IVF the continued journey (no bfp's please)
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lyly14 - November 1

Melissa- Don't give up hope. I wouldn't worry too much about the overfilled bladder. He may have not been able to get a good view of your uterus with the bladder so full and that is why he told you to go a little. I am sure he would have told you to go more if it was a problem. When I was pg with my daughter I had bad kidney infections and had to have a sono done with a full bladder. I was so full I was crying (felt like I was going to burst) so they gave me a cup so I wouldn't go too much and I knew how much I could relieve myself. As far as my transfer, the transfer itself was the smoothest transfer yet. After the transfer I felt nothing, no cramping or anything. I did have a small dizzy spell and some slight naseau prior to my + hpt but dh had a really bad stomach virus so I convinced myself it was from that. I had no other symptoms and still have no real symptoms (sore bb's or nipples) The spotting is something that I am still freaked out about as it has not stopped yet (day 13 of spotting). I have never spotted with any pregnancy except my chemical pg. I took an hpt then started spotting that night and went straight into a full bleed by the time I went into the dr I had a neg beta. I do always spot before AF on a natural cycle and have had spotting with the last 3 IVF cycle (2 were bfn and this one). My first IVF I had no spotting at all but that was a bfn too. Its all just a crap shoot. I honestly didn't think it was going to work and was trying to talk to dh about adoption or where we were going to get money to continue to do more cycles (as we were reaching our lifetime max with insurance). I really hope one of those little embies sticks for you. I really didn't stay off my feet as much as I would have liked but I refused to do anything strenuous (did I spell that right? Looks weird, anyway). I had dd lifting and carrying the laundry and dh did all the really heavy lifting for me. Take it easy and lots of sticky baby dust coming your way!


melmar - November 2

Another day down! I am finding it a lot harder to take it easy this time because we didn't send my ds to my sister-in-law's house like we did the last time. My husband has been great-but it has been difficult just laying around with a 2 1/2 year old running around. I am just trying not to pick him up or let him jump on top of me.

I took tomorrow off from work, so I will have another day to take it easy (although-I have a ton of planning to do for the week-so I am hoping to get that done).

Good luck tomorrow Marina-hope your party was fun! I will be thinking of you and sending lotsa baby dust your way!

How is it going Nicole??



Ianmichael3 - November 3

Marina! Oh gosh, hon- I am throwing heaps of baby dust your way... do you guys know how much of an encouragement you all are, doing all these BRAVE things?!!? AND, getting pregnant, I hope.... lyly, are you still spotting?? Any word from your doc about it? I'm still praying, girl!

Marina- please let us know how it goes!!


lyly14 - November 3

Nicole- I am still spotting, but it is mostly brown with some pink. I guess better than bright red! Doc doesn't say much about it except wait and see. I go for another beta on Wed and then my first u/s (where I will hopefully see at least one healthy fetus with a heartbeat) on the following Wed (10/12)

Marina- Sending lots of baby dust your way. I can't wait to here about how the transfer went.

Melissa- I know what you mean about having a hard time resting. I felt the same way and felt like I was doing too much but they really say there is no evidence that resting after the transfer helps. Just don't lift anything too heavy or crazy.


Ianmichael3 - November 3

Melissa, SORRY! My replies must have criss crossed-

We did "try" this cycle, but after one of the 2 times last week, I had some blood streaked in with all that good stuff that comes out after. It was depressing.... I don't know if it is from him 'bumping' the cyst, or just mid-cycle bleeding/spotting or what. I'm frustrated and afraid to be hopeful, then have my hope squished. :'(
I had one 'high' day, then the next was a 'peak' day, and of course the day after that is always another 'peak'- just like the monitor directions tell you.

I also spotted on CD 8 & 9- we tried on CD 11, 13 & 15... given DH's one and only sperm analysis showing 1% morphology- I doubt anything will happen for us this time, but GOD, I pray it does... I am afraid when AF arrives I'll have my U/S & the cyst will either still be there, or my lining won't have shed completely ::)

I am reminded of Hebrews 11:1~ "...faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see".

It's that 'certainty' I'm starting to lose......

OK, enough of the pity party!! :)

lyly: You know, think of it this way, they say spotting is very common in pregnancy- :) so it's good you're in that group!!

ON a TOTALLY different subject!~ what is the CM like when you are on progesterone? I've heard it's very messy, whether or not you're on suppositories. My CM is now changed, which I suppose is a good sign- at least that my body is [i][/i]trying[i][/i] to make progesterone..................


Marina - November 4

Hi guys!
here Im laying on a couch -day2.
Well,the transfer was very fast,and they kicked us out after 10 min-no laying down for 40 min like in my old clinic.Here is what we found out.Out of 13 eggs 10 fertilazed,9 were developing,2 by day 5 were the best quality(A- and not the very best B-,but nice loking without fragmentation)The A- were starting to hatch.The rest 7 they are watching untill today if there anything worth to freeze.Again,we won't know untill we get the latter from them if they frozed any or not.Wierd.Why don't just call us?
I was supposed to take valium before the transfer,this time 10 mg(last times they told me only 5mg,but I never felt any effect from them).My DH thought from 10 mg I'll be complitely out(I'm very petite 110 lb and 5'3)
Nothing!!!But when we got home,I fell asleep and woke up at 9p.m.that valium worked as a slleping pill for me.

so,my beta Nov 12(like yours Melissa!) and they don't tell me the result untill the second one on 14th.

Nicole-about your question on CM-I don't have any discharge or anything like that.It's probably only true with suppositories.
Lyly,yor beta tomorrow-try to get some night time sleep lol


lyly14 - November 5

Hey Marina- I hope at least one of those embies is taking up permanent residence in there. Only one more week until your beta.

Melissa- How are you doing? One more week for you too right?

I am definitely feeling relieved now that I have the results of my 3 rd beta. The numbers went from 439 to 8042 in one week. So in one week I will have my u/s. I am so excited. I also haven't had any spotting since yesterday afternoon!

Nicole I am praying your cyst is disappearing as we speak and you can get started with your next AF or even better you are already pg !


Marina - November 5

Yahoo!!!!Lyly-I bet you feeling a" little "relieved for now!Still not out of the woods yet,but what a strong promising numbers!I'm soo happy for you.I hope we are going to open a new tread - group of people something like a ..."Finally BFP's! "

Melissa-any symptoms yet?
I'm back to work today,trying to take it easy.
How is Nicole?


melmar - November 6

Hi everyone-

Sorry I haven't written-I am making it through the 2WW ok-but mentally I am a mess. I have absolutely NO symptoms of being pg. I know I told Lyly that it doesn't mean anything -but I have no symptoms other than a very bloated feeling. No cramps, no sore BB's, no spotting...just nothing (except for a VERY sore butt-the progetersone shots are killing me this time. Last time I had no averse affect-this time I have bruising and a little swelling.)

I will take a hpt on Saturday or Sunday so I know before I go in for the beta. At least then it will give me some time to process on my own.

How are you Marina? Nicole, what is going on with you?



lyly14 - November 6

Marina-I am a bit relieved but can;t wait for my u/s to make sure there is a hb and everything is ok. How are you feeling? Are you going to test this weekend or wait?

Melissa- I am sorry you are tortured mentally. I completely understand. It hasn't even been a full week since your transfer yet, so don't give up hope. I honestly still don't feel pg and my hcg is over 8000, go figure. My bb's are not sore and my nipples are not even hard. The only thing I can tell a difference is my sense of smell. I can smell everything, the slightest things. If someone is far away that had smoked a cig. I can smell it! Its crazy. How long do you stay on the PIO? My RE switches people to the vaginal capsules shortly after transfer, but I stay on the shots because the capsules irritate me and I was spotting with all my other cycles. I wonder how long I have to stay on them. I have crinone gel but I am afraid to switch over. I want to find out how long I have to stay on progesterone first before I decide if I want to switch over or not. I hope you no sign is a good sign and you will be joining me! Sending you lots of baby dust.


Ianmichael3 - November 6

LYLY: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D yay!! I hope you're blessed with no pregnancy signs, but a strong and healthy pregnancy! God is good- at least that's how I'm feeling, this minute, today. I can't wait for your u/s! Seeing & hearing that heartbeat.... unforgettable.

Well, girly- girls.... thanks for inquiring- I am still on my 2ww or just waitin' for flo. You know the drill, that if she starts, then hoping the cyst is gone, AND hoping my lining sheds appropriately, of couse!

Then just the hoping that she doesn't arrive.

Melissa, I think we're in the same boat- it's like I told DH last night, I usually have 'thoughts' every 20 minutes or so, sometimes more often. If you don't know what I mean by thoughts, I mean those obsessive, can't stop thinking about pregnancy and symptoms- family planning.... ANYTHING related to fertility and pregnancy....

I'm on CD 20, so AF is suppose to be here no later than CD 28, which would be November 14th. Last cycle was 25 days with spotting on 23rd & 24th days...... We are suppose to go to dinner with friends Saturday, so I'll be early, but will go ahead and do an hpt, just to ease my mind and allow me to drink like a fish, if I wanna........ :P

Yeah, as far as the CM issue for me goes, it seems like I have the ability to produce somewhat "fertile" CM at just about anytime of the month...... Like I don't have a lot right now, but there's some- so who knows. Maybe that's just how my body is.

