IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - June 18

Jen -

What a beautiful name.



jenfrancis - June 18

Thank you Julie -
My mom's middle name is Marie and so is mine. Porsche is just unique, or just not that common.

You may think I am an idiot, but my daughter is named Shelby. Before she was born I saw a broken down Charger Race car, and across the windshield it said Shelby. I had no clue that Shelby was the model of car!

So its just maybe a theme with me, not that i purposely went looking for car names for my triplets! But I have always loved Porsche!


JasJulesMom - June 18

Lyly- It must have been Amy. I know last year I was really reluctant to purchase meds from the sight and someone told me they had. I just thought it was you and now I do remeber your insurance luckily pays for it.

Jen- You are so funny. I love the name very original. That is why I decided on Brielle because there probably won't be any other kids in her class with that name. We decided on Hope as a middle name because my daughter is Julianna Faith and I though I would use Hope so I could have Faith and Hope as middle names. Probably sound corny but I kinda like it. My family is all going to give us a hard time about Brielle because it is not traditional enough but she is afterall our baby so I want to go with what we are comfortable with.


Jules614 - June 18

Jen - I think you are too funny. Have fun with your names and do what makes you happy. My family doesn't always like my name choices but I don't care.



lyly14 - June 18

Jen- I am hanging in there. I was dying for a pizza bagel since yesterday and was on a quest to find one since yesterday afternoon. I can't tell you how many stores i hit to find those stupid frozen ones. What ever happened to those? I couldn't find them anywhere. Finally at lunch today I ran to the diner and ordered one. MMMMMMMMMMMM so good! By the way you can get ice packs at the drug store or any place that sells coolers.

Everyone is picking such pretty names for the girls!

Marina- You should call your doctor and find out about the meds. Alot of the meds are the same thing just under a different brand name. He may be able to keep the same protocol with different meds. I am sure he will be willing to work with you after everything that happened since you are paying out of pocket for everything.


bethnyc - June 18


I have Gonal F - 1 900 pen, if you could use that. It's in my refrigerator so I would need to send it overnight with an icepack, but I'm happy to do that. Just let me know. I do want to check the expiration date since I haven't used stims in 9 months or so (one good thing about using an egg donor). I donated all the rest in January -- I wish I didn't b/c I'd love to give them to you.

What great girl names Brielle and Porsche - very unique.

Lyly - how are you doing? Only a week to go. Pizza bagel sounds yummy right about now.

Hope everyone is doing well.



lyly14 - June 18

Hi Beth- I am doing good, except I am itching from the progesterone gel capsules now! They are switching me to the progestrone in oil shots. So now I am up to 2 shots a day. I guess I am going to have to get my mother to do the progesterone shots since dh wont do them. Or I could try myself. I heard one woman say she did them herself, but I don't think I could do it. I hope your shingles are clearing up. So when do you get started?

Lisa- Hey girl! Where are you today? Are you actually doing work instead of being on the computer? Or did they finally block our site from your school.


Jules614 - June 18

Marina - A lot of people donate to theor fertility clinics. Can you see what was donatewd to your clinic and ask for them.



bethnyc - June 18

Lyly -- sorry to hear you're now on the shots. My dh did them for me and he is really good at them (better than the nurses actually). I couldn't do them myself -- I'd be too nervous. When I went through training there was a woman who had to do it herself - they taught her how. Maybe your RE can show you how. Or, could you convince dh to do it. It's really not that bad - it might be the 1st time, but I'm sure he will get used to it.

I'm doing ok - shingles are almost gone. I'm still a little weak and have had a tough time at the gym the past few days, but I will eventually get stronger. I go in tomorrow to the RE for my blood and u/s. Hoping it goes well so I can start my estrogen tomorrow. Will let you know. Very excited.


Jules614 - June 18

Beth - I praise you for hitting the gym with shingles - you aren't contageous are you?



bethnyc - June 18


I go to the gym no matter what -- I had a stress fracture in my foot last year and went to the gym till I couldn't walk anymore -- then took off 2 weeks b/c the doctor told me I had to. And, I also took off after my transfer till the pregancy test (I do have my priorities straight there).

