IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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lyly14 - October 8

Nicole- You have mistaken me, but that is okay. Marina is the one starting her stims. I am using frozen embryos left over from my last IVF, so no stims for me. Just estrogen pills until my lining is ready then I start progesterone shots. If all goes well I should have my transfer of embryos on the 15th or so.


melmar - October 8

Hi everyone! Just popping for a quick hiya! Things are crazy busy here lately :)

I am so sorry about your dog-I hope he/she is okay. I can't even imagine going through that-how lousy. How is your estrogen pill taking going-any side effects? Have you seen the Re yet to look at your lining? I haven't gotten my AF yet, 46 days later and am now starting to get a little annoyed. Do you think I should call the Re and ask to see them, or is it normal for AF to come late after IVF?

Glad to hear you have come to a decision regarding DH sperm versus donor. It must be a lot off your mind with at least one decision done..and did I read correctly that you have started your stims? Will be thinking about you.

Good Luck Nicole-don't make yourself crazy :)



Marina - October 9

Hi guys
Yeah,that's me who starts stims on the 18th.

Melissa-mine AF was very late this time after IVF(7 days)
My RE told me come to the clinic to check my progesterone levels to see what's going on and do the pregnancy test just in case(yeah right!Very funny ;D)Not to mention that it all cost money.But I didn't, and got AF later that night.But in your case, maybe it will be usefull(progesterone levels),so they may give you something to start bleeding,so you can go ahead and start moving forward.
Nicole-you are so funny, dear!You know some people don;t get positive result with HPT even after their official HCG beta blood test.But it's an interesting expirement,let us know how that going.I hope you wount have to find out more about all that "fun stuff" we know allready ,and just get preggo this time :)!

Lyl -it's next week already-yor transfer :o!
I still feel good about my decigion,or I should say ,I try not to think about it at all.Instead I'm thinking on a costumes for Haloween party.My friends working on organizing " adult only" Haloween party(they liked so much my Hawaiian party in July,that want to wow everybody now too)The sad thing is ,I just looked on my calendar and see that we probably will not be able to make it :-\,because my transfer(if they do 3 day) will be Nov. 1!What a bumer...I allredy got a perfect costume for my hubby and working on mine... :(


Ianmichael3 - October 9

lyly, I'm SOOO sorry! I did my best, sometimes going through the past posts, it gets a little confusing. Please forgive me! I hope and pray your cycle is the one that yields your heart's desire :) Will you get a copy of what they look like, the embies?? I call them bubbles, because that's what they look like!


lyly14 - October 9

Nicole- No worries. It is easy to get confused on here sometimes. I think not having a face with the name sometimes contributes to getting mixed up. Anyway, I don't get pics of the "bubbles". I have never seen any of my embies up close. I do get to watch them get transfered to my uterus through u/s. At first I was disappointed because I have heard so many people say they see the pics of them or get to keep them. But honestly now I am at peace with it. I mean the whole process is so medical as it is. You don't get to see them if it was a natural conception. So it is just one more thing to hold on to that makes it just natural to have a baby. Of course I wouldn't turn down seeing or having pics of my little embies. How is the stick peeing coming along? lol


Ianmichael3 - October 9

Marina: What exactly is the hcg beta blood test?? I know I've heard of them, but I've sworn off RESEARCHING crap on the internet, so I'm relying on those of you wise ones :)

Lyly: :-[ as embarrassing as it is.... I dipped my ept stick this morning and I've got a faint line- at first nothing showed, then when I re-checked, it was there- so I'll have to let you all know tomorrow! ;D


Marina - October 9

Nicole,HCG blood pregnancy test-it's when they measure the exact concentration of hcg in your blood in numbers(it's more accurate than HPT,which shows you the concentration in urine much later then blood)And hpt is not always show the positive result untill the day when your period due.


