More tests results
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Fortyfour - October 21

Hi ladies, The fetal tissue results came back and it showed alot of inflammation and placental break down. I will be having more blood work along with hubby to pinpoint what is going on. Oh boy. It will prove interesting. Take care all.


WantsBaby2 - October 21

Glad you are getting to the bottom of things Fortyfour. What does all that inflammation and breakdown mean? It's all a foreign language to me. Sheesh, there is sure a lot to know.



Fortyfour - October 21

Hi there, it shows that my body is not protecting the fetus and sees it as a foreign object. The antibodies then attack the placenta. Depending on what exactly they find I would have to do ivig, steroids, or drugs like humira, ( people with rheumatiod arthiritis take) It is so complicated that I reread it everyday and learn just a little and then try again.

Hey, how is your body feeling after the estrogen? You said you were achy? Is it going away?

P.S. I hate infertility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


baby4us - October 21

Good luck 44.. it sounds like you are finally getting answers. Will be interesting to find out how you proceed!

Good luck on Monday.. I will be thinking of you.. keep your socks on.. it might help (or at leats keep your feet warm!)!


Karen123 - October 21

Fortyfour, I too am so glad to hear that you are getting some answers. I hope they can pinpoint exactly what the issues are so that you will soon be able to carry a baby no problem. My thoughts are often with you. Karen


WantsBaby2 - October 21

Hi Ladies!
Fortyfour, I am on my second month of estrogen. I am feeling a little better this month...still a little achy but I think my body is adjusting to it better.

I did start my period on the stuff though. The nurses were stumped. I was not supposed to start while taking the estrogen. I should have been on it for 5 weeks, but at 28 days, I started AF. ????? So IVF is moved up at least a week...if this happens again this month, I will start the process the 2nd week in November....2 weeks ahead of schedule. I guess that is good...except I planned a 2 week vacation.

The first week in November my dh and I are going to Galena for our anniversary which we will still be able to do. But the 2nd week I planned to go see my mom in Ohio for 5 days and then drive on to Cleveland to visit a really good friend of mine. Yep....looks like the 2nd week of the trip is not happening. :( I THOUGHT I had everything planned out soooo well! :-\ Why does it always work that way? Infertility sucks!

Thanks for listening ladies! Wantsbaby2


silli_kitti - October 21

I'm so happy you are finally getting some answers. I have read that reproductive immunology is quite the controversial science, and a lot of REs don't want to have anything to do with RI. It's sad, really. Why does anyone have to go through miscarriage after miscarriage and hear nothing but "it happens" then only when they find someone who believes in RI do they finally get to the bottom of things. Its just seems so stupid and unfair!

Good news (I hope) about the schedule being moved up. I, for one, can't stand all the waiting and have a really hard time with it. Sorry it puts a kink in your vacation plans, but if we're going to be successful, I guess we'd better get used to kinks in our life!


Fortyfour - October 21

Wantsbaby2- I had two summer vacations cancelled because of the ivf's. I was so mad because where I was going they were having community festivals that family was to attend. I know the feeling. I hope this works for you.


Meg - October 21


I am glad that you are getting some answers, but sorry that the answers just seem to make things more complicated. Best of luck w/ your test on Monday. You are always being prayed for.


I will be thinking of you and praying that you have a good response this time around for the IVF, as well get positive result. Please take care and know that you too are always in my prayers.




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