IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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Marina - October 6

Hi girls
Lyly- that's sound horrible about your puppy!how is he doing now?They become part of the family,don't they.I only know that our vet told us right away to keep food for Mila up high,so she doesn't have to band over b/c it's not good for them.I hope he is better,I haven't post for a while and I see you didn't either.

Melissa,Nicole,thanks guys for sharing stories with me.
You may all think I'm crazy,but I totaly changed my mind(again!) and after all my reserch and time spent to find the right donor(and I finaly did),we decided to use my dh sperm after all.I just couldn't let it go yet.We want to give it one last chance because then we'll know we did all we could to have our biological child.
I feel much better now since I've made this desigion.
I start Lupron on Monday and stims on 18th.

Where is everybody at in their cycles?


lyly14 - October 6

Marina- I am so glad you are at peace with your decision. That is exactly how I feel about the IVF, I will keep going until we just can't do it anymore. That way I feel I did all I could do to have our own biological baby. Then I can explore other options. My puppy is ok but needs special treatment. We had the food and water raised since we got him but was told it was not high enough so we raised it higher. It didn't help and he was throwing up about 3-4 times a day. Now we are feeding him while he is standing on the stairs, so he is at a 45 degree angle and we have to hand feed him little rolled meatballs of canned food. That way the food goes down by gravity since his esophagus doesn't push it down. It seems to be helping since he only threw up 1 time.

Anyway right now I am on the estrace and I increase to 3 times a day tomorrow. I go back in Friday for a lining check.


Ianmichael3 - October 6

Lyly i'm hopeful for you :) meaning- both you and the pup- what kind of dog is it?

My Follicle study today was good- at least one good sized one and three others, too- I got my first hCG shot, so we'll be on it tonight and tomorrow. I am of course freeaked now that we could possibly have multiples or maybe we wouldn't have a healthy normal baby- I swear my mind never stops spinning!

So no testing for 12 days, but I am tempted to test the morning DH is suppose to go in to provide his "sample"- I just don't want to subject him to it if I don't have to. Even if it was negative (I realize that could be a false neg.)- at least I would be trying!! ??? what do you all think- wait and test at 12 days, or try at 10?

GOOD FOR YOU, Marina!!! It is and should always be a woman's perogative to change her mind :) I pray it works!


lyly14 - October 6

Nicole- He is an english bulldog. So cute but so much work. We knew bulldogs can have a lot of problems but this wasn't one we read about or was warned about by the vet! He seems to be ok but the prognosis is "guarded". He was fine the 1st few months we had him too then he choked so I guess it could happen again. That is what we are so afraid of. Him choking on his own vomit and dying when no one is home. Uggg so aggravating. I wish you luck with the clomid. I hated the clomid. I missed the big O the second cycle. Went in for the u/s and the follies were there then next time gone. I never got a positive on the OPK so we started with the ovidrel triggers (same as hcg). Anyway multiples are rare with clomid. They say 1 out of every 3 follicles is typically capable of producing a baby with clomid. So what day is dh's sperm analysis? How many days after the trigger? Do you know how much hcg you had for the trigger and what type they gave you? If it was a small amount it will be out of your system quicker so you wont have to worry about false positives.


Ianmichael3 - October 6


Wow! Poor pup- I can't imagine coming home to our cat in that kind of condition. Are you home most of the time? I don't know how you deal with that- I'm a stress ball, so it wouldn't work out for me unless I didn't have to work :(

Anywhooo- I'm not sure of the dose details, I'll email the doc's office & I'm sure they'll tell me within a day or so. DH's sample is 10 days after I got the shot (counting today- shot day- as day 1), so it's 10/15.

So are you saying you ovulated the 1st month on clomid, then didn't the second month?? My fertility monitor didn't indicate ovulation today, but I missed testing on Saturday, which I REALLY think would have yielded a positive Lh or Peak fertility indication- oh well. I'm so sick of peeing on sticks!!! I'm really ready to give that up and lean on the RE to "order" me to do whatever whenever!! I really even think I already ovulated on Saturday, which was CD 12! :( So I'm not even sure if the hcg shot would work on what follicles were there today..... Did I say I had some blood streaked in my fertile CM on Saturday, too? THAT was the day I felt most "full", like I could popl! I called the doc and the nurse on call said no worries, just be careful when 'trying' that night. It is all such a crap shoot!


lyly14 - October 7

Nicole- I normally ovulate on my own so the first 2 cycles on clomid my RE didn't recommend using hcg to trigger ovulation. I just used a opk to monitor for LH surge and had timed intercourse. The month I was talking about, I did ovulate but somehow missed getting a peak on the LH surge with the stupid kit and missed my chance to have intercourse on the right day. So my second month on clomid we had sex way too late to even to make a real attempt. After that the RE decided to use the trigger shot when my follicles were big enough so that didn't happen again.