It's strange b/c I lose weight when I don't work out so I often wonder why I even go - but, it's a great stress reliever and I love how I feel after (not so much at 545am when my alarm goes off though).

No, shingles isn't contagious unless the blisters are open (sounds so plesant). Right now, it's dried up and just looks nasty (so I wear sweats).

How are you doing today?



Jules614 - June 18

Beth -

You probably lose weight when skipping the gym because muscle weighs more than fat - so basically when going to the gym you are gaining muscle and losing weight space. I get frustrated too from the weight gain after the gym.

I am doing OK. Just ate some grapes and kaitlyn is kicking me. I feel like grapes are the only food she truly reacts from - she doesn't even respond to cold water!



vw79girl - June 18

Marina, I wish I had some meds to give to you. I would gladly donate them if I could. All I have is progesterone oil and needles. I was going to give them to my OB next week in case someone needs it. I also used Freedom Drug for my meds. Mailorder for me was only like $1 or $2 copay. I was lucky. Marina, I think our little circle is as far as I would go with trust. I hate to be like that but you never know and I feel like you girls are family.

Debbie, Beautiful Name, I wanted to name my daughter Hope if one was a girl. It is so beautiful. :)

Lol Jen, you are funny. All along I thought it was one of each and I now have two boys so you never know. It’s good to be prepared t hough. :) I agree with Julie, everyone has their opinions about names...you do what makes you and hubby happy.

Lyly...Counting the days along with you girl! Glad you got that Pizza bagel lol! sounds good!!! also Lyly, the progesterone shots to me, are tough to do yourself due to the position you need to be in to do them. See if your mom can do them. Hubby absolutely won’t? Greg loved doing mine if I was bitchy and we were snippy with one another so he could stick me. :( LOL

school was nuts today and I only got on to check posts this a.m. Tomorrow is graduation so all of the kids were coming in to say goodbye. Plus I was working on some artsy things to sell in Nov. at my mom’s craft thing she does every year. I figure if I finish them now, she can sell them and make me an extra $400 or so around Christmas time! :)
I am tempted to start the Mural in the Boys’ room.

Beth, I hope all goes well tomorrow hun. Thinking of you!

Ronda, is your scan tomorrow?

One of my girlfriend’s got me the cutest frame today and it says two peas in a pod. IT’S adorable. I think for now I am going to put two of their u/s pics in it after I make copies. :) :)


Marina - June 19

Again,I'm so thankfull to all of you for your help,I told my DH and he was like-oh,If this is from your "gang"(he calls us GANG),of course it's safe.And I at first didn't realize that I can ask all of you first-dah...
I've talked to my RE,he said I will use the same grugs as we did last time since I responded very well to them and had no side effects.
I see amlost all of you used Freedom ,I ordered from Damer last time.I'll check them too.
So,here what i need

Follistim AQ 600(1) and 900(2)
Menopur 75 IU (10 vials)
Progesteron in oil
Novarel/HCG 10 000
Vivelle DOT
I will pay for the shipping,so if you guys have any thing left-I'll take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen, I know you said you have Menopur left?I don't think it needs to be refrigerated,I know Follistim and Lupron do,but if you ship it with ice pack it should be fine.
Julie,thanks for the idea to ask my clinic-I sure will.
If you guys find out expiration dates and what you have that I need,let me know please!I 'll e-mail you my address and check for the shipping cost(don't want to post my information here)
Thanks much again!!!!


Jules614 - June 19

Well I had a little electrical fire in my house today. I was cooking salmon and the over caught on fire. I tried using the fire etinguisher but the fire wouldn't go out - so I called 911 and the fire department came. They told me I had a broken elctrical in my oven and they had to unplug everything and take the fire out. Poor Samnatha didn't knepoww what was going on - I forced her to go outside while I tried getting the fire out. I inhaled all the powder from the fire estinguisher. Thankfully, I think I have felt Kaitlyn kick. Now we are getting a new stove and my house is covered in powder. What a night.



Marina - June 19

Gosh Julie !This is scary :o,not a good time to lose your house.Thanks god everything turned out to be fine,just someone has to clean up the mess :-\



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