IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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Ianmichael3 - November 10

:-X UGH! I have been MIA b/c I was sick yesterday, ALL day from a night of whooping it up.... I took an hpt just to make sure it was negative on Saturday AM- so I was clear that way, but bummed...... AF has not yet arrived (CD 24)- the good thing about this is that I have NOT spotted yet, which means maybe my cycles will become more regular (27 days versus 25 or so). Who knows- I believe in things happening in three's, so Marina- hang in there chickie!!

Melissa- happy belated birthday- that is wonderful news! :)

lyly: I simply cannot wait to hear the results of your next appointment!!!!!

SO! Ladies, when do you think I should attempt to pee on the stick, so to speak.......... I'm thinking Wednesday morning..... that would be CD 26..... technically one day later than my normal 25 days...... I still feel nauseous, but think it was from drinking :( ::)


Marina - November 10

Hangin ;D...
This time I don't even want to take a test.My DH was trying to make me do it today,but I'm not giving up just yet!Learned my lessons :(

Melissa-still no symtoms?


Ianmichael3 - November 10

If I had to bet, Marina- it'll be positive- my AF is arriving tomorrow or Wednesday I'm certain.... so do the RE's require betas when you do IUI????

Yeah, lyly- is all ok??


lyly14 - November 10

Hi girls- All is the same here. I have had some spotting again today, but it is very mild (mucousy discharge with a slight brownish tinge). I pray it doesn't start up again and freak me out. I just wish it was Wed morning already so I could have my u/s and see what is going on in there.

Marina- Hold out as long as you can. You may be quite suprised. Sending you lots of baby dust.

Nicole- Sorry you haven't been feeling well. How much and when did you drink that you were still feeling queasy today? Must have been some party!

Melissa- How many tests did you do today? (lol)


Ianmichael3 - November 10

lyly: It was just dinner with another couple at their house- but it was quite the party- I guess I just needed to let loose! I don't remember how much I drank, which is NEVER a good thing :( BUT.... It's all good, I'm feeling a little better- I have 2 hpts to get rid of, so maybe I'll do them tomorrow and Wednesday. I really think Marina is so strong to hold out- you go girl!


melmar - November 11

Marina-did you take the hpt this morning or have you just decided to wait till the beta tomorrow?

Nicole-sounds like you had a great time at the dinner-sometimes you just need to let go and relax-god knows our minds are always working these days!

Lyly-other than the spotting how are you feeling? Are you excited for tomorrow?

I only took one test today (hehe). It was still positive. I had this nightmare last night that it was just a chemical pregnancy-but I am thinking positively this morning and can't wait to get the results of the beta tomorrow.

Well, good luck to all of us tomorrow! Nicole-you should do your hpt tomorrow so we are all going through this at the same time.



melmar - November 11

And I am wishing us all very sticky, happy baby dust!


Ianmichael3 - November 11

Melissa- well, all I can say is wow- this cyst thing is really messing with me.... I haven't spotted or anything, but my hpt was negative again today (last time I tested was Saturday am). I only have one test left, so I'm just going to sit on it until maybe later in the week..... unless of course I feel like just getting rid of it. It has been 9 cycles since my uterine polyp was removed..... I just thought with the help of the monitor, I'd be preggers by now. And emotionally- it's like they are all turned off- I can't feel anything- it's weird.

Yes, yes, yes Marina- do tell!!!! :)

Tons of baby dust!!


Marina - November 11

Well,sorry it took me so long to come out of a shock I've been all morning.My husband MADE me to take that test this morning.I was such a chicken this time,If it wasn't for him I'd definetely wouldn't do it.
When I put it down,in 30 sec. it spelled "yes+" for us...
I'm still in shock.I can say I expected "no"(90%),I'm not kidding.Hopefully this is it and stays here for 9 months!.I'm ready to kill them, I have to wait untill friday to find out the numbers!


melmar - November 11

AHHHHH Marina that is so great! You must be so excited! I wouldn't stand for waiting for the numbers-you have a right to know! I guess that Lyly is right-things do happen in threes!

