IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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Ianmichael3 - October 16

:) thanks for the words of encouragement- all those feelings, Melmar- yup AND a bag of chips!! LOL!

Yes, lyly- how is that going for you?!?!?! Let me know & I'll mail you my remaining epts- sensitive to 20-25 mIU ;D


Ianmichael3 - October 16

Oh! Melmar: how on earth could you wait that long?? for AF I mean- You have the patience of JOB!!! :o

Did you have to wait for her or could you have 'kick started' her with something?? Just curious.


melmar - October 16

I think I could have kick started her-but honestly, going earlier wouldn't have fit into my schedule as well. I coach at work and the season ends this week (maybe next week if we make the playoffs which it looks like we will). So I figured-just let it happen naturally (although I was about to call yesturday during my free period(I am a teacher) and I went to the bathroom right before and found that it had arrived...you never saw someone with a bigger smile to get AF.)

I have felt cruddy for literally the last 4 weeks-moody, tired, bloated-the whole nine yards. I also figure it has to be better to let it happen on its own-b/c then at least I know that all the drugs and stuff are out of my system and that my body is getting back to its own cycle-but I could be completely wrong...won't be the first time :)



Ianmichael3 - October 16

OK: counts are in and are as follows:

for motility (rapid / slow)
Before Wash: 33% / 16%
After Wash: 41% / 15%

Before Wash: 69 million with a concentration of 19 million (RN said 20 million is good, so she says he's right on)
After Wash: 22 million (which she said again is good)

1% normally shaped & 11% normal+slightly abnormally shapped.

They were looking for 4% and 30% respectively- sooooooooooooo.................

PLease give me your thoughts.... remembering the RE will of course go over all this with us...


lyly14 - October 16

Melissa- Yay!!! You can finally get started. I have to say the hormone replacement FET was a snap. I had only gone to the RE 2x's before they were able to get me scheduled for the transfer. Once on day 2 to start and once on day 13 for a lining check and bam I was ready. So much easier than fresh cycle or the natural FET I did in June. I hope it goes that easily for you. I only took one day off from work. The transfer took place on Monday which was great because we were off and I was really nervous about taking off the day after a holiday, but I did it anyway. My Wed and Thur caseload is much lighter than Tues so I figured I would come in for the rest of the week and just try to take it easy. How many embies do you have left? And how many are you planning to put in again? I think I have gotten really lucky with the thawing of my frozen ones. I have heard that some do not make it and Marina had a terrible experience with hers. So I am always a wreck about that part.

AFM, I am feeling indifferent about the 2ww. Part of me wants to believe that at least one HAS to stick but the other part feels like...... well you know. It hasn't worked so far what is the difference now? I've put 2 then 3 then 3 again all failed so what is so different this time? It really is a very frustrating process. I am going to try and hold out as long as I can and not test with a hpt, but I am sure I will give in eventually. I almost always spot on a bfn so that is usually my tell tale sign. However, others have told me they have spotted and it was bfp so we will see. Only 11 more days until my official beta!!!!!

Nicole just saw your results. His counts look great but the morphology is pretty bad. On the motility you say rapid/slow? What does that mean? With my dh they told us speed and direction (forward etc). Not really sure what to say, hun. The RE may recommend stimulation for multiple follicles and IUI. Of course I am not a doctor , so who know they may just recommend keep trying a bit longer on clomid. How many clomid cycles did you do now?


Ianmichael3 - October 16

lyly: Not sure what rapid versus slow means- I'm guessing just the percentage of fast swimmers to slow ones. The RN didn't say anything about direction.....

Yeah, she was hesitant to call anything horrible, but just by the standards she said they go by - the fact that he was at 12%, instead of 30%...... well, she just said the RE would go over every detail of the test results and make recommendations. I'm sure she had a clue of what the RE might say, but she was good and didn't divulge anything.

So now I'll be surfing the net for anything on sperm samples! LMAO!!! ::)


Marina - October 16

Nicole,do you know what method they used to check the sperm?Because I think, all RE s go only by Kruger's standarts.Everything exept morphology looks good,but the thing is, that morphology one of the most important ones.It is better if you look up on net for some ideas.

Lyly,there is always a difference- different season,different stars lined up, and completely different embies this time!So,who knows,one or 2 of them might be a troopers!We are talking 4 here...You may end up like Jen,totally pissed having 3 girls!He-he
AFM,I had my baseline u/s.Sat.start stims.I just found out that they don't tell you the results after your first beta!!!!!!!!Only after 2nd one!!!Can you imagine?!Because only after second beta they might confirm or not PG.I said,really?Well this is not exactly true,nothing confirms until u/s and even then nobody can be 100% sure.Like 10 days not long enough to kill you,and they wouldn't even tell you simple "yes" or "no",they make you wait 2 more days!!!!!Of course,I always can take hpt,but what the hell?!


lyly14 - October 17

Marina- I can't believe they don't give you a yes or no answer on a first beta. I would not stand for that. I mean you have every right to know your results. What if you demanded they tell you? How can they refuse? I mean you are paying them for a service. That is just crazy!