Does feeling desperate sound familiar to any of you? Do you have negative feelings about becoming desperate, like guilt or feeling pathetic because you are desperate? It's just this new thing for me, not sure how to describe it OR if I'm even describing it accurately....

FYI- I didn't get any notification of replies today, that's why the later post time for me.

Thanks ladies, for your support.


Marina - November 7

Hi girls!
Melissa,I totaly understand how you feel,but listen to Lyly-she was pg before and doesn't feel the same this time.I can say the same thing about myself(of course,I don't even know if I'm pg,it's only been 3 days).I think every pg is different.My first time my boobs trippled in size almost right away,but last one-I didn't even buy myself a bigger bra at 16 weeks.My biggest concern were my boobs last time too-they were not sensetive at all, that's how I knew I was not pg,but!even doctors say it's normal.Today I felt maybe just a very slight change or it's my imagination.I also know some women take basal temperature in the morning ,but that can be unreliable too.
I also agree with you,Nicole,we are thinking about this stuff 24/7, not only every 20 min(lol).I can't think now about anything else and repeat to myself 100 times a day-I'm pregnant.
Lyly,I 'm trying to compare both times with this time to find something and the only difference,like I said ,I felt this morning very slight change in my boobs.Oh, and I was so tired when I was done puting my make up in the morning(if it counts as a symptom-lol)Last time I was peeing often(but was not pg),this time not ,maybe yet.By the way,how you were with bathroom runs?More often?
I don't know about hpt on a weekend-too early and scary.Most likely tuesday.Will see.


Marina - November 7

On a positive note-I just found a funny web-site :),<www.makemebabies.com> -you can download your's and yor hubby's pictures and see how your future baby will look like.We were laughing all night ;D.
Melissa-try it,it will keep you busy for a few minutes! ;)


lyly14 - November 7

Marina- Ok so I really wasn't complaining that I didn't feel pg, but I guess the big guy up above thought I was and reassured me last night that I am. I ended up praying to the procelin g-d last night. I guess dinner just didn't sit well with me. I should have know better and stopped eating it but the slight naseau I felt when I started eating didn't deter me! As far as the bathroom, I don't feel like I have to go any more than I already did. In the very beginning I did go whenever I felt the slightest need only to check on the spotting (lol) but not because I really had to go.

Hope the rest of you girls are doing well today!


melmar - November 7

Okay-so I took an HPT this morning- 7days post transfer. I know it was really early, but I am one who cannot wait-I would rather take ten of them. It of course came back negative, so I will take another one on Sunday. We'll see what happens then. Does anyone have a preference as to which HPT I should buy for Sunday? The only ones I won't get are the digital-b/c I do not need to see the answer in writing if it is negative.

It is funny, b/c after I get the negative, I am always in a better state of mind than when I don't know. It allows me to focus on what has to be done instead of what I feel I can't control. It also allows the dialog to open up between my DH and I , because he won't even talk about what to do if we aren't pg.

Lyly-I am so sorry to hear that you were sick last night. I remember throwing up everyday for the first four months with my DS. It was so bad that I had to carry ziplock baggies with me everywhere I went. On the other hand-it does let you know that your body is changing-so, in a sick way, it is kind of reassuring.

Marina- I am sending a pound of baby dust your way! I hope that this is your time.

Nicole- I also know how you feel. I am constantly thinking about being PG. It also doesn't help that two women are pregnant in my department. The talk in the room is ALWAYS about pregnancy. It has been so bad that I have to leave the office and work in my classroom b/c I feel myself getting depressed, mad, you name it. I am normally not a jealous person and I wish the best for everyone-but I find myself not even being able to talk to them lately, so I just keep my distance. It is not a good mental state to have and I know I have to change it. But right now I am too mentally drained to try and change myself-I need to just have a little self pity once in a while...and then I can usually snap out of it.

Talk to you all soon-


Marina - November 7

Melissa,I did the same thing on my 1st IVF-7 days post transfer-BFN,2 days later-very faint positive.My beta on a day 10 was only 21(no wonder the line was almost invisible).You are not done yet.I wish we had more patience,but ,I guess we can't help ourselfs.I've learned my lesson from 2 last times and I swear to myself I'm not going to do hpt before Tuesday(day 9).As for the test ,I think e.p.t. most sensetive tests.
Melissa,my old nurse told me ,in general after FET the numbers are lower and it take longer to implant(of course we don't take Lyly as an axample this time).

And LYLY-I DON"T FEEL SORRY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I was throwing up my dinner soon(hm,be carefull what you wish for...)And I just love what your ticker says about PAm Andersen boobs lol Are yours changing at all?
I wonder if I was right about triplets...



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