IVF anyone?
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bethnyc - June 9

Hi. I just posted and it seems to have disappeared, so forgive me if this goes up more than once.

Lyly -- great news. Thursday is right around the corner. I so wish I was going through this with you.

As for the beta date, does seem far off - I would have thought it would be the 23rd -- 11 days later (since you have day 3 embbies), but maybe b/c you're doing a natural cycle they add extra days? I know with mine, it was going to be 9 days later since I was using day 5 blastocysts. They must have a reason for it, but I'd ask to make sure it's correct. Why wait extra days if you don't have to.

Julie - I do have a slght fever and this is quite painful and itchy -- feels like a constant burning sensation. And, where they are feels really hot to the touch -- I am getting some pain killers from the doctor today so hopefyully that will help me sleep. Staying home has been nice and today I'm feeling a little better than yesterday -- probably b/c I was working and my mind was occupied.

On a fertility note, I just noticed some staining -- the RE said that might happen because I started the progesterone shots before they cancelled my cycle. But I have to hope that it's not a full on period b/c this will be too soon for them to allow me to start the estrogen again since my lining wouldn't have completely shed. I hope hope hope that it's just staining and that I don't get it. They are all gone for the day so I will call 1st thing in the morning. I don't want to have to wait another full cycle since I usualy don't have a 28 day cycle (more like 40 days) and that will push me out too far into July and the lab is closed in August. YIKES! I guess I could always start lupron for 2 weeks then estrogen, but I'd rather not do Lupron, but if I have to so I don't get pushed off until September I will. I'm not sure my body can take more medication at this point though.

Ok, I have to run -- DH will be home soon and I need to finish working for the day.

Have a good night.



Marina - June 9

Hi everybody,
wow Lyly,you are ahead of me!I had my u/s/today and the lining was 10mm which is good,so tonight I start progesteron(oh,I'm so happy!lol) and the transfer is Friday.See Lyly,that is exactly why they in my office don't like natural transfers-because they can control their weekends(lol)They don't want to deal with the folucles on Sat. or Sun.!I didn't like my visit today-the nurse was in a hurry,acting like I should know everything by now(which I do,but I had a few questions that I'd like them to answer)and she forgot to send me to take my blood and I had to remind her,I also had to ask if i should start progesteron and remind her that she didn't ask for my phone number for embriologist to call me before the transfer.Wow!I don't know what the heck was going on with her,but if I was new at this,I'm not sure if i'd do right. ::)

glad everybody fine,even with the heat!
Beth,did you talk to your RE about July FET?What do they say-how long you should be waiting?Maybe Lyly is right and you should go on bcp and get your period next time as soon as you stop taking them. ::)Hope you'll feel better soon! :)
JasJules-glad you are doing oK :)
How is Reshma?


Jules614 - June 10

That is wonderful news Lyly! Good luck!



Jules614 - June 10

Marina - Wow, you are getting so close. best of luck.

Beth - I am glad you are starting to feel better. Hopefully, you can work out. Is shingles contageous?

Sorry this is short. My sister had her twins today and hubby is getting on my case for not taking interest.. due to what went on between us I have no desire to be in her life. I can't help how I feel.

I am really tired and am going to bed. meeting my friend for a 5:45 a.m. walk tomorrow which means I have to be up by 5 a.m. It is also her birthday so I have some gifts for her.

Night everyone and best of luck. Again, I don't go on this site often as it is down every time I log on.



Marina - June 10

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=1275#50302 date=1213050303]
Marina havent heard fom you in forever how are you
Beth,I'm doing fine,thanks for asking! :)
I tried to write you before,but this site was down so often and my post dissapears all the time.
I'll e-mail you!


vw79girl - June 10

while you guys were busy posting a bazillion posts, I was at the beach. :) It was gorgeous there, I even went in the water a little bit. It was a nice, peaceful day away from school. I heard it was very warm at school. Luckily my classroom is in the basement. Greg and I bought another ac today. He put the smaller one in our bedroom and the bigger one in the dining room/living room. THANK GOD. IT is going to be 99 here tomorrow. I barely slept last night due to the heat.
Debbie, I can't wait for your scan on Wed. Mine is in 16 days!

Jules...oh man, sounds like breakfast was kind of crazy. Hope you have a nice walk. Smart to go early before it gets too hot.

Marina and Lyly, keeping my fingers crossed for both of you.

Ronda, that goldfish pond/garden sounds great. Would love to see a pic when it is done. I too got a little sunburn today while at the beach. It will be brown in a day or two though.

Reshma, hope you are doing okay.

Beth, Glad you are feeling a little better.


bethnyc - June 10


Are you still on track for Friday? I am on Provera for 10 days (started last Friday so today is day 5) and they think I'll get my period a few days after I finish. Then I go in on day 2 for blood and u/s and if all looks good, I start the estrogen again for 12 days or so. If my calculations are right, I'm looking at the transfer around July 8th or so. I'm still aiming for a Tuesday so my RE can do the procedure. I should know more once AF comes (which sholud be around next Wednesday). They can give me a full schedule of dates then. I will let you know.

