IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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Marina - October 18

Gosh,what the hell is happening to this site?!Porn is everywhere now!I e-mailed to aditor of this site,but they never got back to me.There is no moderator here.Pretty soon we'll have to go through the tons of porn pictures before we can post!


melmar - October 18

That is annoying Marina-I don't get pop up porn or advertisements when I use this site. As for the RE not telling you your BETA results on the first test-I think that is crazy and you should absolutely ask for the numbers (if you really want to know). Other than that-how are your stims going-have you started the Lupron shots yet?

Lyly- how are you hanging in there? Only one more week left, right? When is your exact Beta?

I called the RE to tell them I started the estrace (I didn't tell them about the missed morning estrace pill-I just took two at night within hours of one another-I know...bad bad bad girl) and I go in for blood and sono Monday morning at 7. I hope they get me out of there quickly so I can make it to work on time. Oh the joys of fitting this into your schedule :)

Nicole-how are things with you. Did you research the information on your husbands tests? When do you see the RE?



lyly14 - October 18

Melissa- I am ok. I still have 9 more days left. My beta is on Monday the 27th! I do have to say I am not feeling pg. I know it is still early but I just don't have much hope I guess.


Marina - October 19

Melissa,I/ve been on lupron for 11 days already,now I';m lowering dose to 0.5 and today I started stims.So far so good...Got over my cold ,just on time-you don't want to be coughing and sneezing after the transfer...
Good thing you got started too.
Lyly-thinking of you and wishing for a mirracle(triplets!lol)


melmar - October 19

Lyly-what does pregnant feel like anyway? Most people don't even know they are pregnant till after they miss their periods-so don't think about that. We are just more sensitive to what is going on with our bodies because we are hoping so hard. This could be your time-four embryos left-all four made the thaw..pretty good odds so far-seems those little guys are fighters :)



lyly14 - October 20

Thank you Melissa- But I have had 4 pregnancies (all conceived naturally before I started all these treatments and I remember feeling pg each time. I do need optimism which I don't have. I thought the odds seemed in my favor with my last FET. I had only 3 to thaw and was planning on putting 3 in. I was so excited that all 3 made the thaw and thought about those odds. But that cycle was a complete failure too. So I think my embies are strong but for whatever reason my body doesn't want them. I just don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed again. The 2ww really sucks!


Ianmichael3 - October 20

Marina: GOSH- thank you for that information- that's awesome they can do that, but disappointing they are not more proactive with such a test (or that they wait until someone suffers miscarriage before they'll do such a test). I will be sure to ask about doing a DNA Fragmentation Test.....

To all- I'm absolutely sick about the porn on here- I'm sure the web master has been made aware- but nothing has been done about it- it sucks.

Melissa: well, from talking to others, his morphology is pretty bad, so I'm going to assume we'll go straight into IUI. Our RE appt. is this Wednesday the 22nd at 1:30pm. I'm feeling totally hopeless right now, but I'm sure it will pass and I'll get that 'buzz' of optimism (if that's even a word) :) Thanks for asking- I'll be sure to keep everyone posted of the docs recommendations after the appointment.

LYLY: Oh girl- have faith- I am praying for you everyday!! I know with my pregnancy I didn't feel ANYTHING!! So maybe this is a good thing! I can't wait to get the notification of a new post and find out you're preggers! :)


lyly14 - October 20

Nicole- I can't wait to hear what the RE has to say. AFM one more week until my official beta. Arggg, I am so not a patient person at this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ianmichael3 - October 20

::) UGH- I'm with you girl!!! It is so exasperating, all that d*** waiting. But this is how I think about it: It is and will always be worth the wait. I'm sending you good karma vibes.... that those little embies are fine and happy and warm and loving their momma and implanting as we speak!! Given all of your info, I can't fathom at least one little itty bit won't take. :-*

Do you like to read?? Lose yourself in a really great book- helps occupy the mind, etc :) Hang in there- you're half way through!!


lyly14 - October 20

Nicole- Funny you ask, I used to be a huge bookworm when I was a kid. However, after going through high school, college and graduate school I am just so turned off to reading that I don't even read for pleasure anymore. I honestly think I developed ADHD somewhere along the way and just can't sit still long enough to read. LOL I really hope you are right and at least one little one makes it. I think I may do an HPT friday since my embies will be 14 days post ovulation then.


Ianmichael3 - October 20

well, if you want, you can email me your address and i'll just send you some of my hpts sensitive to 20 mIU- my email is: [email protected]

If not- I'll think about you 1st thing in the AM!!


lyly14 - October 20

Thanks Nicole- but I have a box of 3 that are sensitive to 25 so I think I am good for now. I am still going to wait as long as I can, at least until friday. That way if it is BFN >:( I will be ready for Monday's results and I don't waste more tests. I don't want to have to sit there and wonder if I just tested too early or not.


Ianmichael3 - October 20

Well, you are welcome! I am in total agreement with the wait as long as you can..... I forgot to say, also, since AF arrived Saturday, today is CD 3, which I'm SUPPOSE to start my Clomid again. HOWEVER, since we are scheduled w/RE on WED.- I called their office to see if I should even take the clomid, OR if the RE would rather see me on injectibles, IF he would recommend IUI. I'm not sure how effective IUI is in combination with clomid versus injectibles. My cycle was even shorter than last month (27 days versus 25!!) :( I'm beginning to wonder if I have Luteal Phase Deficiency??


lyly14 - October 20

Nicole just so you know they talked about doing IUI with me when I was on clomid. Clomid can make your cycle shorter or longer too. You may be ovulating earlier on the clomid than without it. So as long as you have at least 12 days after ovulation I would say you are okay and don't have a LPD.


Ianmichael3 - October 20

Well, I'm close, then..... Off clomid, AF would religiously start at 14 DPO. Now, on clomid- it's closer to 12. Either way, I feel better knowing I might be able to do IUI on clomid.... I just love the whole 'hurry up & wait' about this crap! ???


lyly14 - October 20

Nicole- Only a few more days till your appt. Did someone call you back to let you know if you should start the clomid or are you just waiting? I always did clomid days 5-9 but some do it 3-7.



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