IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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lyly14 - October 29

Marina- How did the ER go? Are you feeling ok? I can't wait to hear about how many eggs you got. I hope everything went well and you have lots of eggs to fertilize.

I am still waiting for the results of my second beta. I hope they call me soon. I am so impatient!!!!!!!!!!!


lyly14 - October 29

Ok he just called my numbers are up from 194 to 438. Yay! :)


Ianmichael3 - October 30

lyly: enjoy and bask in the glory of being preggers!! I wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy!

On a side note, my opk only indicated yesterday as a "high" day, which means it detected my estrogen surge- THEN, today, I got the "peak" indication, which is my Lh surge. I'm so confused! Aren't I suppose to be getting several days of "high" before my "peak", NOT just one?!?!


lyly14 - October 30

Thanks Nicole! Your body is probably just off from the cyst. Sometimes you can get an estrogen surge and LH surge on the same day and it doesn't register. It happens, but I would just try anyway.

Marina- Where are you? I hope everything is ok and you are just recovering from your ER. Did they call you will fertilization results yet. I am so praying for you. I can't wait to hear from you.

Melissa- you should be really close now right?


Ianmichael3 - October 30

lyly: :) thank you for remaining optimistic! Since DH has gotten 'on board' the baby making is at least a little more 'fun'.... not so much me pressuring to have sex- so that is at least something to look forward too. PLUS, at least I know aunt flo will come in about 12 days, give or take a day..... I'm swearing off testing this month. :)

AND I love the little monitor counter quote that the baby has more brain cells than Paris Hilton!!

Yeah, Marina, where are you! Hope everything went smoothly & am anxious to hear!!


melmar - October 30

Oh wow-congratulations Lyly! I am so excited for you-I hope I have the same outcome. Do you have any last minute tricks or ideas?? Eat anything special?? I go tomorrow for my transfer-hope those little guys make it through the thaw :)

Nicole-I used a fertility monitor when I got pregnant with my son-I thought they were the best ever and recommend it to all of my girlfriends who are trying. We all have the same response-wow, I didn't know I surged on that day. But just so you know-I only had one day before LH surge and one day after most of the time. So I do not think that is that unusual.

Marina-how did it go?? How many did they retrieve? Are you going in on Friday (3-day) or Sunday ( 5-day) for transfer? And how are you feeling?



Ianmichael3 - October 30

Thank you, Melissa! That is good to hear. It's just so confusing all this hormone stuff......


lyly14 - October 30

Melissa- I hope you have the same result too. I honestly didn't do any of the tricks this time. I tried pineapple the last one over the summer but that was bfn so this time I just kind of went through the motions. I honestly just figured it would be another bfn. I just tried to eat healthy and balanced but the only thing that I did differently this time was no SEX during the entire 2ww. We were told it didn't matter and always did but this time we just didn't. I also tried to rest as much as possible but it was hard. I did not lay flat for 3 days and still had running around to do, but I did not lift anything heavy or even more than 5-10 lbs. I also did have the endometrial biopsy the cycle prior to the transfer which is supposed to help with implantation (by giving a rich spot for the embie to implant with healing blood vessels). What I really think is that this was the first really smooth transfer. No changing speculums or trial transfers with empty catheters prior to transfer. I have read that the transfer really makes a difference. Not that my transfers were ever really difficult before, but they were always fiddling around in there and I got crampy. This time speculum in embies transfered done no cramps quick and easy. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how your embies do with the thaw. I pray they all make it. Will you call before your transfer to check on them? I always did.

Nicole- I am glad dh is on board. The whole thing is so stressful.


Marina - October 31

Hi guys,
sorry,I didn't mean to disappear,I just thought for some reason Lyly's second beta was today and didn't log in yesterday.Wonderfull news!!! Miracles begin to happen on our street too,not only with somebody we don;t know!Lyly,I'm so happy for you!

My retrieval was very strange,but ok- at least I feel after it better then I did last time-no cramping at all.What strange about it is this.They let my hubby to be with me through the whole thing.That was new for us,they never let him to be with me(at the old place) while I'm under anastesia and watch the whole procedure.We didn't know what to think about this and they told us everybody does it,so he went with me. I was happily under sedation and my poor DH almost had a nervous breakdown when they lost a top part of the cateter inside me on my last egg and were trying to find it with u/s,he thought they are ripping everything inside me.But finaly they found it .He said it was not fun and today keep bugging me if I feel any pain od bleeding.Anyway,I feel fine,no bleeding or cramping.They took 16 eggs, 3 were empty follicles.So,13 so far. They are a bit different-they don't call you to tell how many fertilized or how they developing.Unless there is a problem and nothing happens.Tomorrow I'm supposed to call voice mail service for the instructions for my transfer.So,I woun't know untill 3p.m. Friday when is my transfer(Saturday or Monday).
Well,Melissa,good luck tomorrow!And rest for two days.By the way,they told me first 2 days lay only on your back or stomach,not on a side.I've heared this before,but didn't take it seriously(so embrios woun't get suck in yous tubes).Well,I didn't ask why,but that was my guess,why else?
Nicole,if you monitor shows fertile days-go for it,who knows,I hope Lyly's BFP very contageous!