The shingles are getting better -- rash/blisters are still there. I feel good during the day when I'm busy working (from home in my underwear), but once I stop and relax, I can feel the pain. I think I'm over the worst of it and just need to heal. My biggest issue is that I can't work out - but, hopefully later this week.

Lyly -- tomorrow is the big day. I'll be thinking about you and can't wait to hear about it.

Julie - Shingels isn't contagious, perse. However, it is contagious to anyone who hasn't had the chicken pox, but luckly dh did so he's in the clear. But, I was told to stay away from pregnant women and anyone with a lowered immune system, so that's why I"m at home. I would hate to infect anyone.

I hope everyone else is doing well.



Marina - June 10

What a nice surprise-our site working!
Lyly,2 days for you...Do you know how are your embies?
Let us know!My embriologist will be calling Thursday...
I wish I can fall asleep and wake up 10 days later just on time for my beta.
Beth,I'm glad they keep you on scedule,so it's not too bad,less then a month now.I know how frustrating it must be for you,when your life full of unpleasent surprises.Unfortunately nothing we can do!!!!Hang on girl!
Lisa,I know we are supposed to stay away from the sun when PG.My doc said -no tanning.


bethnyc - June 11

Lyly -- don't mind me thinking that tomorrow is Thursday. It must be all the medication that I'm on.



JasJulesMom - June 11

Lyly-I am so excited for you. How is DH dealing with all this? I know you must be so anxious. I know right now I am counting the hours til my anatomy scan.

Beth- Glad to hear you are feeling better. July 8 is just around the corner.

Marina- Maybe you and Lyly will getBFP on the same day afterall. How many embies are you going to use for transfer?

Lisa- I am jealous a day at the beach sounds great. Although I know I do not have a bathing suit that fits.


vw79girl - June 11

Debbie! I had a tough time finding one but finally found one in the maternity section at Macy's that I like. It's a one piece. Black and simple but cute. I wish I could have gone to the beach again today. It was soooo hot here. Your scan is tomorrow right? let us know as soon as you can!

Lyly & Marina, Positive thoughts. Prayin' for both of you! :)
and Beth...I hope July brings you luck too!


lyly14 - June 11

Hey girls- the site is finally working. I couldn't get on all day.

Beth- That is great that you are able to get started right away. I am glad they could give you something to get your period and start over right away.

They are going to thaw the embies tomorrow. Wow I can't believe it! I am supposed to get a call tomorrow with the time for thursday's transfer, but I wont know about my embies until thursday morning. They are doing your beta 10 days after your transfer? That puts yours at June 23rd, 2 days before mine! I think I may do a hpt on that day. There is no way I can hold out until the 25th!

Debbie- I am not too sure how he is dealing with all of this. He seems okay. He is really not involved this time. No sample etc. Seems so weird!

Thank all girls for the positive thoughts!


Marina - June 11

Debbie,We are going to put 2 this time.Still afraid of twins,but I guess i'll take chances...Good luck on you scan tomorrow-who it's going to be- start of the blue team or a pink team... ;)
Lyly,I don't know when is my BETA,I just said 10 days because last time they did 10 days after the transfer.
Thanks everybody for worrying about us! :)


Arabsrcool - June 11


tomorrow is the big day. I am so happy it is finally here for you. Then you will start the dreaded 2ww.


sounds like you are close to your transfer day also!. How exciting. you and lyly can compare notes.

you both will have to let everyone know how it goes. I will pray that your embies will make the thaw and you both get BFP!!!!!!!!



vw79girl - June 11

Hey girls...still hot here but a little cooler than yesterday.

Lyly, I can't wait for you to go tomorrow and let us know how many they put in! I hope for you to have all three make it to be able to be transferred to give you the best chance of at least one or two.

Marina, when is your transfer exactly? I am dumb today.

Debbie, can't wait to hear what you are having.

Everyone is thinking I am having one of each...we shall see. How nice would that be :) :)

Jules, get some work done today lol

Ronda and Reshma...hello girls!

Beth...Hope you are feeling okay and not still in any pain or itching.

Jen- How are those triplets doing?

I have been feeling a lot of heavy twitching, twinging, fluttering...especially on the right side. My hubby felt it too. :)


jenfrancis - June 11

Ok, i am tired of this site. >:( :-\
Its always down, and then I dont get emails telling me of replies when I have checked the box...
Well, I just try to check back every now and then.

We are all fine, triplets are fine. Swelling is lower, but still there. Ankles are huge.

Julie - So, let us know what that baby will be!!! I can not wait.

It seems like so much happening, Marina - You are getting close too. Those on the two week wait, I am praying for you.

Anyone a fan of the christmas story movie? My mom and sis are and they want me to go with them on a tour of the house July 5th. Dumb! I will go, since it will be our last outing before I fly out to Houston for good.

No more news.

LISA - fun! I am so excited you are feeling more movement.

I went to the Doc yesterday, had another U/S! YAY, Hubby was there to see them. They were all awake, moving, saw arms and legs, so cute. They did not print me any pics tho. :(



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