IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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Ianmichael3 - October 23

Wolfie: yeah, thanks, but WOW! That's way expensive- not sure if we'd go that route, but it was good information. I'll be checking to see if we can just buy the vitamins contained in conceptionXR in those amounts, cheaper than buying the conceptionXR.....

Anyone know where to buy it cheaper???


lyly14 - October 23

Thanks Wolffie

Nicole- I am glad the RE was optimistic. With only a $12,000 lifetime max for IVF, I would definitely give IUI a try first. With the IVF does all your monitoring (u/s and bloodwork) and meds count towards the max? With mine only the actual IVF procedures (egg retrieval, insemination, transfer) count toward my max. Which is really helpful with defraying the cost. Also you should definitely look into other supplements for dh to take. There are some you can buy at GNC or online like fertility blend and fertilaid that support mens health in respect to sperm development and they are not too expensive.

Melissa- I guess FET's do really work. When is your estimated transfer?

Hey I just realized I have to kick myself off the board now (no bfp's) :-\


Ianmichael3 - October 23

;D Well, you just go and kick yourself off :) But PLEASE, do keep in touch!

I have an max benefit of $8k for the scripts, so that's good too. I'm hopeful, at least for now, this minute!


lyly14 - October 27

Hey girls- Why so quiet over here?

Nicole - I hope your cyst goes away quickly. I had one right before my first scheduled ivf from the lupron. I had to cancel my first cycle and was so bummed but it went away really quick. It was gone by next period.

Melissa- How are you doing? You had a lining check today right?

Marina- Are you getting close yet?

I am so praying for all you girls. Lots of baby dust!!!!!


Ianmichael3 - October 27

lyly: I am soooooo anxious to hear about your beta- any more spotting???

I'm hoping the cyst goes away and aunt flo will come sooner rather than later- by the way- I did have some minimal spotting this weekend in some cm..... so what is that all about?!?!? I feel like my body is just wigging out! :(


melmar - October 27

Hi guys-

Lyly- how are things going? I read your posts in the other forum and have you in my thoughts today. When do you get the results of your BETA? Did you ask the nurse about the spotting? I think it is mulitple ebryos implanting-like 3...that has to cause some serious spotting, don't you think?

Hey Nicole-how are things by you? Just so you know-AF came pretty on time for me with clomid. I found it a pretty easy regimen-with all considered, doctor's visits, bloodwork and such.

Marina-how are things going with you?

I went this morning for my bloodwork, but go back later for the sonogram and hopefully the estimated date of transfer. I am figuring that it will be Friday (halloween) or Saturday. I already took off on Monday the 3rd in anticipation. Getting excited...hope all 5 make the thaw...



Ianmichael3 - October 27

Hey there Melissa- I'm hoping your 5 make it and you're blessed with a bundle next year, late summer, early fall :)

yeah, I'm not really sure what's up with my bod- just had some minimal spotting this weekend, hoping it's the cyst resolving itself. It's so hard not to be hopeful that we could still get pregnant this month on our own and just take a break. I still have to use my clearplan easy monitor to check for an Lh surge for the doc.... so it is annoying to pee on a stick over and over again, and not get a positive- not even for an estrogen surge. SO, we probably won't get pregnant this month & the reality of having to actually go through IUI..... well, it is just a bummer. I'm still grieving my fertility...... or lack thereof, shall we say.


lyly14 - October 27

I just got the call from the RE. My beta was 194. He said all my numbers (E2, P4) look great. He told me to come back in 1 week for a repeat beta and in 2weeks for first u/s. I told him I was nervous about the spotting and he said the only thing to do was wait and if I wanted I could come in for a repeat beta in 2 days just for peace of mind. So of course I opted to do that since I am a nervous wreck. So what do you guys think about the beta? I am 14dpt3dt and it is only 194 so you thing singleton? I definitely don't think more than 2 took. Oh well I am relieved for now.

Nicole the bleeding could be from the cyst. Did you have any pain?

Melissa- I am so excited for you. I can't wait to hear about how your embies do with the thaw and how your transfer went.


Ianmichael3 - October 27

lyly: well, I was kinda crampy & of course DH was just a horny toad, since we didn't have our son this weekend (he was at my parent's) ;) I'm going to call/email my doc's offices now to just call in the info and see which one would want to see me or just record the info..... it's so wonderful you ARE pregnant!! SOAK IT IN!!!


Marina - October 27

Congrats Lyly! :D
Everything should be good,told you.Our time coming.
Hard to tell,but looks like singleton,just nice strong numbers! :)
I trigger tonight,retrieval wed. morning.
Melissa,seems like we''ll have the same day for transfer,if my Re decides to do 3 day(which I don't wan't,but it's up to them and my embies).Lyly's BFP must give you a lot of hope! :)


melmar - October 27

Congrats Lyly!! You have given me lotsa hope. I was feeling good about my decision to do the FET, but you are now the 2nd person I know who has gotten pregnant that way..so maybe I will be three. Were your embryos 3 day or 5 day when frozen? I really hope my 5 make it...I will be bummed if they don't (even though I know the chances are low that they will.)

Had my lining checked today-RE said evrything is moving along nicely. I up my estrace to 3 pills of 2 mg a day-start progesterone tommorrow, doxycyline and medrol n Wednesday and I have my transfer on Friday-nothing like a halloween baby, huh? So Marina-it looks like you and I will be going together...at least we can commiserate during the 2WW.



lyly14 - October 28

melissa and Marina- You are both so close. They say things come in 3's right? I hope that is right and you 2 will be right behind me.

Melissa- My embies were always day 3 (frozen and fresh) when transfered. I have heard that embryo's are successfully thawed at about 90%. So I felt so fortunate each time I did FET and had all my embies make it. I always expected to lose at least 1 each time but..... Anyway I hope you have the same luck but even if you lose one 4 was my lucky number.

Marina- Wow trigger time already. How exciting! I can't wait to hear how many eggs you get and how many fetilize.

Nicole- I can't wait for your cyst to go away and you can move forward.


Ianmichael3 - October 28

lyly: Thank you for your encouragement :) I need all I can get. I still haven't had a 'high' indication on my fertility monitor, which is a bummer. It just means aunt flo won't come until later....


lyly14 - October 28

Nicole- That cyst you have produces estrogen so it could throw off you whole cycle and the fertility monitor you are using.


Ianmichael3 - October 28

lyly: Hmmmm..... good to hear, but bad to know :( bummer!! I've got great fertile cm, but it isn't showing an estrogen surge. It is so frustrating, because I don't know whether or not to 'try' this month or not. I'm afraid of having any kind of hope!


lyly14 - October 29

Marina- How did the ER go? Are you feeling ok? I can't wait to hear about how many eggs you got. I hope everything went well and you have lots of eggs to fertilize.

I am still waiting for the results of my second beta. I hope they call me soon. I am so impatient!!!!!!!!!!!



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