Looking for IVF cycle buddy
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Arabsrcool - February 8

I am going to doc's offce on 2/13 to begin stims. A cycle buddy to compare notes with would be great.


jeni_turner - February 10

Hey there!

I haven't gotten on here in a while. I see that you are moving on to IVF? We took a break after the Thanksgiving IUIs. (I had to have 2 b/c they wouldn't give me a HCG shot!) Anyway, now we've switched REs to one recommended by my OBGYN...He always gives the HCG shot! We will try clomid IUI again with him if not preg this month.
How many IUIs did you try and do you know what the cause of your infertility is??


Arabsrcool - February 11


Yes we are going on to IVF. I got accepted into a IVF study, so the costs will not be so high. I had 9 failed IUI"s (I had daughter in March 2005, after 3 IUI's and the third one took!). My dh has male factor, which has gotten worse since we concieved in 2004.

Why wouldn't the doc give you an HCG shot? That doesn't make alot sense. With the shot, you know that you will ovulate and when.


jeni_turner - February 12

Yeah, my OBGYN recommended another doc. We had a consult and really like him. He says he always gives the hcg shot and that the ov. predictor sticks are "a waste of time." Wish we would have started the process with this guy! If this IUI with a higher dose of clomid doesn't work, he wants to do a lap. to make sure I don't have scar tissue or adhesions from my csection. If that's the case, he recommends IVF. :-\


Arabsrcool - February 14


Yeah, I know about feeling about wasting time. However I love my doc!

Do you have any problems with the clomid? I remember taking that and feeling bad! Hopefully you won't have to worry about the lap. and will have a BFP from the next cycle.

I started stims yesterday and go back to doc on Sunday. Then I may have to go again on Monday,Tues, Weds. Which really sucks because its a 2 hr drive one way for me. But I will do it. That is one time I just turn up the radio and drive.....and try not to think too much.

Had to pay doc yesterday, more than I expected, but since we have to do ICSI, and Cryo, that of course was extra. I just didn't realize just how much extra! Oh well, its only money right?!?


lyly14 - February 14

Arabsrcool- I am glad to hear you started your stims. After the first 2 days of stims I had to go for bw everyday and to monitor my E2 levels, but I cant imagine 2 hrs one way! Wow that is alot of driving, but well worth it in the end. I wish you the best of luck this cycle. I also had to pay for the ICSI out of pocket. If you don't mind me asking, do you know how much the ICSI procedure was? I have seen a great variation in price from place to place. My clinic was the most expensive I have seen out of the places I have investigated, so I am just curious to see what the average rate is.


Arabsrcool - February 15


So you had to get bw everyday? I am hoping I don't have to go that often, but will if I have to. Yes, 2 hours one way is alot of driving and in Indiana the weather has been pretty dicey, and they are calling for another system to move in on Sunday (and I know I have to be there on Sunday). So it could be a fun drive. There is an branch office an hour from me, but since I am in the IVF study, I have to go to the main ofc for everything.

ICSI for this office is $1300 for 10 or fewer eggs and $1450 for 11 or more eggs. Cryo fee is $600. How much was your ICSI fee? I don't have any insurance coverage left, so everything not covered in the study is out of pocket......so I was a little shocked when they told me how much I needed to pay. I shouldn't have been after 9 IUI cycles, but it was still sticker shock! Follistem and Ganrelix is covered under study but I still had to buy progesterone, pain meds and valium.

They are anticipating my ER will be around 2/22 and ET around 2/25. Surprisingly right now I am pretty calm about it, but I'm a old pro at the shot stuff, so that might change when the ER date gets closer. How did you feel after ER? ET?

Keep me posted on your clinic's moving progress. Don't you have a consult coming up?



lyly14 - February 15

I did go for b/w everyday after the first 2 days of shots. The u/s were a bit less frequent. I don't think that is the norm but my RE was being cautious because of how I responded to the stims in a previous timed bd cycle. My E2 was initially slow to rise then all of a sudden had doubled in one day and they had to coast me to get my levels to drop. The ICSI in my clinic was a flat fee of $2705 ( and we only had 6 eggs!!!!!!!). Looks like your ER will be here before you know it, how exciting! The ER itself wasn't bad, but I felt really bloated and uncomfortable after. I actually even took the day after off from work because I fell like my skin was going to rip it was so tight. It was uncomfortable to move around. I don't think it had anything to do with the retrieval, but effects from the stims and trigger. By the second day after the ER I felt back to normal. The transfer wasn't bad at all and I had nothing but minor cramping that evening. Well I have to get working now. My consult is on Tues so I will keep you posted and you do the same!



Arabsrcool - February 18


Went to doc on Sunday. Have 5 follies on right and 3 on left (also have 3 more on left, that they noted, but didn't measure). Don't have to go back till WEds b/c of estradol level was still pretty low. Started ganerelix shots in thigh on Sunday also. Nurse told me that would hurt, but actually its not as bad as follistim in tummy (those are hurting now) I am getting very full feeling already. I decided to go with 3 embies for transfer day....I was on the fence about 2 or 3, but after your experience, I am going to go for it (that of course, is if we have 3 embies to transfer).