Nicole- So was the motility fast or slow? I wasn't sure by the way you wrote it.


Ianmichael3 - October 17

I have no clue. The nurse didn't even use that word when she explained the results- maybe I'll call them back today and ask better questions.....

Any recommendations on what to ask for, anyone?


lyly14 - October 17

Nicole- I re-read your results and I think I understand the motility now. They do it very differently than the place we had dh's evaluated. I guess they are saying pre-wash he had 33%moving rapidly and 16%moving slowly and then 41% rapid and 15% slow after the wash. They never did a wash on my dh's sperm for his analysis and only told us about the sperm that was moving foward but they use a number system (like 2+ etc). I guess every place is different. When they do IUI they wash the sperm so I guess they do the wash to see if you are a candidate for that. I wouldn't stress too much about it, just wait and see what the RE has to say. I would ask him his thoughts on the morphology and what your chances are with that. You need to find the best method for overcoming that issue without wasting time on things that may or may not work.


Ianmichael3 - October 17

Yeah, I'm not into the whole wait around thing.... in fact if they recommend trying IUI- then I'm hoping we could do that this next cycle..... oh yeah, which by the way, I called the ob/gyn to get a refill of my clomid, telling them I've started spotting and am testing negative. They said, nope, not until I have fully started my period- I know my body better than they do & I KNOW I am not pregnant (yes, still negative again this am). IT so pisses me off.... >:(

On another note, How is your pup??

And Marina: how's that costume making going??


Marina - October 17

See,Lyly,this place is a bit different then my old one.I can't say better-worse,just the way they do things is different.Better nurses(comunication) for sure.But!They have a voice mail service,where they leave you instructions if there any changes or the test results.I'm pretty sure if I have a question,I can always call and ask,but they woun't call you,like my old place(the doctor or nurse ).And with the beta,I don't think I just take it like this.You right ,I have right to know my numbers and I will tell them up front.
I also signed the contract,that says if we do 3day transfer we put back 3 embryos(it was doctors requirment for my program),if 5day-2 embies.End embriologist will decide which day.AFM, after everything I know I 'd insist on day 5(because the sperm DNA starts playing role after day 3 development),but again,I have to rely on their jugement.

Nicole,costumes almost ready,but the thing is,if we do day 3 transfer,we'll get to wear them at home and intertain each other with me laying flat on the couch!


lyly14 - October 17

Nicole- the pup seems to be doing good. No more pnuemonia :D tonight is his last antibiotic (he had to stay on it for a week after he was cleared). His vomiting episodes seem better too. He has burped up a bit here and there but only 1 incident of vomiting that actually came out. Thanks for asking!

Marina- My new place is the same way with the voicemail system. They leave all instructions on a vm system that I call into on days I have had blood or u/s. I was really annoyed in the beginning because they never left results, but after asking they would leave results and instructions. The nurse contacts me directly for trigger days or prep for transfer on FET's. Also the RE calls me personally with beta results.

Melissa- How is the estrace going? What happened with the missed pill? I sure it is not going to have a huge impact.


lyly14 - October 17

Oh yeah almost forgot. I was scheduled to have annual at my reg ob/gyn to have a pap( that I am way overdue for) next week and just found out I need to cancel it. The nurse just told me to wait until after the beta. I guess better safe than sorry right?


Marina - October 18

Nicole-you asked me on the other board about my husband's test.Well,it's a long story,and they don't just automaticly do this test.It's only done if something really suspicious going on with the sperm ,like in our case.Late m/c(16 weeks), perfect embryos did not survive freezing/ thowing,no implantation of 2 good quiality embryos...So anyway,to find a possible reason for that they sent us to do a sperm DNA fragmentation test.Basicly,they take sperm sample and mark it with dye.Then they count how many have normal DNA and how many are broken(the orange dye fills the cracks in DNA) or their DNA have an abnormal shape.See,in " normal" sperm sample they can't look inside DNA,they judge only by looking at them-shape,motility,count.But the thing is,that a swimmer with abnormal DNA looks no different from a normal one.
So, the point is,that is there is more then 30% of fragmentation(swimmers with broken DNA) ,then there is a greater chance of early m/c or implantation failure.Sometimes it seems like everything perfect-but...no result.


Marina - October 18

Gosh,what the hell is happening to this site?!Porn is everywhere now!I e-mailed to aditor of this site,but they never got back to me.There is no moderator here.Pretty soon we'll have to go through the tons of porn pictures before we can post!



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