IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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lyly14 - October 20

Nicole- Only a few more days till your appt. Did someone call you back to let you know if you should start the clomid or are you just waiting? I always did clomid days 5-9 but some do it 3-7.


Ianmichael3 - October 20

Yes, they did, I'm not to start anything till I see doc (CD 5)... so I wait. It's not too far off, less than 48 hours :)

I suppose I can be patient until then.


Marina - October 20

Hi guys,
Lyly,do you feel any different? ::)
Well,I got so sick yesterday-throwing up,headache :(.First I thought from my stim meds,but when my DH got sick too,we realized this was from taking doxy before breakfast.Gosh ,I spent half Sunday(beautiful day!) puking,on the couch :(.
Lyly,how many days they have you take an antibiotics?My last clinic always had me take tetracycline and only 4 days-2 before retrieval and 2 after.These guys told us both take doxy for 10 days :o-what for?!I hate to take antibiotics and now for 10 days!I know it's a precation,but I also know we don't have any infections,so I might just take us off until 2 days before retrieval.Do you think I'm making a mistake :-\?

Nicole,does your insurance cover IUIs?
Keep these tests,you'll need them soon too ;)
Melissa,you are back in game :)


lyly14 - October 21

Marina- The first IVF I did, both dh and I had to take doxy fro about 10 days too. But this new place didn't make dh take any antibiotics at all. Just me starting at trigger and a few days past retrieval (5 days total). The old RE said it was so we didn't pass anything back and forth, especially since I had a history of urea plasma and mycoplasma infections (ones you don't have any symptoms but cause m/c). Maybe it is best to just take them. Just make sure you eat something when you take them. They made dh really sick and bothered me too but I was able to handle them with food. AFM, do I feel different? Well I certainly don't feel pg. I also noticed some brown tinged mucous today so I expect to start my usual spotting. I know the drill, yet another failure! Argggg I just want to scream I am so frustrated.


Ianmichael3 - October 21

I'm so sorry lyly- major bummer. I am with you chickie! Take heart & stay positive- you never know- maybe one is sticking in there!!!

Marina: I'm unsure what our insurance covers, but the language says: Infertility treatment...... Our RE's office provides a rep for us to talk to after we see the doc- to go over all the insurance B.S. UGH. But after checking out adoption- I'm in shock how much more expensive that is, POTENTIALLY, over doing IUI or IVF.... who knows, maybe we just need to have better timed intercourse & have me on injectibles???

What do you guys think of the OV watch and some of those cervical cap thingys??


melmar - October 21

Nicole - I did the Clomid IUI 4 times before trying IVF. It was totally covered under my insurance, so before I started shelling out money for IVf I kept trying it(especially since I got pregnant naturally before all of this). It didn't work, obviously..so off to IVF land I went.

Lyly-I am sorry that you are starting to spot. Is that always how your body reacts? Or could it be implantation bleeding? Have you taken the HPT yet or are you still waiting till Friday? Do they know why-you could get pregnant before, but couldn't carry to term-and why if you could get pg naturally-it is not working with IVF?? It seems so puzzling-like b/c you got PG naturally-you would think that IVF would work also...annoying that it doesn't.

Marina- I had to take the Doxy for 10 days also-my DH too. My Dh got really sick from it also-but because I have a weak stomach to begin with-I always eat with my pills, so thank goodness I skipped that.

As for me-went to Re yesturday morning for blood and sono. They were running late-so I just got blood done and had to come back in the afternoon for sono. (Got to school and my seniors were pulling the old "ten-minute" rule and trying to leave). Have my next appt. on Monday.