Ianmichael3 - October 31

Marina- I think that sounds wonderful- that he was there for the whole process. I'm anxious too to hear how Melissa's goes! And thank you for the encouragement.... We did try last night- and will probably try again tonight, just because you never know when you ovulate..... BUT, at least I can be optimistic that AF will arrive, as scheduled in 2 weeks & hope the cyst resolves & we get the green light for IUI. OR best case scenario we get preggers a la naturele! :)

xoxo to all!


lyly14 - October 31

Melissa- Lots of luck and baby dust today!


melmar - October 31

Hi girls-

All five made thaw! So we transferred all five of them. It seems that I drank too much water though before the transfer (I was worried because I have a tilted uterus, which is supposed to make the transfer harder). So I got up on the table and the RE told me that I had to go to the bathroom and drain my bladder about a 1/3 of the way...do you know how hard it is to pee just a little when you have to go so badly?? Then we transferred the embryos and it seems that only four made it (before they check the catheter), so we had to take a second and transfer the last one. The only thing is, the doctor didn't do the last transfer with the ultrasound, so how does he know that it made it into the uterus?? I know I should have asked, but I am always sure that they know what they are doing.

Oh well, I could make myself nuts..now I just have to relax and enjoy these next couple of days of rest. It is not too many times that you get to do that. My Beta is on the 12th..so I am back in the 2WW.

Marina-did you receive your transfer day yet? 13 is a great number of eggs!! I am suprised that they let your DH in while they retrieved though-it seems like you would rather him be there for the transfer then when you are asleep on the table.



Marina - October 31

Melissa-all 5!!!!Wow!Do you remember the quiality on them?I convinced more and more that my embies didn't make the thaw because of the lab mistake.It pisses me off that we can't prove it!Good quiality 6 embryos(four grade B-one of them was even close to A,which is rare, and two C) frozen in 3 different straws-how come NONE of them made it!O well,we are in a different place now and a different time.

Anyway,my transfer will be on Monday, so we can make it to the party tomorrow!Yay!


lyly14 - November 1

melissa- That is great news. I can't believe you transfered 5. I even thought I was crazy for doing 4 but it was better than to think about having another failure. I really figured I have done this so many times and it hasn't worked so what the h..l. I really hope you get one or two to stick. How many are you hoping for? Do you want multiples? That was kind of wierd what happened with your transfer. So when the looked at the cath after your transfer 1 embie was still left? I wonder how that happened. I guess it is not the first time that has happened since they always check and say clear after the transfer. He used the sono for the first 4 then not with the last one? Well they are in and that is what counts. So take it easy and don't do anything strenous. Only 12 more days! (easy for me to say huh? lol)

Marina- I am so glad everything went ok, I was starting to worry when I didn't hear from you. So you are doing a 5 day transfer again right? How did they make the final decision? I can't believe they don't tell you how many fertilized. I don't think I could take that, I would be calling, but that is just me.


melmar - November 1

Marina-I would think that is good that they are waiting for 5 days to do the transfer. When I asked why we didn't do a 5 day on the first transfer, they said they didn't think they would be strong enough to last. So I would think that your embies are strong.

The 5 I transferred were of good quality. 3 were A level-but less cells, one was 8 and two were 6. And the other two were B quality. I have two remaining that I was told are bad. So if this doesn't work I will go into another IVF cycle. Let's hope that we don't have to go that route.

Lyly-I am not hoping or hoping for multiples-I just want at least one to stick. I felt like this time was going to work all the way up until the doctor told me my bladder was too full and wouldn't be good for the transfer. He did make me go a little...but now I wonder if I went enough. As for the embie scooting back into the catheter-I would assume that it does happen, because they always check it. My RE did look a little sheepish when he came back in and told me-but I think he just felt badly that I was laying in that position for longer that I should have had to. Oh well..what is done is done-and now I can only hope.
You said that you didn't have any symptoms, right? Did you notice anything different about this transfer than your others-or would you say you really thought you weren't pg up until the time of the hpt? Did you always spot like you did this time?

Nicole-how are things going with you? Still trying? Had the monitor gone down from high yet?



lyly14 - November 1

Melissa- Don't give up hope. I wouldn't worry too much about the overfilled bladder. He may have not been able to get a good view of your uterus with the bladder so full and that is why he told you to go a little. I am sure he would have told you to go more if it was a problem. When I was pg with my daughter I had bad kidney infections and had to have a sono done with a full bladder. I was so full I was crying (felt like I was going to burst) so they gave me a cup so I wouldn't go too much and I knew how much I could relieve myself. As far as my transfer, the transfer itself was the smoothest transfer yet. After the transfer I felt nothing, no cramping or anything. I did have a small dizzy spell and some slight naseau prior to my + hpt but dh had a really bad stomach virus so I convinced myself it was from that. I had no other symptoms and still have no real symptoms (sore bb's or nipples) The spotting is something that I am still freaked out about as it has not stopped yet (day 13 of spotting). I have never spotted with any pregnancy except my chemical pg. I took an hpt then started spotting that night and went straight into a full bleed by the time I went into the dr I had a neg beta. I do always spot before AF on a natural cycle and have had spotting with the last 3 IVF cycle (2 were bfn and this one). My first IVF I had no spotting at all but that was a bfn too. Its all just a crap shoot. I honestly didn't think it was going to work and was trying to talk to dh about adoption or where we were going to get money to continue to do more cycles (as we were reaching our lifetime max with insurance). I really hope one of those little embies sticks for you. I really didn't stay off my feet as much as I would have liked but I refused to do anything strenuous (did I spell that right? Looks weird, anyway). I had dd lifting and carrying the laundry and dh did all the really heavy lifting for me. Take it easy and lots of sticky baby dust coming your way!



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