IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - June 16

Lyly - I used progesterone capsules twice a day after I stopped the butt shots. I did them for about 3 weeks and then wwas done at 10 weeks.

4 times sounds like a lot.



lyly14 - June 16

Julie- were they disgusting and messy? I used the suppositories once and they weren't this bad!


Jules614 - June 16


Oh I thought that suppositories were what you were talking about.

Sorry - what's the difference?



lyly14 - June 16

Julie- They look like a capsule like the ones you swallow. They are white with a powder substance inside. I believe you can swallow them or insert them vaginally. Unfortunately, I have to insert them vaginally 4 times a day. I guess they get absorbed better and go straight to the uterine lining where it is needed when you do them that way. The suppositories i used before were more of a formed oil based substance (almost like monistat).


Arabsrcool - June 16


I had to use the capsule too when I was on my 2ww. They are not fun, especially when you are trying to get to the bathroom with your stuff and not have anyone see you. It wasn't fun, but well worth it!


I'm dying here, what is the news?!??????

Girls I go for my 3-D scan on Thursday and cannot wait to see what I am having. Looks like the the majority who know are having girls. I read an article a while back and it said there are more girls born with ART than boys, but they are not sure why! So we will see!



lyly14 - June 16

Ronda that is funny you say that because I have heard the opposite. From what I have heard more boys are born from IVF at least. They said it might have to do with the fact that the boy sperm are the faster swimmers so in the dish they get to the egg faster than the girl sperm. In natural it depends how long before ovulation you have sex. If it is before, the boys swim faster and die off if the egg wasn't released but the girls take longer and live longer so they are still alive when the egg is released. Well i don't know how true that is but that is what I heard.

I don't like inserting the capsules because they leave a thick milky residue . Yuck!


vw79girl - June 17

lol, sorry girls, I meant to post while at school and everyone was so excited with my news that I never got to it...then I got home and my internet has been screwwy and slow..........so..................
was fine with the spines, their heads/skulls, tummies etc. She checked everything and took lots of pictures. I was so happy to see them moving around and so BIG! One measured 18w2d and the smaller measured 17w5d. AND...that's not all we saw. I am having TWO BOYS! :) Needless to say, my husband is soooooo excited and I am pretty excited too. I am finally coming down off of the high I have been on all day. I was so excited, I wasn't even into food at dinner and you know me girls...I LOVE FOOD! for those of you who have MSN, I posted today's belly shot and a pic Greg took of me yesterday and the two pics of the boys. I was so lucky today, I got like 6 pics of them. Then she ran out of paper. I still go for my anatomy scan so they can measure everything etc. as that is a long u/s and I couldn't be out of school for more than an hour today. phewwww...what a relief. I am dying to start the mural now in their room. I have all the preliminary sketches drawn on overhead transparencies so I can project them, draw them out and begin painting.
Thank you girls for all of your thoughts and good vibes and prayers. Sorry again that it took so long to post. :) :)


Jules614 - June 17

Lyly - How come you don't take them as a pill or is that not an option?

Ronda - definitely more girls than boys! We are taking over the world... ha ha ha

Lisa - WOW two boys! How rare is that is this female dominated world! So, any names picked out.



lyly14 - June 17

Julie it's not even an option.


Jules614 - June 17

Lyly - sorry to hear that.



Marina - June 17

Wow,Lisa!Two boys! :oOMG!You are going to have your hands full.And I'm very happy for you that everything looks good ,now you can relax for a little bit.

Well,my appoitment took very long time today(I hope they won't charge us by hour ::)...lol) Basicly,we did not find out anything new,he just went over everything explaining and analizing all the details,admited that it was very unusual,but he checked personally with the lab's director and got a conformation that everything was done correctly.They are going to refund/credit us amount they charged for the embryo transfer minus monitoring.He was surprisingly sympathetic today,even huged me :o and said that he'll do everything in his power to make it happen for us.
Well,and luckily for me, I just started my period today,so they put me on BCP begining wednsday and I start Lupron(again!!!) on July 6 and stimulation on July 18.
Now the only problem is-where to get the money? :-\


vw79girl - June 17

Girls, I woke up this morning and felt like I was dreaming. I am so excited to get started on the mural for their room. Last night I added a couple of "blue" things to my registries(Babies R Us and Target). Mostly I did yellow and green just in case lol.