Ianmichael3 - October 21

Melissa: thanks for the info- I'm calling my insurance company this afternoon to hopefully get an idea of what they'll do for the rest of this year, then what we'll be looking at spending out of pocket at the beginning of the year. yuck.

keep us posted on your appointment Monday!


lyly14 - October 21

Melissa- The first IVF I did not spot on the progesterone at all, but with the first FET and the 2nd IVF I started to spot about 8-9 days after the transfer. So it seems to be a pattern lately with my BFN. I am still seeing brown tinged mucous today but no real blood yet, but that is what usually happens. I am sure within the next day or two I will start spotting more consistently with blood. I am with you. I just don't understand why all of a sudden it wont work. Getting pg was not my problem until my last m/c. I actually started seeing the RE for recurrent pregnancy loss not infertility. Now I have secondary infertility and why? Who knows? Possibly autoimmune. It is a very controversial subject and the treatment is extremely expensive and experimental.


lyly14 - October 22

Ok girls just a quick update. I broke down this morning and took an hpt. I just couldn't take it any more. So 9dp3dt of my 4 embies and its BFP :o I am excited but nervous too. I realize that anything can happen from here but for now I am pg. I am still spotting so I pray my numbers are good on Monday and they double as they should. At least I know getting pg is not impossible, so I just hope I can stay pg this time.


Marina - October 23

Lyly,I don't know if you 've seen my message on msn,but -congrats girl! GO TRIPLETS!!!
Well,we all know the deal,but at least I'm so happy for you now!!!!See,you didn't feel anything, and spotting-but you are PG!I take it as a good sign for all of us.


lyly14 - October 23

Nicole- What happened with the RE yesterday?


Ianmichael3 - October 23


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :o :o YAY! Praise the Lord- I will keep praying your little one's have what the other's didn't and that you have the fertile ground, so to speak, that you need!!!!!!!! Have you called your RE????

& thank you for asking about my appt= He was optimistic (which I'm sure they are trained to be) that we would be able to get preggers, dispite Mike's 1% morphology & seemed to think it could be due to heat factor, as Mike bikes a lot in the summer--- SO- the U/S they did showed a cycst 5cm big in my left ovary, so no clomid this cycle- just trying naturally. I'm to call when I start my next cycle and as long as the cyst is GONE (please God), then we'll do 100mg clomid, follicle study when I get a positive LH surge on my OPK, not sure if he'll do a trigger shot, but will do just one IUI, not 2 on back to back days, like I would have hoped- BUT I think I'm going to ask him if he would do that for us. He will then put me on progesterone, as he is MOST concerned about my mid-cycle or break through bleeding, b/c I SHOULDN'T have that :) So I'm hopeful, but the longer, of course, that we try & fail, the less likely it seems we'll be blessed with another child.

Insurance covers IVF, but he lifetime max is only $12k. I should be thankful we have anything.

Oh, and he said we'd have another consult if IUI didn't work after 3 tries. I'm assuming we'd go IVF at that point. BUT I pray we don't even have the opportunity to try IUI, that we get pregnant this month ON OUR OWN! (DAMN IT) ;D

I'm so happy for you!!!!


melmar - October 23

OMYGOSH Lyly- that is great!! Can't wait to hear from you on Monday after your Beta! See, we're on too many drugs to know what "normal" feels like with respect to pregnant. You have given me hope for this FET-maybe I will have the same outcome..:)

Nicole-glad to see that insurance covers IUI. I don't think you will get past that $12000 mark-I would assume that you would switch over to IVF before that if it doesn't work.

Marina-when is your retrieval and transfer?

We lost our tennis match yesterday...so my schedule is now totally free, so it doesn't matter when I have to do the transfer-I can take off from work without feeling guilty.



wolffie - October 23

Hi Ladies - I'm sorry, I don't mean to be eves-dropping (Spelling?)...

Nicole - my husband also had very poor morphology and our RE told him to take something called conception XR. It is over the counter and I guess is similar to a prenatal but for men. It is supposed to help improve sperm quality. Anyway he took it prior to our IVF cycle. It can be ordered online www.conceptionxr.com and my RE also gave us samples of it. Just wanted to offer that thought...

Lyly - Congrats!


Ianmichael3 - October 23

Melissa- good to hear, kinda! It is nice to have one less thing to worry about (the guilt) :)


Ianmichael3 - October 23

Wolfie: yeah, thanks, but WOW! That's way expensive- not sure if we'd go that route, but it was good information. I'll be checking to see if we can just buy the vitamins contained in conceptionXR in those amounts, cheaper than buying the conceptionXR.....

Anyone know where to buy it cheaper???



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