Mother in law!!!!
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sblanton2 - September 7

I am so upset I do not know where to begin. My mother in law came for the weekend and I always knew she did not approve of Winn and I doing IVF. We disagree she thinks God will heal my husband and we will miracously concieve naturally(I would like nothing more) and I believe that God led men to the science that we will be using. Anyway...... She actually told me that this would be an expensive child if we were able to get pregnant in January. I understand that but I do not think you can put a price on human life. I wish I had the luxury of just having sex with my husband and creating a beautiful child but I don't. I guess I know I will not be talking to her about anymore of this. You would think she would be as anxious for her oldest child to father a child as we are. Ughhh!!!! Sorry to go on about this I guess it just hit me wrong today.

Best of luck to everyone,


pj - September 8

sorry she's such a dolt! families can be such idiots sometimes. (and it gets even harder when they're your "chosen" family. ugh!)
for example, my dh's sister-in-law called us (recently) after the birth of their second daughter to tell us how much Her new baby looks like My dh!! i couldn't believe it! it is SO hard to like her sometimes.
anyway, you know you can always come here and share. we'll try not to be complete idiots ourselves ;-)


WantsBaby2 - September 8

Sorry about the mother-in-law. I wish people would not pin their opinions on other people. Just because she doesn't like it or doesn't believe in it doesn't mean it's not a good choice for you! People are so quick to judge. Hang in there and know that you and dh are making great decisions for yourself.



sblanton2 - September 8

Thank you so much PJ and Wantsbaby2.....I guess it just took me off guard b/c I would have thought she would want her son to have that experience no matter what.
I remember when dh and I had been married a year without birthcontrol and I told her something must be wrong(dh had left testicle removed at 17 due to sports injury) She told me that I needed to face the fact that I had had all the babies I was able to have. Not that there could be anything wrong with her son. At that point I had been through fertility testing, I was 28 and they found nothing wrong with me. She has resisted all the way. I guess I shouldn't be suprised huh! In contrast though his Dad has been great, interested and supportive and they are still married.
Thank you all for listening, it helps so much...can't exactly complain to my husband about that one. Hope you all have a great day.

Baby dust for all of us,


cassandra - September 8

Sylvia, I completely understand and sympathize with you. when dh and I were going through our treatments, my mom was a jerk. She now says I don't think I could have done what you did time after time. I want to say, with no encouragement from you, thank you very much. But, she is my mom and I want to keep the peace. Some people really don't get it! cassandra


WantsBaby2 - September 8

I am so sorry you have the added stress of a buttinski mother-in-law. What a pain. Know that we are on your side and we are here to listen.


Fortyfour - September 8

Maybe God will heal her from her ignorance and rudeness. Why is our fertility anyones business. I say if they cant be supportive dont say anything at all.

Sorry it was a hard day. It takes alot to get over rude things said to us. Especially if they act like we are doing something wrong by what we are doing.

Take care all.


silli_kitti - September 9

Let's hope she's a better grandmother than mother-in-law.

My MIL *thankfully* stays out of our "family plans." She feels its none of her business unless she's asked for an opinion or for support. I sometimes wonder though, how cold can a person be to not even ask their own child about grandchildren? She's never been a loving, doting mother, but surely she'd like to see her own child having children of his own.


sblanton2 - September 10

I agree, and the thing that gets me is that Winn's mom is a doting mom. I think it is more that she CANNOT believe anything could be wrong with her son. It is easier to deny than to accept I guess, but we are beyond that now. Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom and your support it is much appreciated.

Baby dust to us all,



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