Looking for IVF cycle buddy
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lyly14 - February 26

Hi Ronda- I am glad you and dh came to a decision. It is unlikely you will get all three to take. So good luck to you. I felt bad about my dd also when I was going through the process. She is 9 but is always climbing into bed with me and dh and curling up on the couch to watch t.v but when I was so bloated I was uncomfortable and nervous about her pushing on my ovaries. She is old enough to understand somewhat but I felt terrible. It is only short term and things will be back to normal once the stims wear off. So just hang in there and you will be feeling up to picking up and holding your dd soon. I can't wait to hear about your ET. Only one more day. How exciting!!!!! Talk to you soon.


Arabsrcool - February 28


ET was a breeze compared to ER. Doc, lab tech and lab directors strongly recommended that I only transfer 2 embies b/c of the quality. So I only transferred 2 perfect embies and am hoping for the best. I have 9 embies frozen and they are watching 4 more. Doc said one embie is fragmenting so it will probably not make it to freeze, but that still means 12 frozen. I am taking it easy today and will go back to work tomorrow. Its so cool b/c they gave me a picture of embies before they transferred them and I got to watch them be flushed into me. Pretty amazing this infertility stuff.


Marina - February 28

Ronda,good luck to you!Now you are officialy on 2ww!My doctors told me 2 days after the transfer to relax in horizontal position(but there is no proof that we need to do it at all,just for the piece of mind that we did everything in our power to help embies to implant,because the implantation takes place 48 hours after the transfer).
I think,you and me will be together in April for the FET.
I didn't think like that a couple of days ago,but now when I'm recovering physicaly I realized that we are not done yet and since we have frozen embies there,we can try again,it's very scary,but I just need to get back to normal and my RE said I shoul give myself at least 6 weeks and by that time we''ll know all the results.
Heve you done any reserch on FET?


lyly14 - February 29

Ronda- Congrats on making it to the 2ww. I am glad to hear it went well. I wish you lots of baby dust .

Marina- I am happy to hear I may have someone to go through it with, but sad under the circumstances. I have researched the FET a little but I don't really want to look into it too much. I know that they can do it on a natural cycle or with lupron and estrogen and progesterone supplements. My RE told me that I would start the estrogen patches as soon as I got my period, so I am thinking he doesn't plan on using lupron. I don't have the full details but he said it is a lot easier and less stressful. I did read that it is just as effective as the fresh as long as the embryo quality is good. I am not really sure of the quality of my last 3 embies. What about you?


Arabsrcool - February 29

Hi girls,

Thanks for the encourgement. I am back to work today, so laying down today is out, but I at least have a desk job, so I don't have to do alot physically.


I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. My heart breaks for your loss, but you do have frozen embies (which is why we all pay the extra) so we have another shot or two.

Baby dust to all......now I just feel like what do I do now? After all the shots, driving, appointments etc....I feel kinda lost as wierd as that sounds!


Marina - February 29

Ronda,now you can relax(well,I know ,easy to say,hard to do) and go with the flow!Now each day going to be 10 times longer,and by the end of your 2ww,will drive you absolutely nuts(LOL)!But you'll get there and I wish with BFP of course!
I've read the same thing about FET.With me,we have 5 exelent embies,frozen in 2 and 3,the rest of them are average quality.We didn't have an appoitment with RE yet because there is no sence to see him before we get all the test results they did on me and my baby.We'll go from there.And I'm changing my regular OB for sure,that was a big mistake,but it's too late now.I still have some recovering to do and get my hormons and my body back to normal,hopefully it won't take a long time,I'm hoping for April,but of course can't know when my cycle will come back.


RB - March 3


hope you girls dont mind if i join this discussion. I am in my 1st IVF cycle...transferred 3 embies on 24/02 - the original plan was to transfer just 2 but follicular development was a bit slow so my docs, dh and i decided to go with 3 to give us a greater chance of success. I am really nervous about triplets but would rather triplets than a BFN...this waiting is driving me nuts though! My beta is on 07/03 - that's this friday! Wish me luck! I'll say a prayer for all of you.



Arabsrcool - March 3


You are very welcome here!

I understand about the triplets issue. I went around and around about that and finally decided to go for the 3 embies. However when I got there, doc, lab workers etc, all advised against it. I am still kinda disappointed we only transferred two, but my doc said transferring three would not up my chance of pregnancy, but would greatly up my chance for triplets!. Of course, if I don't get a BFP, I will alway wonder if I should have insisted on 3 embies.

Anyway, your beta is coming up.....any symptoms? I have some wierd twinges and still feel really really bloated and tired. Other than that, nothing! Don't know if thats good or bad?!?

Baby dust to all


RB - March 3


For me the decision to go with 3 embies was becasue my follicular development was kinda slow...my dh said my ovaries are stubborn just like me:) I was taking the max. dose of Menopur (4 amps) morning and evening...we got 10 eggs - 3 transferred, 3 frozen and 4 didnt make it so i guess we're playing the odds here. We'll see... :-\

As for symptoms...i had period-like cramping, bloating and sore BBs for the first day or two post ET but not much is happening now - twinges now and then and mild soreness. I do feel tired and kinda weepy but i guess that could be the progesterone. I dont know what to think! I am counting down the days to beta! Yours is a few days after mine...the 12th right? Best of luck and lots of baby dust to you. Keep us posted.



Arabsrcool - March 5


Yeah, my testing is on the 12th. Yours is coming up quick. Have you taken a pg test at home? I haven't but am still 7 days away from beta check. I am going to try and hold out and not do one.

I still have bloating, sore BBs and kinda moody. I hope its more than the progesterone.....but those are all side effects listed on meds!


Jules614 - March 7

Just so you know ther eis a great IVF chatroom on babycenter:


helped me go through my iVF and a lot of people from there are just starteing their IVF cycles.

Good luck!



RB - March 8

hi girls,

my beta was yesterday...it was 85 which they told me means i'm pregnant! wow! I'm on cloud nine. I did an hpt this morning just to see for myself!

Rhonda- good luck on wednesday! lots of baby dust and positive thoughts from me to you! keep us posted.

I have another beta on friday and then an u/s in another couple of weeks...

good luck and baby dust to all.
Reshma :)


Arabsrcool - March 9


THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!. Congratulations on your BFP.

I took a hpt this morning and there was a very faint positive, which is encouraging, but until I get the beta, I'm trying not to get too excited.


RB - March 10


Good luck on Wednesday but i think it will be BFP!!!! Lots of baby dust until then! Try to keep busy to help the days go by faster but dont overdo it!

Are you planning to get the news first or are you gonna ask them to tell DH first? i hadnt thought of it until they asked me...i told them to tell dh but they called me!



Arabsrcool - March 10


I'm going to have them call me. I am irritated with dh right now. He blabbed about hpt to his family already and I wasn't planning on telling anyone until well after the beta came back. Now if something is wrong, I am going to have to tell them about that, which I wouldn't have had too if he would have kept his mouth shut. They knew nothing about the IVF and I wanted to keep it that way for awhile.
Sorry to vent !

How are you feeling?


lyly14 - March 10

Hi Ronda- sorry I haven't checking in for a bit, but I am happy to see it looks like you have good news. I will save my congrats for when you get the beta back, but I am praying for good numbers for you! Sorry to hear about what happened, but I guess dh was just too excited to keep quiet. I hope you get all good news and you wont have to worry about the early leak of the news.



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