IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - June 20

Jen - You slacker - wish I could go to the beach! Seriously, so glad your appointment went well!



vw79girl - June 20

Jen, I am jealous, I can't wait to go to the beach every couple of days. How was everything yesterday? Have they caught up to one another? My little one is still 4 days behind but that's not bad as I think he was 8 days behind at one point.

One more week and I am out. We start after labor day and had a rough winter and lots of snow days. We should have been out today. Next week is only exams for 4 days anyway. easy as I only have 4 to give so one day I give two and then one day I give none and the other two days only one each day. The kids leave at 11:30 too which is nice. On the 26th, Hubby and I get to go see our twins. He hasn't seen them since week 12. They will do the long ultrasound of measurements and seeing if they are still in sync with my due date etc. Technically it's my anatomy scan even though we already know.

I am ready for a nap. Graduation was good last night. The food afterwards even better!!!
fruit platter, cheese and cracker platter with kielbasa,chicken tenders, buffalo tenders, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, broccoli and cheddar puffs, spinach puffed pastries, little mex-rolls with some kind of yummy filling and bruchetta(sp?). mmmmmmm
everyone was drinking and Lisa was eating. :P

Hope you all are having a good day.

Marina, did you get my message about finding a box to ship your stuff?



Jules614 - June 20

Lisa - You are so lucky you get summers off. I am ready for a nap too but I have so much going on today. I did my 5:45 a.m. walk - already had my oven delivered - have an OB appointment at 10:50 - Mother in law coming at 1:30, cleaning service coming at 2:30 - plus I have to work my full time job from home... when can I sleep??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Arabsrcool - June 20


I hope you get all the meds you need. all I have left are some syringes and needles, which you are welcome to if you need them.


Your fire sounds exciting, in a bad way!. Guess you get a new stove.


You finally get to start your cycle. Congrats!


I had my 3-D u/s yesteday. Thankfully no Downs, chromosone disorders or other problems were found. Everything checked out perfectly normal. The doc scared me before the scan with the stats on probablility of Downs etc. AND I AM HAVING A ..........GIRL! Looks like girls are winning out in our circle! We have decided on the name Cara Vaughn (Vaughn was my grandmothers maiden name) My dd is disappointed, she really wanted a baby brother. My dh seems ok with a girl, but I know he was really hoping for a boy. I told him we have 10 embies frozen, which are probably all girls!!!! Just in case he wanted to try again. Right now I might consider trying again, but in 5 months from now, I could change my mind!. After I have Cara, we will probably donate the embies to another couple.



bdantonio - June 20

Marina yeah she found out yesterday... Gabrielle is 11 weeks ans shes estiating that shes about a month pg.


Jules614 - June 20

Ronda - Congrats on the girl - I am not surprised as they are more common! Great name. I am slo happy to hear she looks perfectly normal. Waht a relief, huh?



vw79girl - June 20

Ronda~ Congrats!!! Am I the only one having boys lol???


bethnyc - June 20


Congrats - and what a great name.



jenfrancis - June 20

Yay - Ronda!

Well, Lisa - I sincerely hope you are NOT the only one having boys! I want at least one boy! Hmmm, strange that there are soooo many girls.

When I was sitting in the IVF lobby, there were two women with their first born IVF children, guess what, both GIRLS!

I want a boy and now I am happy I had three put in, as hopefully I wont have all three girls.

Love Cara Vaughn. Like Vicky Vaugh on Batman! Pretty.

Well. my hubby said its ghetto to name kids after drinks, and cars. Since someone suggested Alizay and I want Porsche!


Jules614 - June 20

Quick update - I will have to write personals later. Today, I went in for my 31 week appointment. I was nervous since they found protein in my urine last week and my BP was high. This week there was no protein in my urine but my blood pressure was still borderline high. It was 140/88. I lost 2.5 pounds. Kaitlyn's heartbeat went from 131 beats per minute to 138 beats per minute in a matter of seconds because she was moving. Unfortunately, I am measuring a little ahead of schedule. I am 31 weeks and she is measuring at 33 weeks. That being said, my OB wants me to have an u/s to see why I am measuring so big. I have it scheduled a week from today.

Has anyone ever measured ahead of schedule and needed an u/s???? I guess there is a little cause for concern. I have never had an u/s past 18 weeks. I am curious to see what she will look like.



RB - June 20

Jules - so sorry to hear about the drama at home with the fire but thankfully everything worked out ok. A friend of mine had a similar situation where her OB had her at 34 weeks but baby was measuring 36 weeks...she ended up delivering at 38 weeks i think but everything was fine for both her and her baby. She also had slightly elevated bp. i am sure it will be fine. Just try to take it easy over the next week.

Ronda...welcome to the pink team!!! Congrats and I love the name! Our little girls ...Cara and Zara...that's so cool and they may even be born on the same day!

Marina - i dont have much meds but i do have a box of Crinone gel...it's an oil based pregesterone gel that is inserted vaginally. it has to be kept refrigerated but if you need it i can look into how best to get it to you from here.

I also have about 2 week's supply of clexane injections - that''s a blood thinner - if anyone needs it.

Lyly, just a few more days hon....how are you feeling? Going to give in and do an hpt?

Beth...so glad you are on your way!

Jen...it's up to you now to even out the numbers with the boys...Lisa's boys need some company :)

Lisa, your graduation menu had me salivating!!! :)

As for me, i have another visit scheduled for Monday and i need to do a glucose tolerance test next week...yuck! I felt some flutters though they are still not very distinctive but i am feeling them more regularly now. i am shopping online and trying very hard not to end up with everything in pink!

Its been raining cats and dogs all day and dh has the flu so he's been keeping far away so i dont get sick...too bad...the weather is gloomy but great for cuddling...oh well...i'll cuddle my tummy and my little angel inside. :)

Have a great weekend my friends!



Jules614 - June 21

Thanks for the advice Reshma. My dughter was born at 38 weeks so no biggy if I go two weeks early.

How cool to be feeling flutters. You getting excited!



lyly14 - June 21

Hi Reshma- I am feeling okay, just really tired. I haven't been able to keep my eyes open and I have been taking daily naps after work for the past 3 days or so. I don't remember if I was tired last time from all the progesterone. I should have kept a journal! Only 5 more days left until my beta!!!!!!!! I have not bought a hpt yet, I am still kind of on the fence. Part of me wants to test monday but the other part of me is scared.


Marina - June 21

Hi girls!
Jenny-I got your pakage today,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :-*I'm glad your appoitment went well!
Lupron is good untill september and menopure I'll ask is I still can use if it expired or just keep it in case I need more(last time I needed one more and had to buy from regular farmacy $100 a vial)
Reshma,thanks hon,for your help,but I know for sure-my RE does not do substitutes for progesterone shots,he doesn't use gel.But thank you anyway!!!
Ronda- A GIRL!!!!! Go team pink!!!! ;)
Lisa,so far you are alone with the boys.Next in line Jenny-but team blue can beat team pink in one shot if Jen having all boys.
Lyly,tierdness-that was the first symptom I was having.Looks BFPish.... ;)


lyly14 - June 21

Hey girls- I am a bit nervous now. I just went to the bathroom and I had some spotting (Brown, pink, and red tinged mucous type). So now I don't know if its AF on the way, implantation or what!!!!!!!!!! I think I am getting a BFN.


vw79girl - June 21

Marina, I mailed out your package today. :) should have it by Wed. :)

Hang in there Lyly, praying for you honey.



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