IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - June 21

Marina, I mailed out your package today. :) should have it by Wed. :)

Hang in there Lyly, praying for you honey.


Marina - June 21

don't panic before time.It happens all the time,even the broshure says"if you have brownish pinkish discharge from the time of your transfer to HCG test-it's normal",especialy if you have 3 in there.Hang on!
thank you so much!I got already Lupron from Jen and menopure from one of my clients.It a big help to us.I can't even say how much I apriciate your help girls!


Jules614 - June 22

Lyly - Most the IVF's on my other chat had spotting and got BFP's. With Samantha I had spotting and implementation bleeding. When is your period due?



lyly14 - June 22

Julie- I guess it would be due monday the 23rd if you count 14 days after ovulation, which is usually when I get it. I definitely didn't have any spotting the first IVF but then again it was a BFN. I am not feeling too optimistic but I guess I wont know for sure until my beta. When and how long did they spot? This is day 9 after my 3 day transfer.


Jules614 - June 22

Lyly - I never spotted with IVF but I did with my first pregnancy. I spotted for about 3 days. I didn't know I was pregnant when I spotted so I thought nothing of it. Then when I found out I was pregnant, I asked to take a blood test because I thought I may have miscarried. Back then I never had heard of implementation bleeding and didn't know it was common. My best friend who delivered 2 weeks ago spotted most her first trimester.. so you never know. Have you taken an HPT test yet?



lyly14 - June 22

Julie- I haven't taken a hpt. I don't want to waste my money and I am just scared it will say bfn!


Jules614 - June 22

Lyly - understandable - how is the spotting - still there? do you normally spot before a period?



JasJulesMom - June 22

Lyly- I think you should wait until beta. You are right about HPT. Even if you get BFN with HPT could be BFP. Don't drive yourself crazy. You are almost there. Keep positive thougts.


lyly14 - June 22

julie- I always spot before my period on an unmedicated cycle but have never spoted before while on progesterone!

Debbie- I am trying to keep positive but i think its a bust!


Marina - June 22

Lyly,I also could be because of the aspirin and Lovenox...


bethnyc - June 22

Lyly - hang in there. The spotting could mean nothing - try not to speculate. Just keep positive - Wednesday is almost here. I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.



vw79girl - June 22

Hubby and I went to Cactus Jacks for dinner on Friday so I could have my espinaca and buffalo tenders. :P I went home and passed out!
I spent a good part of this weekend gardening. It is finally coming together and Greg worked on the yard and revamping everything as he is putting in a patio and reseeding etc. I worked last night and it wasn't too busy thankfully. My family is going to dinner tonight as my mom and dad are married 40 years tomorrow! :)
Been feeling the babies here and there. It's a comforting feeling.
Got a couple of gifts...two cute hats and a cute tank for me that is lt. blue with Two Suns in letters embroidered on it and then two suns below. Right on my belly where the babies are. I posted it on MSN for those of you who have the Live Space. :)

Lyly, thinking of you girl. Stay positive

Marina~ sending you good thoughts. Your package should come soon!

Jules...I am sure everything is okay with your little one, talk to you tonight.

Beth~ How are you doing???

Jen...good to talk to you yesterday. Keep on keeping on with those babies

Resh and Ronda~ 19 weeks!!! or Ronda...aren't you a little ahead of us?


Jules614 - June 23

Lisa - Glad u are feeling the babies. I just got home. I have not felt much of Kaitlyn today. I try not o worry.

Lyly - Good luck with your beta. I have everything crossed.



JasJulesMom - June 23

Lisa- I am laughing as I read as usual. You should be a food critic, can always count on food commenrary from you. LOL

Jen- How are you feeling? How is packing going?

Julie- I know what you mean about not feeling the baby and panicing. Last week for three days in a row she was barely moving I was so worried, but I was moving so much at work I guess I was putting her to sleep, she was back to her regular busy self this weekend. It is scary!

Ronda and Reshema- How are you doing? Now that you both know you are having girls are you buying lots of stuff? I can't stop. My Mom bought me a crib and dresser for the babies room this weekend. It will be in in about 3 weeks. Hopefully I can pick out a bedding pattern soon and start picking paint. Do you ladies have any idea what colors you will go with? I am thinking pink and brown or pink and green.

Marina and Beth- Hope you ladies are doing well and getting ready for the next step.

Lyly- Hang in there girl only two more days.


JasJulesMom - June 23



jenfrancis - June 23

Hey gals!
I am ok. I feel ok, my uterus has been tight like a basket ball on and off, is that contractions? It does not hurt, but sometimes i wonder if thats the babies rolling around. It gets tight and lumpy and then softer and relaxed.

Maybe 3-4 times a day and night.

Well, lyly - I know what kind of mental turmoil you must be dealing with. We are all pulling for you!

Debbie - I am not doing any packing. The army sends movers in on July 7th and they do it all! All we have to do is clean up afterwards! I have rested and laid around for weeks.

My last day of work is Friday, as my boss is closing the office next week! So I will start training his wife tomorrow, since we did not get any responses to our ad!



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