Looking for IVF cycle buddy
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lyly14 - March 10

Hi Ronda- sorry I haven't checking in for a bit, but I am happy to see it looks like you have good news. I will save my congrats for when you get the beta back, but I am praying for good numbers for you! Sorry to hear about what happened, but I guess dh was just too excited to keep quiet. I hope you get all good news and you wont have to worry about the early leak of the news.


RB - March 10

Hey Rhonda,

that's what we're here for....so vent at will ;) i can totally understand how you feel.

I agree with lyly though...he was probably just excited but he doesnt have any forum buddies to share his news with so he told his family...

Lets keep our fingers crossed that all will go well so you wont have to worry about if something goes wrong...dont stress yourself out...what's done is done and you need to be thinking positive thoughts...tell him one more stunt like that and he'll be answering to all of us!

take good care of yourself and my fingers and toes are crossed for you,



Arabsrcool - March 12

I posted on 2ww, but just wanted you all to know my beta came back at 481!!!! Doc said I am "totally pg". Hurray!!! I am so excited. I go back on Friday for a second beta.


RB - March 13

Congrats Rhonda!!! This is great news....481!!!! :o Could be twins ;)

Looks like we're gonna be cycle buddies for some time!!! I'm going for my second beta on Friday as well.

Enjoy the moment...i know i couldnt wipe the smile off my face for the entire day!!!

Hope dh is now forgiven and you two are celebrating!!!



Arabsrcool - March 13


It will be great to have someone to talk to that is in the same point as me. I am still so excited!!!!

Twins?????. Wow, that thought blows me away. I suppose it could happen as we put in two embies. However, I like to think at this point that it is just one really strong embie pushing the numbers up. The thought of multiples is pretty scary!

dh is forgiven, he has been wonderful, I know he was just excited and I feel better about it now that the beta came back good.

Keep me updated on your beta and I will do the same for you.


lyly14 - March 13

Ronda- congratulations!!!!! Your numbers look great. I am so happy for you. I am praying for a healthy pregnancy for you. Keep me posted.


RB - March 14

Hi girls,

My doctor's office called today to say they will schedule the first u/s during the week of April 7th which will be 7wks post transfer. It seems soooooo far away!!! More waiting.......

i had hoped they would do it sooner cuz i am so anxious to know that everything is alright...i get some crampy feelings in my lower abdomen sometimes that's kinda scary but i have no spotting so i am hoping it's all good. the other day my allergies were acting up and everytime i sneezed i felt a twinge....i got really worried....i wonder if this is what the next 12 weeks will be like????

in the meantime, i keep praying for a safe pregnancy.

Rhonda - how are you doing...still on cloud nine?
keep me posted on what's happening with you.

Girls, please feel free to give any advice on what to expect. This is my first pregancyu ever so i guess i am a little paranoid :-\

take care and baby dust to all,



lyly14 - March 14

Reshma- Don't worry about the cramping, it is completely normal. I only had it with my first pregnancy. I actually kept thinking I was getting my period but it never came, so I tested and it was BFP. I had the cramping for several weeks. It is just the ligaments expanding to accomodate your expanding uterus. I actually had really bad cramping everytime I orgasmed and was really scared the first time it happended. I called my doctor and was seen and everything was fine. It happended each time for a few weeks then stopped. It is okay to be a bit paranoid, but just know every pregnancy is different so if you talk to other women you may find they didn't have any cramping and others did. Symptoms and no symptoms all are very normal. If you have any real concerns call the doctor. They are used to lots of calls and questions from first time mom's to be, so do what you need to do to keep your mind at peace. Stay well and if you need to talk I am here.


RB - March 14

Thanks Lyly...i am quite relieved to hear that this is normal...it's so great having you and the other girls to talk to. i have my second beta today but i dont get the results til monday...so i was thinking of doing an hpt over the weekend just to be sure....does that sound silly?


Arabsrcool - March 14

Hi girls,

My second beta came back at 831, not quite double, but the nurse said it was still really good. u/s is scheduled for 4/1.

Still getting wierd, sometimes painful twinges in abdomen area.....I always wonder if that bad, if something is happening etc.!



RB - March 18

Hi girls,

i got back the results from my second beta yesterday...it was 594 (the first one was 85) so i guess that means so far so good :) My first u/s is 3 long weeks away!

No signs of m/s yet...but i do feel tired very quickly...and i have the flu thanks to dh >:( but it's my fault...i didnt want to put him out of our room ;)

Ronda, how are you feeling?



Arabsrcool - March 18


Your second beta number is great! I understand about the long wait until u/s. Mine is scheduled to 4/1 (April Fools Day), which seems kinda wierd.

Sorry to hear about the flu, that is miserable! Hope dh is feeling better also.

I am feeling ok. Still not really feeling pg. I still get crampy kinda feelings but hopefully its nothing. bb's are sensitive, but not really sore yet. I feel kinda queasy sometimes too. I'm also very tired and rather moody (even though I try not to be).
I am still really bloated and cannot button my pants. I know its from progesterone but it still sucks. I keep thinking everyday, what can I wear to work that will hide my bloated belly?? I cannot wait until I can't button my pants because of a baby belly!



RB - March 19

Ronda...i know what you mean....i cant wait to see a little baby bump myself!

In the meantime, i'm reading the pregnancy bible "what to expect when you're expecting" as well as anything else i can find...i'm thinking of starting prenatal yoga as i understand it helps with back aches, leg cramps and general relaxation. I could also use the exercise...

what about you...do you have a regular exercise routine already?



Arabsrcool - March 20


I've dug out my old "pg bible" also. I find myself reading ahead, then have to stop myself and remember I am still very early in this pg.

I had a regular exercise routine before the IVF, but my doc's said no streneous exercise, so my routine has dwindled to basically nothing. My routine now is taking walks with my dd and taking care of the horses/dogs/cats. I have found I am getting so tired in the evenings already, I can barely keep my eyes open till bedtime.



RB - March 23

Hi Ronda,

it's been a little while...how old is your dd? does she know that you're pg? my mother has been spreading the news despite my best efforts to keep it quiet...i should be quite irritated by i think i'm too happy still to get really upset....i just hope things stay positive so i dont have to worry about how to deal with the bad news....i continue to be cautiously optimistic while i anxiously await my u/s...

btw, i think it's really cool that you have horses...must be disappointing not being able to ride though...i love horses but havent had the opportunity to be around them much.

keep in touch and let me knopw how you're doing.



aisha - March 27

Hi there im also looking for a ivf buddy,i have been tosing between having a tubal reversal or ivf but i feel ivf might be an easier option for now.I have a doc apt on 3/04 im really looking forward to start the program.I have to say im a bit scared of the drugs and i hate the idea of injecting myself.How are you going with your program?



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