i think its like 35 hours before you are supposed to ovulate.

Dont give up, you really deserve to be happy and have a sweet little bundle of joy.

After finding out you are pregnant, you can have selective reduction if you end up with too many babies. So dont let that hinder you. Watch Jon and Kate plus 8!
It does happen.

Take care.


lyly14 - May 22

Teanque- I am sorry you feel this way. We are really just trying to help you. Your choice to try it on your own is risky true, but ultimately your choice. I wish you all the luck in the world. Reshma and I just feel like you are getting bad advice from your nurse friend. I am not so sure she know what she is talking about. We all understand the wanting to get pg more than anything so don't be fooled by believing a friend of a friend who says what you want to hear. And given the fact that your are taking a 16 hr. drive to go get a shot that you dont need if your opk says you are ovulating. The purpose of the opk is to tell you when you are about to ovulate. You should just have sex when you get a positive. It can still work that way. The trigger is to fool your body into ovulating before you do naturally so they can time things. You should really call the doctor you planned everything with and ask him. He will tell you the truth and that is what you should go by. I am telling you this the femera may work but the trigger is pointless. You will ovulate on your own without the trigger if you opk has the 2 lines! Good luck hun.

Jen- that is not what we are trying to help her understand. She doesn't need a trigger if her opk is positive. She will already be ovulating on her own, so the trigger is pointless!


jenfrancis - May 22

Oh, ok, I did not know what was going on. You are right then. Its kind of like ivf.

We use the trigger shot so we can get the eggs mature, then the doctor harvests the eggs. But if you ovulate on your own, the doctor could not harvest the eggs.

I think maybe she is taking the trigger shot when the OPK says she will ovulate, to ripen the eggs to the mature stage, so when she finally ovulates the eggs will be able to be fertilized?

Teanque just seems so sweet and I think she was going by the doctors advice and the only thing missing was the ultrasounds. Sounds like she was doing what she was told.


lyly14 - May 22

Jen- I am sure she is a good person and just trying to do what she feels was best. I know she was going by the doctors plans but the doctors were basing her info on giving the trigger when the follicles were big enough then trigger, not when her body was ovulating. That is the point of the monitoring. That is why she was so freaked out about not knowing when to trigger. When I did the clomid (which is similar to femera) mine told me not to trigger if I got a positive opk. Both of them can be done successfully without the trigger. I did 2 rounds of clomid with no trigger, but I missed the positive on the opk so we decided to use the trigger to avoid missing it, but I only did it when he said the follicles were big enough, by the time you get a positive opk you are already going to ovulate within 24-36 hrs. I wish her all the best I really do. Hopefully things will work out for her and she will post a happy bfp and cant tell me and reshma where to go! I just didn't want her to be misinformed about the opk and the trigger. The multiples is entirely a personal choice. It was the issue of the trigger I was concerned about.


RB - May 23

Lyly, i felt i needed to back up what you were saying because i was so concerned about her using the trigger unncessarily. Jen, the trigger can only be given [i]before[/i] you get a positive on the opk and the only way to know the right time to trigger is with a scan.

Teanque, if you are checking, please know that we are not trying to discourage you from trying. We would never do that...we are all in the same boat...and we understand exactly what you are going through. If i have upset you that was never, ever my intention.

All we are saying is once your get a positive on the ovulation test, you just need to go ahead and have sex! Do it like rabbits if you must - Then cross your fingers and hope for a BFP! We all want you to have this.


Ianmichael3 - November 20

Teanque.... you still out there? I'm looking for an IUI buddy and wondered where you are at in your journey.....



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