IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - June 9

Lisa - what did my daughter do to test me at breakfast - u had to ask? There was an extra straw in my car which she asked if she could bring into Denny's - I had no problem with that as she unwrapped it walking around with it in her mouth... anyway, she dropped it on the floor of Denny's and still anted to put it in her mouth. I tried taking it away but she flipped. When our drinks came she wanted to swap drinks and put her nasty straw in my drink. I would not let her so she had a fit that sent her kicking and scream to the floor. Then her grapes came and she started throwing them at me out of anger. So, I got up and said let's go home. I started to walk out when she chased me, and began hugging me as if she was sorry. psycho 3 yr old! Aren't you glad you asked. Face painting, huh? I bet you are good at it being an art teacher and all.

Lyly - Don't worry about your follicles being slow. There is a girl on my chat that was about to give up hope and just yesterday she went back and all of a sudden they grew very well. She is so happy. Yours will grow too. You have come this far! I believe it will happen. