IVF anyone?
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jenfrancis - June 17

Lisa - AHHH 2 boys!!! yay!!! Yippee! Cool!

I want a girl and two boys. I will most certainly let you know in 7-8 weeks! Yay.

Well, not much going on here. Working have a lady coming in to interview for my job today in 20 minutes. Hope she gets it!


Jules614 - June 17

JasJulesMom - My daughter's name with be Kaitlyn Elizabeth and no I don't mind you asking.



jenfrancis - June 17

With us moving to Texas in 3 weeks, I dont have any appts or testing. I am at 12 weeks tomorrow and Never did any first trimester testing either. We will take what we get. I imagine when we get to Texas, I can find an OBGYN and get in right away.

Nothing going on anyway, i have been taking it easy and resting alot.


Jules614 - June 17

Jen - God luck with your move. It's going to be hot there.



jenfrancis - June 17

Yeah, You know I thrive in heat, maybe not right now with the swelling, but i lived in TX for almost 4 yrs and loved it! We were at the pool almost daily!

Everyone has air conditioning.
Well, I have pics to add to my msn space. But I keep forgetting my camera.

I went to the beauty salon yesterday afternoon and got my highlights refreshed and a trim. They washed it 3 times. Oh yeah baby. That is my fav part.


Arabsrcool - June 17


congrats on the two boys!!!! I think your names are very cool!. Wow, you are going to be so outnumbered at home! you are going to have to get another pet, a female pet just to help even the numbers.


I think the name you picked out is so pretty!


I was so sorry to hear about your embies. How many more do you have stored? I hear you about the $. WE are still paying on a credit card and probably will be for some time. We had used all insurance coverage on the 9 IUI's and had to pay out of pocket for the IVF, ICSI and cyro. Also dh had some medical issues and we hit our deductible.




bethnyc - June 17

Hi girls.

So much going on.

Lisa -- congrats on the twin boys. I had a feeling you were going to say that - not sure why, just a hunch. And, the names are great -- you must be so excited!

Reshma - I LOVE the name and the meaning behind it. You guys must have known all along you were having a girl if that was the only name you agreed upon.

Marina- glad to hear your appointment went well and that he was sympathetic. And, perfect timing on AF -- too bad about the Lupron, but it will be worth it. When do you think you will have the retreival/transfer or is too soon to tell?

Debbie - I live in Brooklyn. Are you in NY too? If so, where?

JenFrancis -- good luck with your move. I hope you're not doing too much of the actual packing/moving of stuff. And, I hope you like the woman that's coming in for your job.

Ronda - I can't wait to hear what you are having. Are you hoping for one or the other?

Lyly -- how are you feeling today? I never had to do the suppostories - other RE's at my office do it, but I did pills with IUI and shots with IVF. I'm sure it's gross, but think about the end result and it will all be worth it.

Julie - how are you doing today? Still really tired?

I hope I didn't miss anyone - sorry if I did.

As for me, doing so much better. Going to see the RE Thursday for blood and u/s. So ready to start the estrogen again and get the process moving along.

Got to get back to work. I hope you all have a great day.



Jules614 - June 17

Beth -

How are you handing everything both physically and emotionally? I really struggled with IVF emotionally.

I have my spirts of being tired but I am survving. I am always busy between work, and being a mom to an almost 4 yr old that my adrenaline is always going. Thanks for asking.



bethnyc - June 17


I am handling things ok. Not sure if you remember, but we are actually doing this with an egg donor since I wansn't able to get to IVF on my own (I was only able to produce 2 follices - even on the maximum meds/stims and my RE has a minmum of 4 to do a retrieval). So, that was pretty tough to accept emotionally, but my dh is amazing and helped me through it. I do get bummed out often - especially when I see my sister's kids and how much they look like my family (actually, they look like me, which is strange). And, my nephew has so much of my dad in him that it's scary (and my dad passed away 2 1/2 years ago and it kills me that I won't get to see any of him in my own kids). But, there's nothing that I can do about it so I've accepted that and have moved on. I think it's amazing that a woman would be wiling to give someone else her eggs and am so thankful for that.

There are so many ups/downs that the emotional rollercoaster is the hardest part. I try so hard to be positive, but the let down when you get bad news is tough. But, I have learned that whether I'm positive or negative throuhout the process, if I get bad news, the let down is just as bad. So, staying positive is what's important and I am doing that. I read The Secret (after a friend recommneded it) and felt really good after our fresh transfer. When it didn't work, I was so upset, but at least we had 5 frozen so there's always next time. Then, we were so close to the FET and I came down with shingles -- not in the plans, but things happen.

You know the saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" -- well, I'd like to think that I'm really strong now and can handle almost anything that life throws at me.

You must be so excited -- only 66 days to go.

How many IVF's did you go through? You probably mention that somewhere on all these posts, so sorry if you already talked about it.



JasJulesMom - June 17

Beth- I am from New York originally. I live in New Jersey now. I grew up in Brooklyn. Bensonhurst and Bayridge. What about you. What part of Brooklyn are you from?


bethnyc - June 17


Funny, I grew up in New Jersey (Bergen County) and now I live in Brooklyn. We are in Cobble Hill - just moved here from Manhattan about 4 months ago.

Where in Jersey are you?



JasJulesMom - June 17

Beth I live in Hamilton which is in Mercer County.


Jules614 - June 17

Beth - I watched "The Secret" when I was going through IVF. I have to admit that I was pretty negative throughout the process. I had my sister who was carrying twins being nasty and unsupportive to me. I had my best friend who was only married for 5 months announce she was 3 months pregnant and I had multiple friends pregnant. I felt like wherever I turned, everyone was pregnant and it killed me. I had been trying to get pregnant since November of 2004 and it was the end of 2007. I did 3 months of clomid, which gave me cysts in my ovaries. I then had 3 failed IUI's and then I did IVF. I had a tough time after the e/r because I reacted to the anesthesia and then I had follicles burst in me due to overstimulation. I had only 10 follicles and only 2 made it by the e/t. I had none to be frozen if the process was to fail. I admit, I was lucky to get pregnant the first time - but I had very little support. My beta numbers were below normal so there was a chance that it was a chemical pregnancy. It took weeks of blood work for it to get to a normal range.

My heart really goes out to you when you talk about your dad's passing and how you will never have the chance to have a child that looks like your family or him. Now, do you know why you can't get pregnant naturally - is it unexplained infertility or do either you or your husband have medical conditions? I ask because two of my friends were adopted because their parents were told they could never conceive. Well, both my friend's parents conceived once they adopted because the pressure was off. Is there any chance down the road you could get pregnant when you least expect it? I know chances are I could - but I am always putting pressure on myself to get pregnant. That is why after Kaitlyn is born, DH is getting snipped. I feel it in my bones that once the pressure is off it would happen.

I understand how hard it must be to have a donor - but hopefully there will be success with the procedure. With a donor, you will still be carrying the baby, right? You will be that child's mother in just about every way. I believe you will get your happy ending. You deserve it.

I wish you best of luck.



vw79girl - June 17

Beth~ that is a great Motto to live by. You are strong for everything you have been through, we all our. Our little group has endured a lot.

Reshma~ I too love the meaning behind your little girl’s name. It is beautiful!

Debbie~ The mural is going to be Peter Rabbit. Scenes from the book. I drew up a bunch of ideas on overheads so I can project them bigger, pencil them out and then paint them. I can’t wait to do that. I couldn’t help myself and painted a wooden sign today to put above their door that says: “Thank Heavens For Little Boys”.

Lyly and Resh, Jules too...see you on line later tonight. I am off to Target to get a couple of things I need.

Jen~Rest as much as you can, you and those babies need it!!! :)


bethnyc - June 17

Julie --thank you for your nice note. It seems like you have been through alot as well. And, you are very lucky that your IVF worked on the 1st try. Our infertility is unexplained (so, I guess there is hope that we could get pregnant on our own, if we stop thinking about it). Neither of us have any medical reasons for it -- for some reason, I'm just having problems producing eggs. My sister had the same thing, although she does have 2 children -- 1st was a honeymoon baby and 2nd was via IUI. My mom also said she had problems conceiving too (although she had me and my sister naturally). Who knows...

I feel the same as you - everyone is pregnant around me. My best friend who was married for only 1 month told me she was 3 months pregnant back in February and I completely lost it. Her husband had a vasectomy reversal in August and the doctor told them that they most likely wouldn't be able to get pregnant for at least a year, if at all. But, wouldn't you know it -- 3 months later it happened. Her baby shower is this weekend, but I'm not going. I told her that, 1st, I'm Jewish and don't believe in baby showers (she's Jewish too, but a friend who isn't is throwing it) 2nd, I'm so not into those things - my philosophy is, I won't be having one because I'm not into it, so don't invite me to yours, and 3rd (and most importantly), I can't handle being at a party that's all about babies. She gets it. Do you think I'm a terrible friend?

Thanks again for your note.



jenfrancis - June 17

I am so happy to hear Lisa is having her boys. Reshma, Julie and debbie with their girlies!

Beth - you are such a trooper! Such a lovely person! I can not imagine anyone as deserving as you not being able to bring an angel into this world! Your hubby must be a great man to be standing behind you a hundred percent! Blessed in many ways you are indeed!

Marina - I continue to pray for you! I hope you dont give up! Anything worth having is worth working toward! I feel that way about a good marriage, a career and having children! You will have children, soon and very soon!

Lyly - Girl, your time is coming! You sound great on the chat! Taking great care of yourself trickles down to the embryos! Twins may be in your future! You are so patient and still so positive! That will help!

Well, I made an appt for Thursday for some first trimester testing. Not sure what they will do. Just wanted to see if they could do it before I left to Texas, because no telling how long until I find a doctor once I get there.



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