IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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lili246 - November 12

Marina Congratulations girl!! You did it!! YAY!!

Lyly, Let us know what you find out today?


Marina - November 12

Jamie,Beth,Lili-thank you guys! :) :) :)
I took another test today--just to make sure...It's was + right away again.And I had my beta today,but they don't tell you the results untill the second one.So,patiently waiting untill Friday(lol)
We'll be moving to our old tread pretty soon again!

Melissa-what the numbers?
Lyly-how many? ;) :)


melmar - November 12

Okay girls-just got the numbers: 468. Now I go back in a week for another blood test and an ultrasound. They don't do another in 2 days...I am very excited!!

Waiting to hear from everyone...Marina insist on numbers! Lyly - how many??!!



lyly14 - November 12

Wow melissa, I definitely say multiples for you with those numbers. My Re didn't want to do another beta in 2 days either but I was anxious so he let me come in. So they are doing your u/s next week with the blood work? You are so lucky you only have to wait a week. I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear about your u/s.

Marina- I know it stinks to not get the numbers but maybe it is a good thing. For now you can bask in the glory of being pg. Your level has to be over 25 and probably alot higher if you get a + right away without having to wait for the time limit on the test. So just relax and enjoy and make sure when they give you the results on Friday you find out both numbers to give you peace of mind that they are doubling. So when is your first u/s?

Ok so now for me. I saw my little bean this morning, heartbeat and all. The dr said she saw something else but wasn't really sure (thinks it may possibly be a fibroid) but to me it looks like another sac. Regardless if it is a sac or not there was only one heartbeat so, it is only one little one in there. As long as it is healthy that is fine with me. She wants me to come back in one week to recheck. I get to reduce my estrace to only one pill a day now but I will be on the progesterone shots until 12 weeks and the lovenox/heparin injections until 6 weeks after I deliver.


melmar - November 12

Oh congratulations Lyly! It is so exciting to see that heartbeat!

How many days after your FET did you go in for bloodwork, because I am figuring those numbers are that high because I went in 12 days after the transfer.



Ianmichael3 - November 12

CONGRATS MELISSA!! Wonderful news!

Thanks for the words of encouragement.... sure do need them- especially with holidays etc, coming up. :'( I may have to give up, once our insurance benefit is reached.... that is just devastating to think about. We really only have the option of doing 3 IUIs and having the decision (at that time, if 3 tries doesn't work) to go on trying IUI, or going IVF.......

I'll post when I've got a date for my u/s.

Just keep pinching yourselves as you endure all of the morning sickness and tender bbs! ;)


Marina - November 12

Melissa-great numbers :)!!!From BFN on day 7 to 468!Wow!Do you feel anything yet?
I'm not going to stress out about the numbers,I'll find out on Friday,it's ok.I took e.p.t. this morning(it show from 40) and it was a + right away,so I'm not going crazy,I'll wait.

Lyly,just one? :-\I hoped for 3 ;)!O well,one is good.We'll take one :).The other one may be ready in a week,you never know with those twins ::)...Congrats! :-*
Nicole,trust me,I know how financialy hard the whole thing is :(.You don't even want to know how much we've spent so far on all the fertility stuff.But people take loans and somehow it will work out.You just have to be optimisic-look at us,Lyly and I were here for a long time and went through a lot of stuff and we are not there yet,but some day we all will be one way or another.


lyly14 - November 12

Marina- I was hoping for 2 but I am not greedy. I will take 1 healthy baby! Good for you on not stressing about the numbers. Try to relax and enjoy being pg.

Melissa- 468 is high for 12dp3dt. Mine was only 194 at 14 dp 3dt. That means if yours doubles every 48 hrs yours would be 936 at 14 dp 3dt compared to my 194 at the same date. I don't mean to scare you but my friend on the other board was 330 12dpt 3dt and she recently had twin boys. I definitely think you have more than one in there, maybe even triplets. Only 1 more week until you find out right ? How exciting!


mo - November 13

Marina...i'm praying for you...