Names: Benjamin George (Ben was my grandfather's name and George my dad's name)

Paul Johnathan (Greg was dead set on Paul and the Johnathan and wants to call him PJ lol)

They will be baptized in the Greek church and Ben's name will be Vasilios and Paul's Pavlos. I think Paul is cool as well because it's the name of my great grandfather who came from Greece and who's name is on the plaque at Ellis Island. :)

Ronda~ can't wait to hear your news!!!

Marina~ I am so happy for you that you got af. I know this whole situation sucks but at least you are on the road to possibility again! :) Do you know exactly what one more fresh cycle will run you? I know what you mean about the money. Greg and I ended up spending in all : $16,800 and we got 3 fresh cycles and one frozen out of it. This included all of my bloodwork, u/s and the assisted hatching. My meds were covered and only had a couple dollars copay here and there as they were all mail order. If we hadn't done this program, each cycle fresh would have been @ 8 grand. Worst case scenerio we were going to charge one more fresh cycle on our cc if this one didn't work.
sending you hugs!


RB - June 17

Hi Girls,

Congrats again on the twin boys Lisa!!! well...its 3-2 in favour of the girls for now. So Jen and Ronda, i guess you determine in which direction the scales will be tipped!!! lol

Lyly...i sympathise - the progesterone suppositories, pessaries, shots, whatever...they all stink - but we gotta do what we gotta do right? Before you know it, it will be the 25th and we'll be celebrating!

Marina - i am so glad that you are not letting this latest setback keep you down! You go girl!!! Where there is a will, there is a way - as cliche as it sounds - its true.

Jen - how are you doing? The triplets doing ok?

Ronda - i expect we will know if its boy/girl on Thursday? I shall look out for that!

Beth - everything happens for a reason...its not that far away in the scheme of things. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of sticky baby dust.

Debbie - have you picked a name yet? By the way, i think yours is the only email address that i'm missing. If you dont mind, i would like to add you to my IVF buddies email group.

We decided to call our little girl Zara Maaliya. It may change but for now - this is it :). Zara is Hebrew for Princess and Maaliya is Sanskrit meaning "having beauty and strength". Its so funny that Dh and i couldnt decide on a boy's name that we both liked but agreed on this name in a heartbeat. I had this name picked out since i did the first u/s!

Will catch you girls later,


Jules614 - June 17

Marina - That is great your doc was sympathetic and even hugged you. Did you cry from emotion? I bet I would. I hear you about finding the money. Hubby and I have taken out equity loans in the past.

Lisa - If we had a boy - the middle name was going to be Paul after Greg's grandfather. It sounds like you have everything in place between names, murals, adding colors to the nursery! How cool!

Reshma - I like the meaning behind your little girl's name.



JasJulesMom - June 17

Lisa- Congrats on the boys. That is great news. So glad both babies are doing great. I like the names you have picked out. They are very stong names. What will the mural be of. I so wish I had the talent to do one. I have always wanted to put one in one of the kids rooms.

Marina- Glad to see something positive came out of your appointment yesterday and that you are on a new road to your dream.

Lyly- How are you feeling?

Ronda- Can't wait to see what you are having. It will either even things out or tips the scales more for the girls.

Beth- Where in New york do you live?

Reshema- My email address is [email protected]. We have not decided on a name yet. Dh and I cannot agree. We agreed so quickly with dd but cannot see eye to eye on anything this time. You really picked one quick and so pretty.

Jen- How are the triplets. Any interesting tests coming up?

Julie and Lisa what are your last names if you do not mind me asking. I want to check out your baby registries.


jenfrancis - June 17

Lisa - AHHH 2 boys!!! yay!!! Yippee! Cool!

I want a girl and two boys. I will most certainly let you know in 7-8 weeks! Yay.

Well, not much going on here. Working have a lady coming in to interview for my job today in 20 minutes. Hope she gets it!



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