IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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Marina - November 7

Melissa,I did the same thing on my 1st IVF-7 days post transfer-BFN,2 days later-very faint positive.My beta on a day 10 was only 21(no wonder the line was almost invisible).You are not done yet.I wish we had more patience,but ,I guess we can't help ourselfs.I've learned my lesson from 2 last times and I swear to myself I'm not going to do hpt before Tuesday(day 9).As for the test ,I think e.p.t. most sensetive tests.
Melissa,my old nurse told me ,in general after FET the numbers are lower and it take longer to implant(of course we don't take Lyly as an axample this time).

And LYLY-I DON"T FEEL SORRY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I was throwing up my dinner soon(hm,be carefull what you wish for...)And I just love what your ticker says about PAm Andersen boobs lol Are yours changing at all?
I wonder if I was right about triplets...


lyly14 - November 7

Melissa- Hang in there! I know it sucks to see a bfn even when you think it may be too early, but we always hope. Which hpt did you use? Remember some are more sensitive than others. I almost always use first response early detection for my hpt. I have read that they are one of the most sensitive available at the drug store (25). I tested 9dp 3dt and had a light line so you may not get a true positive for a few days. Definitely wait and retest on Sunday.

Marina- I decided to go with humor on the ticker rather than straight development. It makes things more interesting. My boobs are a tiny bit fuller, but they never really changed much with any of my pg's. I don't think Pamela Anderson has anything to worry about with my size B boobs. My bra is a bit snug but I don't think I can quite fill out a c cup (lol) The only thing I always get is hard erect nipples, which I don't have up to this point. Wierd! Anyway I don't think triplets just because I feel my numbers would have been even higher to start with. I believe it is a single but there is a slight possibility it may be twins. If there is more than that you will have to pick me up off the floor from disbelief !!!!!!!!!! Only 5 more days until my u/s .

Nicole- How are you doing today?

I hope all you girls will be puking soon too.
( that was my sick way of sending baby dust to you all)


Ianmichael3 - November 7

Oh, hello girls- for whatever reason, I'm not getting the email alerts for responses, even though every time I reply I check for them to notify me- oh well!

I'm ok, I guess- I am wondering what the difference is between Mel being at 7 days passed and me being on CD 21, with ovulation happening about day 14?? Is there a difference you think?? I don't know why I am even thinking there could be a chance during this cycle, but it's got to be the deep desire to be a mommy again.... so, we wait.

For those of you trying to "relax" a friend of mine shared this revelation she had- that her peace isn't dependent on her circumstances. Pretty profound, but I found it comforting, hope you do too.

OH yeah, I CANNOT WAIT to be puking!! :) I think I'll smile everytime I do it..... that is if I do it- had ZERO sickness with Ian ;D

:-* xoxoxo!!


melmar - November 8

Okay-so I went to the store yesterday and bought a box of 3 First Response tests thinking I would just take one for the next three days. Sunday is my birthday and I kinda wanted to know before then so I wasn't too depressed on that day.

Well, I took one this morning and there is the faintest of lines. I woke my dh to look at it and just asked him how many lines were there and he said, "there are two-why did you wake me for something so obvious??" (of course he didn't even realize what he was looking at). I do not know what to think. I will take another one tomorrow of course and see if it gets any darker. I do not want to hope too hard and then go on Wednesday and get bad news.

Marina-when you got your bfp that you were telling me about (the 21) did they consider you pregnant? I am just really nervous.

Okay guys...what do you think??
(And darn if tomorrow doesn't come quickly enough-so I can test again and see if it gets any darker)



Marina - November 8

Melissa,it's a very good news,a line is a line,even the faint one!Everything >5 concidereded pregnancy.The number really don't matter(of course we all want to see 3 digits numbers)-what matters is how it progressing,if it at least doubles evey 48 hours-it's a good sign.
Do you still feel no symptoms?Boobs?Anything?
I woke up today and my temperature slightly dropped and my boobs not as sensetive as yesterday.I'm very nervous too.


lyly14 - November 8

Melissa- Marina is right a line is a line even a faint one. I told you the first response is really sensitive! So far so good for you girl! Now once you get your first beta you just have to see if the numbers double every 48 hrs. That is the only way to know if the pg is progressing the way it should.

Marina- Are you still waiting to do the hpt?


Marina - November 8

Yeah,I'm not going to do this until Tuesday no matter what(9th day,before the beta on Wed.).I have one test,the cruel digital kind that spell it out for you(thanks not out loud!).Don't wan't to get all crazy...I'm a little paranoid today.Every time I told myself I'm not going to be,but I am,can't help myself.I thought by this time I'd feel something(it's been 5 days)
Oh,by the way,they were able to freeze only one embryo.So...no comment...


melmar - November 8

Thanks guys-I am hoping that the result is positive on Wednesday with good numbers.

Marina-I do not feel anything-no sore BB's, no cramping..absolutely nothing other than a cold I am trying to fight off. I don't know how you don't test-I couldn't hold off. I would rather take one everyday. But I also can't wait till Christmas day to open gifts, so I shouldn't talk.

Lyly-how are you feeling? Any more trips to the porcelein gods? Your last number seems really high-do you think you might be carrying twins or more??

Nicole-I like that statement that your friend made. It is very true-we have to make our own peace with where we are and what we are doing in life. I always try not to get upset by things that I can't control. That is why I am always in a better state of mine after I find the result of the pg tests. If it is negative I can be proactive and try to plan for what I can control.



lyly14 - November 8

Melissa- I have not thrown up again but I am do feel queasy quite often in the evenings. As far as the number of embies that implanted, I don't know. I would like to think twins but I am not so sure. I know that the numbers went up quickly but I have heard of singles having hcg levels in that range so I don't want to put too much faith in the numbers. Only 4 more days till I find out.