One more day until your consult. Keep me posted.



lyly14 - February 19

Ronda- It sounds like things are progessing nicely with you. My estradiol levels were always low to start and then shot up quickly, which is why they checked my levels daily. So I wouldn't worrry too much if yours are low. I never used the ganerelix, only lupron, repronex, and gonal-f. They all went in the belly. The only thing that didn't was the progesterone. I had no problems with the belly except a few times I hit a bad spot and it hurt, but the backside ones were not pleasant. But everyone is different.

Things went well with the consult today. So now I am waiting for my March period to come for an April FET(frozen embryo transfer). Hopefully my cycle will coincide with the opening of the clinic, but if not he will put me on birth control pill to manipulate my cycle. We are going to transfer all 3 frozen embies this time (scary and exciting). He said he normally wouldn't recommend transfering more than 2 but since we only have 3 left it would probably be a good idea. If we only transfer 2 and it doesn't work, he said chances with a single embryo transfer were low. That being the case he would not be against putting all three in. He said chances of triplets is not high but to be aware that it is a possibility. I would be exstatic with one but definitely not unhappy with twins. Triplets is definitely scary, but since we put in 2 fresh and they didn't take I feel that is the chance we have to take.


Arabsrcool - February 20


Sounds like you will be back in the saddle so to speak in a few months. I know it can seem like an eternity, but it will come. I understand about the scary part of putting in 3 embies....that is why I was on the fence for so long about how many.

I went today for b/w and u/s. I have 15 follies, but they don't think all of them will mature before they have to trigger. I have to go back in the morning for more b/w and u/s. They are guessing HCG will be tomorrow or Friday night, which means E/R will be 36 hours after retrieval. Its a good thing they didn't take my blood pressure today b/c I'm sure it was sky high. The weather was really bad and it took me along time to get there this morning. And of course my dd is sick and I was home yesterday with her b/c of high fever, vomiting etc. I am hoping I don't get it.


lyly14 - February 22

Ronda- Sorry to hear about dd being sick, I hope you do not get it. Did you do the trigger yet? It sounds like you have a good number of follies. Good luck with everything. Keep me posted.


Arabsrcool - February 22


Had to go back to doc this morning (thats 3 long drives in a row). Trigger is tonight at 9 pm and ER is on Sunday morning. Transfer is scheduled for Weds. Nurse said I have 15 follies, 12 that are large enough to fertilize. I have a cold now and dh woke up 2 days ago with fever. Nurse said I cannot have a fever for E/T......so I am going to try and get alot of rest, drink fluids etc. Now I am getting nervous...this is it! My regular doc is not on call this weekend, so the E/R will be done by another doc, whom I have never meant. However my reg. doc will be able to do the E/T on Weds.

I know you had consult, did you ask how your frozen embies were......grade etc.?


Arabsrcool - February 25

Had E/R yesterday. They got 16 eggs, 15 of which fertilized with ICSI. E/T is set for Weds. I am feeling pretty crappy right now, lots of cramping, bloating, headache etc etc. My dh is now thinking we should only transfer 2 embies, and I am now wavering about how many. I don't want triplets, but I also don't want to get a BFN.


lyly14 - February 26

Ronda- Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.I didn't see the message before the one today until now. The RE wasn't sure about the quality of the frozen embies, but he said they only freeze grade 2 or better. I felt pretty crappy the day after my e/r but it wears off. I know how you feel about the thought of triplets. This is your first IVF right? Will you be able to do it again if doesn't work ( financially)? If so maybe you should just put 2 in for now and than try the 3 if this is a bfn. I know the thought of having to go through it again stinks but triplets is hard in many ways. It is risky for your health and the babies. It is really a personal choice and no one can make that decision but you. My dh originally said I should put 3 in and I thought he was crazy. My RE was not for it either with my age and this being my first IVF. He said they really only put 3 in women over 37. Now I wish I did, but at least I still have another shot. You need to do what you feel is right and just be comfortable with your decision.You are almost in the home stretch the dreaded 2ww. So whatever you choose good luck and lots of baby dust to you. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Arabsrcool - February 26


Sounds like your embies are good ones!

This is my first IVF and will be my last. WE cannot afford to do it again. My only thought would be that we would have the frozen embies and could do a FET, which is alot cheaper, but obviously, still not free. I will be 37 in March, so the doc's will let me do 3 if I want. I was told there is only a 5% chance that all 3 would take.....so dh and I decided last night to do the 3. Only time will tell if that will be the right decision. I have talked to several women my age and they all put in 3 and only one took.

Still feeling pretty crappy and dd doesn't understand why mommy cannot pick her up. Makes me feel terrible, but physically I'm not sure I could pick her up even if I was allowed to.

I'm not looking forward to the 2ww and my pg test will be on 3/12.

I'll let you know how the E/T goes.


lyly14 - February 26

Hi Ronda- I am glad you and dh came to a decision. It is unlikely you will get all three to take. So good luck to you. I felt bad about my dd also when I was going through the process. She is 9 but is always climbing into bed with me and dh and curling up on the couch to watch t.v but when I was so bloated I was uncomfortable and nervous about her pushing on my ovaries. She is old enough to understand somewhat but I felt terrible. It is only short term and things will be back to normal once the stims wear off. So just hang in there and you will be feeling up to picking up and holding your dd soon. I can't wait to hear about your ET. Only one more day. How exciting!!!!! Talk to you soon.



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