Mother's day
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Lynne - April 30

I just clued in that if AF doesn't rear it's ugly face I test on Mother's day. Wow what a present that would be, I am trying to keep a positive attitude this cycle even though I know that it causes a bigger crash if it doesn't work out. Oh the waiting is awful, my breasts are sore and it feels like there is a muscle knot in my pelvis, is my body playing with my mind again or what. Well dishes and laundry are waiting, ( also the little one here needs a nap), so I best get my butt in gear. Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


tiggerpounce418 - May 1


I have taken Clomid & progesterone now to bring on AF. I've just finished the full 10 progesterone pills, and still no period. I took a hpt before going on the pills, which was a BPN. So, I don't think I'm pregnant. Just waiting for AF to come so I can start my next cycle. Anyway, last month was my first month on Clomid. I got extremely sore & swollen breasts. I've never had that before, so I was postive that I was pregnant without even testing. Of course, I had the big let down. Anyway, I've found out that is a side-effect of the hormones. As well as increased appetite, cravings & extreme fatigue. It's almost a cruel joke, because it really makes you believe you are pregnant. My point in telling you this is just to let you know I am going through the same exact symptoms you are, and in my case it was from the Clomid. I took my hpt on our anniversary, hoping for a great suprise to dh. I pray that you get a BFP, but maybe you should wait to take the test on a different day than Mother's Day, just in case it is negative. It might make it harder to take. Lots of babydust to you! Good luck! :)


Meg - May 1


I hope you have wonderful news this mother's day. I hope you get a positive result and it is the best day ever :) Prior to having the twins, it was my LEAST favorite holiday for obvious reasons, as well as I had my first m/c on mother's day :( It still isn't my favorite holiday, it is just more running around to see family!!! I am hoping this is your month Lynne, you certainly deserve it :) Take Care, Meg


WantsBaby2 - May 1

Good luck Lynne,
This could be your month! I will say a prayer for you and throw tons of babydust your way. Keep us posted and let us know as soon as you find out anything!



ElizabethS - May 2

Lynne - Babydust to you!!! That would be the most wonderful mother's day ever. I will say prayers that you get a BFP!!!


bethann - May 5

Good luck Lynne! I have my first IUI on Mother's Day which definitely has made me feel superstitious and hopeful. I can't wait to hear your news. I'm new to the site and already am routing so hard for everyone!



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