Marina - November 14

Guys,today the end of the torture.My numbers are 167(10dpt) and today(12dpt) 356.I'm shocked.
I had a little light brown spot yesterday and the day before ,that I consider an implantation sign.Nothing today.I also have a back pain today,but not lower back,kinda higher in the middle,closer to the sholder blades(wierd).
Well,the game begins,I guess.Nurse said the Doctor supposed to call me today with an u/s date(either 24 or 26).They told me to stay on Progesteron,but stop estrace.I 'm not sure about that...Last time I was on both until 12 weeks.I know Lyly you said they told you to cut down to 1 pill-did thet say why?


melmar - November 14

Oh Marina that is great! It is good to get nice numbers like that. I wish they had done another beta on me two days after-I think it would have put my mind to rest a little in stead of waiting a week to go back in. My Re didn't take me off of estrace nor progesterone. I am still taking 2mg of estrace three times a day and the progesterone shot at night. It really suprises me the way different clinics have different procedures.

Lyly-how are you feeling? Any more morning sickness (or in your case night sickness).

Nicole-how's it going? Are you ready for your next round of IUI? When do you get the cyst checked?

As for me-I have no symptoms of being pg whatsoever. No nausea (which I had constantly with my ds-and I mean constant)-no sore BB's, nothing. I know I am not wishing any of those signs on me-but I would feel a little better if I had something. I am dying for the u/s to get here already! Can't wait to see what took in there! Will they hear a heartbeat this early?



lyly14 - November 14

Marina- Those are some good numbers. So thats post 5 day transfer right? I guess they all do it differently with the estrace. My doc they are weaning me off of it. But I was on 2mg 2x daily until 6wks 5 days. They told me my estrogen levels were pretty high in the 700's so it was safe to start coming off it. Now I am on 2mg daily until I go back for blood work next week to see how my estrogen levels are. They also told me normally you only stay on progesterone until 10 weeks but I will stay on until 12 weeks.

Melissa- I have been feeling ok. No major sickness but just queasy here and there. I can't wait for your u/s to hear about how many you have in there. Not sure if you will see a hb at 5 weeks but maybe.

My belly is already starting to show and I am only 7 weeks today! With my last pregnancy I started to show right around 7-8 weeks. Not sure how I am going to be able to keep it under wraps at work for the next 5 weeks. I really don't want people to know just yet since my last m/c happened at 11 weeks. I am just so afraid I am going to lose this one too. I have to keep reminding myself that I am on a medicine to help with my clotting issues, so I am one step ahead of my last pg.


Ianmichael3 - November 16

MARINA: that is just awesome news- I cannot wait to join the ranks!

lyly: Remember, no amount of worry will change anything- what will be, will be. :) I have faith though- because I too believe good things happen in threes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, so I go in on Monday AM for my u/s- I am having a lot of pain associated with that frickin' surgery site, where my polyp was removed & I can't help but think there is just something else wrong with me. :(

oh well, time will tell.

Melissa: Yes, if it is gone, we will do our FIRST round of IUI on clomid & then progesterone. I'm hoping they will also go ahead and give me the hcg shot.... I've got several questions I'm going to ask tomorrow, like: Since this is my 3rd cycle on clomid, will we move to injectibles for the next cycle IF it doesn't work this time? Also, if it is there- I want him to take a good look at my uterus inside and out- for any possible irregularities INCLUDING endometriosis. I think it's just the fact that my mom had it and had a radical hysterectomy at 40 that bothers me.
AND!!! I meant to say, also, that I consider it an absolutely good sign you have no symptoms- I had ZERO with my son, so I'm hoping the same for you, sweetie!

I hate that I can't just relax and have the hope and faith that it will work the first time. The reality of it is that it probably won't. :( Oh, to be big and fat and full of life :)


mo - November 19

SOOO happy for you, Marina and Lyl!!!!

Lyl--I stressed a TON too!!! It's natural. You just worry and worry and worry. Since it's winter weather, get some shawls and wrap around you...I'm trying to keep mine under wraps too. I'll be 5 months on Friday and only 3 ppl at work know. Boobies are HUGE and giving me away but I'm hoping for another 4 weeks before I let my boss know...

If you have a Marshalls or TJ Maxx or Burlington Coat Factory, go there and get some of those big winter shawls that cover your ENTIRE body...they have saved me

One by one ladies, one by one...BELIEVE


mo - November 19

About the horny thing...yeah it's frustrating and I was scared as hell to do it at like 8 weeks...but I had a feeling this one would stick and it was ok.But I was SCCRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!!!

I actually didn't orgasm until like 10 weeks when we did it the 2nd time cos I was soo scared!! And it was fine

Do it when you're comfy...

I was stupid and did the deed like 5 days after my FET the 1st time around. I believe we would have had twins if I had not been that stupid!!!


Ianmichael3 - November 19

Mo, I like your thought- one by one. I will keep that with me. :)



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