Nausea remedies
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fiso - February 16

Hi everybody. I thought it would be easier to find info on nausea and its remedies if it were gathered in one spot.

So, here we are!
I highly recommend ginger. And if you can find ginger chews, that's great! I found them at Trader Joes but I know that Asian grocery stores have it. They work very well. I always have some with me, just in case. They could be spicy. What I do is suck on it for a while until it gets too spicy for my taste. Ususally by that time, the nausea is gone.
Ginger ale isn't strong enough for me and it's too sweet.

If you have any remedies of your own, enter them here! I thoguht that way, you don't have to go through all the messages.

Have a good day. :) Fiso


TICKINGCLOCK - February 18


I was wondering how you have been feeling (but since I found you under this topic I suppose the question has been answered Besides that I hope all is well with you.
I read somewhere that one girl had her hubby bring her choc milk and a bagel every morning before she even got out of bed and it helped her avoid morning sickness.
Enjoy your pregnancy and take care.
Have a great weekend!!


fiso - February 20

I can't think of drinking chocolate milk first thign in the morning! But if it works for her, good! I like chocolate milk but my stomach is not ready for that in the morning.!
I'm feeling fine, super tired, but as they it's part of the deal! I ahve an u/s on Wednesday and we will hear the haert beats! I think this is goignto make it real for me. Somtimes I think, am I really pregnant? But then, an ovary cramp brings me back to reality!
How are you feeling?


Sandy - March 29

I had spinal fusion surgery 7 weeks ago and I am experiencing nausea every day. I have been takng a number of different pain killers because I thought that is what was giving me the nausea, but even the mildest pain killer, Ultram (Tramadol) isn't helping. Anyone have any ideas as to how to get rid of this nausea I'm dealing with every day???? Please help. I'm going crazy with this.



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