Nicole- Hang in there. I remember feeling that numb feeling. I think it is our minds way of being able to deal with all of this. After all, who would have thought that we would have ever been in this position-I never did. I just thought I would be ready for a baby and bang (no pun intended) I would be pregnant. It really does make you realize what a true miracle it is to be able to bring a child into this world.

Lyly-did the RE say anything about the spotting? Could it continue throughout the pregnancy? My girlfriend told me about somebody that she knew that spotted throughout the whole thing. I remember when I was pg with DS and had placenta previa-when I saw blood I almost fainted in the bathroom. So stay strong!

Can't wait until tomorrow-yes I bought one more test ( adigitial one this time). I know I am crazy, but I am afraid that I will take one and it will be negative. It is reassuring right now to see that + sign. It is funny, b/c the first time I was pg I never worried after seeing the + sign on the test. It is amazing what this whole process does to your mind.

Talk to you tomorrow with the results!



Ianmichael3 - November 11

Oh ladies- that is just perfect!
:o I think it's awesome, and I really do believe this kind of stuff happens in threes, so time will tell for me, I suppose. I spotted today, so I'm just waiting for day 1, so I can call the RE and get things going. I can say I'm not optimistic, though. But even in saying that, you guys and what you've been through give me hope.

I just hope there's some more women like me who are in the same spot- I'm sure there are.....

Please remember to check back in---- will you guys start your own thread? If you do (because I've tried, believe me), please let me know where you're at & I'll check in on you all! The three amigos :-*


Marina - November 12

Nicole,don't worry dear,we are not going anywhere yet,even with BFPs-who is going to support you?
.And Melissa right-I never worried also with my son 13 years ago that after BFP things still could go wrong.Probably we did not have computers and forums then and too much info is not always a good thing.
And I think nobody had spotting either(well,at least back then I didn't know anybody who did and still was pg)-now it's a normal part of the pregnancy.Fnd I've had only 2 u/s-to confirm the pg(at 8 weeks) and to find out sex at 20.


lyly14 - November 12

I guess the sickness is kicking in because I could barely eat dinner and I got rid of everything I was able to get get down. At least is is not happening everyday, so that is good

Omg Marina- I am so excited for you. I guess you were right that this was our time. I can't wait to hear your hcg levels ( I'm sure you can't either since they make you wait). I just pray we all have healthy sucessful pregnancies!

Melissa- I haven't spoken to my RE since my second beta on oct 29. He didn't really have much to say about the spotting just that is was too early to see anything with u/s to know what was going on. He also said it is common so only time will tell. I may be more suseptible to bleeding because I am on a blood thinner called lovenox. It is possible that the implantation bleeding could have lasted longer because of the blood thinner, but who knows. I have only had mild spotting (mostly mucous tinged with slight brown) during this entire past week. I just can't wait to have my u/s tomorrow and hopefully see a heartbeat.

Nicole- I so know how you must feel right now. I have been on this site for such a long time now. 99% of the women I started out chatting with have gotten pg and have had or about to have their baby. I felt so isolated which is why I opened up a new thread for myself and Marina to continue our journey. Neither one of us is out of the woods yet but we are that much closer to achieving our dream. Of course we will always be here to support you and answer your questions, but there are definitely other women out there just starting ART like you. I truly believe it will happen for you (when I don't know , but don't ever give up). I have done 4 months of clomid one month of injectibles and 4 IVF cycles (2 fresh/2 frozen). It may take you time but just remember to keep trying even when you feel defeated!


JamieP - November 12

Marina that is fantastic! It is raining positives over here! I am so excited for you and hope it is a long and boring pregnancy with no events! That is just great. Hope your beta goes well.



bdantonio - November 12

Marina congrats


lili246 - November 12

Marina Congratulations girl!! You did it!! YAY!!

Lyly, Let us know what you find out today?



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