Marina- Sorry to hear they were only able to freeze one blast. Hopefully you will get your bfp on Wed and you wont need any frozen ones!


lyly14 - November 9

Melissa- did you do another test?!?!? I hope the line is getting darker. With mine it actually just showed up quicker before I could notice if it was darker or not. Instead of waiting the 3 minutes to read the test it was there right away. By the 4th test (lol) is was definitely darker.


melmar - November 9

Hi everyone!

Yes Lyly- I did two tests today: (by the way-I am glad that I am not the only one who did multiple HPT's :))
a first response which showed up right away-no doubting that it was a positive result :)
and an EPT which took a couple of seconds for a light line to show, but within two minutes-was definitely a dark line!!

They say that the First Response picks up > 25 of HCG and that EPT > 40 of HCG. So I am very happy so far-although I do not feel 100% positive until I get the numbers from the Beta on Wednesday.

But for right now girls-it looks as though I am pg! Today is my birthday-it was the best gift I could get to see those positive hpt tests this morning!!

By the way-I do not have any of the happy/sad faces to put up-does anyone know why?


lyly14 - November 9

Melissa- Congrats and Happy Birthday! What a great gift is right. I am sure your numbers will be great. I did take multiple tests (4 to be exact) but only every 2 days to make sure I was still pg prior to my beta. I never did 2 in one day, although I was tempted (lol) because I had my first response and a digital ept. Even crazier is I dated them with a black sharpie and still have them all in my draw in my night table. Sick I know! As far as the happy faces, I only know how to make a happy or sad face while writing but the other ones with all the emotions I can only get after I post and then I hit the modify button. When you modify you get a list of them and you can just click on them to add them where your cursor is. That is the only way I know how to do them.

Marina- Don' things always happen in 3's. I am praying your are the third. Then nicole will need another 2 girls to cycle with to be the next set of 3!

I am so tired today. I slept all night and I am still tired. I got up at 7:30 to feed and walk the dog, then went back to sleep until 12 when peapod came to deliver my grocercies and I still want to sleep. Good thing my dd is with her grandmother this weekend. Unfortunately I have to drive almost and 1 hr one way to pick her up today. Talk to you all later. I hope everyone is well.

Nicole- When are you do for AF? It should be soon right? Are you supposed to call the RE when it starts to get scanned? I hope your cyst is long gone!


Marina - November 9

Oh,Melissa-Happy happy B-day!!!What a great gift for that day!I wish have a healthy happy pregnancy!

You guys still did not convinced me to do the test,I'm still only day 6,by Nicole's ecxperiment the HCG shot wasn/t even out of the body yet...so I'm waiting untill the day before my beta.
As for smileys Melissa you can hit the window "reply with quote",then clear the form and write your stuff with smiles.


melmar - November 9

Marina-good for you holding off until Tuesday. I am praying that this is your time. You certainly deserve it-I know that when I first started posting on this forum you were an inspiration to me.

As for only freezing one-hopefully you won't need it first of all. But did the RE say anything to you about that. When I asked my Re why we didn't wait for a 5 day transfer he said because the odds of them surviving that long outside the womb would not be good and I would have lost a lot of viable embies. As a math teacher, I know they play the odds on what is best for the patient-meaning they try to give the patient the best odds of conceiving. So if it looked liked the majority of your embies weren't going to make 5 days-they should have frozen them right away. I would be angry if I had that many fertilized embies and I was only left with one for a FET. It is too much money to do a fresh cycle over and over again.

Lyly-glad to hear that you are not throwing up-but sometimes I think the nausea is worse than just getting down on all fours and getting rid of it. Hang in there.

Nicole-where are you now? Has Af reared it's ugly head so you can see if your cyst is gone?



Marina - November 10

Melissa,you know,RE tried to explain us as good as he could about why and how they decide to go with day 3 or day 5(my old clinic did ONLY day 5).If they get enough eggs(let say 10-15) and magority of them developing about the same on day 3 and they can't pick the best ones,then they go to day 5 to see which ones are the champions.They can't do day 3 if they don't have for sure 3 good embryos or if they see that most of them are not going to make it until day 5(in my agreement we had to transfer 3 day 3 or 2 day 5 because of my age and the program I am in).So, by day 5 they see the clear picture,but you right,they lose some.In my case was only one worth freezing and I don't even know the quality of that one.But even if they go with day 3 ,after the transfer ,they let the rest develop until day 5,because they freeze only blasts.And in my case with sperm not being great,it was important to see how many developing after day 3,because that's when DNA from the sperm plays role in embryo development,before that-only egg quality counts.

That is their rules,nothing I can do.I just hope that they know what they are doing and have a lot of experience.


Ianmichael3 - November 10

:-X UGH! I have been MIA b/c I was sick yesterday, ALL day from a night of whooping it up.... I took an hpt just to make sure it was negative on Saturday AM- so I was clear that way, but bummed...... AF has not yet arrived (CD 24)- the good thing about this is that I have NOT spotted yet, which means maybe my cycles will become more regular (27 days versus 25 or so). Who knows- I believe in things happening in three's, so Marina- hang in there chickie!!

Melissa- happy belated birthday- that is wonderful news! :)

lyly: I simply cannot wait to hear the results of your next appointment!!!!!

SO! Ladies, when do you think I should attempt to pee on the stick, so to speak.......... I'm thinking Wednesday morning..... that would be CD 26..... technically one day later than my normal 25 days...... I still feel nauseous, but think it was from drinking :( ::)



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