Ianmichael3 - October 9

Ah-ha! Well, I've promised myself not to get too worked up. YEAH RIGHT, as soon as I typed it.... I knew that was wrong to say. I am in that phase where you're afraid to be optimistic and hopeful and 'you just know that this is the month' kind of thing- then to get the BFN, yet again. :'(


lyly14 - October 10

Hi girls- Quick update. I went in for blood and sono this morning for my first lining check. I was supposed to get my instructions via voicemail after 4:30pm. Well at 11:30am this morning my nurse called me and left a message that she needed to speak with me directly to give me my transfer instructions :D My transfer is the Monday! ;D I can't believe it. I was figuring it would be Wednesday. So now the fun begins....my shots (progesterone and lovenox). I just pray my 4 little embies are strong enought to all make the thaw and at least one sticks.


Ianmichael3 - October 10

I'm prayin' HARD girl!! LOTS of sticky baby dust to you!!!


melmar - October 11

Wow Lyly-that is great! I will be thinking about you. I am still waiting for AF-49 days now-I am going to call RE on Tuesday.

Nicole-I am sorry-but did you get a BFN? Or are you still waiting for your HCG test?

Marina-how are stims going?

Off to a tennis match...who ever thought about playing a high school tennis match at 7:30 in the morning should seriously have their heads examined...


Ianmichael3 - October 11

Melmar: I'm still waiting for my hcg from the shot to stop showing up in the epts I've been taking every day since getting the trigger hcg shot on 10/6.... I'm crazy- but I guess I can use my results to help others! Each day the positive line gets a little more faint- but it was still there this am! Thx for asking! Mike and I just completed all the paperwork for our initial consult with the RE on the 22nd. He goes for his 1st sample appointment on the 15th....


Ianmichael3 - October 12

TO ALL: OK, so it is day 7 after my hCG shot and I got my negative ept this morning. Sooooo..... now I will just wait, hope and see when or if I get a POSITIVE ept. :) I am praying that I will get one by at least Wednesday morning, so I can avoid having DH providing a sample that day :)

Many rich blessings, much love & baby dust to all!

OH! By the way, my boobs were excrutiatingly PAINFUL yesterday and today AND ENOURMOUS--- who knows, of you all, why they hurt soooo bad? Which hormone makes them do that???? Well, whichever one it is, I'm chock full of!


Marina - October 12

Lyly-good luck tomorrow!Let us know how many,how it went!
So,Nicole,7 days ha?Good to know!
The fact that your boobs hurt and big-is a very positive sign...Keep testing!


lyly14 - October 13

Well I just got back from my transfer. It went really smooth and quick. Marina all 4 made the thaw! I can't believe it. We had a 6 cell, 7 cell, 8 cell, and 10 cell. My dr. was very funny. He kept saying "ok no more than twins". I would have to agree with that statement! I just pray I get at least 1. If 2 then great if more I will deal with that later. He did remind me that I am young and I could get all 4. I know it is possible but since this is my 4th transfer and all 3 previously resulted in BFN, it is a chance I am willing to take. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for my beta. I go Monday 10/27.

Nicole- How is the experiment going? You are too funny with that whole thing, but at least you got to see the hcg shot fade out so if you get a bfp anytime now you know it is not from the shot and don't have to wonder.

Melissa- Any sign of AF yet?? I know you said you have had long cycles in the past and IVF always make me late, but how long are you going to wait before calling the dr? That would really drive me nuts, but hey if it means if falls better with your schedule then I guess it is a good thing right?

Marina- How is the lupron going? Any side effects. You should be starting stims real soon. I really hope this works for you.


Marina - October 13

Hey,Lyly.That is a good news.I don't think there is a real chance you can get PG with 4.Well,the waiting game begins...Good luck!
My Lupron is fine,I think my body just got used to this,it doesn't bother me any more-just had a headache on a day3 or 4,but other then that- feel no different.
Thursday go for baseline u/s and Sat starting stims.

Yeah,Nicole,how that testing going?



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