If your went in for an U/S today and the follicles were big enough to take the shot then you didn't ovulate yet. The follicles would not be seen on U/S if you already ovulated. That is what happened with me. If you are using the shot then the monitor will not be accurate in detecting a surge since the hcg acts like LH and fools the body into ovulating but the monitor will not always pick it up. So take a rest from peeing on a stick and save it for the hpt!!!!!! You deserve a rest. Day 10 is probably far enough away not to get a false positive but you may get a false negative since it may be too early. If you do test just be aware of that. I really wish you lots of sticky baby dust.


Ianmichael3 - October 7


ok, that does all make sense when you describe it that way- oh and I did pee on the stick this morning- but didn't get notice of your post until this morning at work. Otherwise, I would have heeded your recommendation to take a break :)

Which, by the way, my opk did pick up the hcg- I think- because it showed today as a 'peak' day...... can you use the sticks as an ept/hpt??

Your sticky baby dust made me laugh out loud!


lyly14 - October 7

Nicole-hmmmmmmmm I'm not sure about the opk sticks as hpt. Oh yeah as to question about if I am home alot: I work full time. I am a speech pathologist and I work for a school district, so I am gone for about 7 hrs a day. However, dh is currently not working because we have my mom who is ill living with us. He is home taking care of her (and the puppy) and bringing her to all of her doctor's appts.

Melissa- How is it going? Did you get AF yet?


Ange - October 7

hi lyly,

i was just thinking of you and thought to pass by and see how you are doing? You are doing a FET? I so pray for you and your dh to finally get your lil one together. I think this is your cycle. Did you ever try pinapple core just before transfer it is supposed to help with sticking but don't do it after the transfer cause it can cause uterine contractions. Do you have bed rest for 2 weeks after? I know some re say it don't matter but I think it does. I wish you all the best I am praying for you



lyly14 - October 7

Hi Ange- I am so glad you popped in to say hi. We have 4 frozen embies that will hopefully make the thaw and be put in. I can't stand pineapple but I tried it last IVF with no real luck. I did have some actual symptoms last time but then they just stopped so maybe it helped somewhat. My RE doesn't recommend any rest after and actually made me get up about 10 min after the transfer!!!!!!! I think this time I will insist on staying down for about 30 min or so before leaving. I really can't afford 2 weeks of bed rest. I don't have many sick days left at work and will need them if I do get pg for my maternity (we don't have a paid leave so we have to use sick days). At this point I don't even have enough for 6 weeks. So i need to be careful. Well enough about me, how are you doing? The baby? I would love an update. If you want you can send me an instant message on here to let me know (just post to let me know so I can go and check it since this stupid site doesn't notify you).


Ianmichael3 - October 7


So I found out my hcg was 10,000 units of Novarel - is that considered big, small what? I was surfing today and saw a site that said I could test as early as 10 DPO.
What do you all think??


Marina - October 8

Nicole,this is a standart dose to trigger ovulation.
Hcg in your blood usually gone 10 days after your shot ,but it's still too early to test 10 days after ovulation.Trust me,we've done it all-I mean testing too early.Most of the time you'll get negative and will be very upset,if you do it too early.
I think, the realistic would be to start test 14 days after O.


Ianmichael3 - October 8

Ok, I can do that.... so if 10,000 units is a standard dose, what do they go up to?? You know- I have soooo many ept test strips, I could do my own experiment to see how long it stays positive after receiving the shot- then continue to test right through to day 14. Ha! I doubt I do it though. I think it would drive me nuts.
Thanks, Marina, for the advice and encouragement- I really appreciate it! And I meant to ask, what is Lupron- I'm assuming it helps to ripen more eggies??


lyly14 - October 8

OMG Nicole- You sure would drive yourself nuts doing all those test, but it you get a bfp you would see how long it takes to show up after the hcg is out of your system from the shot. Does your dr check your progesterone level 7 days after the trigger? Mine always made me go for p4 (progesterone) one week after and p4 and beta hcg (pregnancy test) after 2 weeks. Are you doing a blood test or only hpt?

Lupron by the way is a shot that you take daily until you are ready to trigger. It actually shuts down your system. It initially dumps all your hormones (FSH and LH) then stops you from producing them. That way they can have complete control of your cycle. You will need an injectible form of FSH to produce eggs then a trigger shot (hcg) to ripen the eggs and ovulate.


Ianmichael3 - October 8

yeah, I don't know- I may do it anyway, just to see how long it takes to get a true positive- still undecided. will be until tomorrow morning :) Nope, he's not doing anything..... so I'm glad to hear there are more steps to be taken, if need be. I'll just rely on the RE to do that, if we aren't preggers this cycle. The initial consult is scheduled for the 22nd of this month, which would be approximately day 2 or 3 of my next cycle.

I'll be thinking about you next week, that's when you start your stuff next week- I'm not mistaking you for someone else, am I? You said you were going to do stims on the 18th??


lyly14 - October 8

Nicole- You have mistaken me, but that is okay. Marina is the one starting her stims. I am using frozen embryos left over from my last IVF, so no stims for me. Just estrogen pills until my lining is ready then I start progesterone shots. If all goes well I should have my transfer of embryos on the 15th or so.



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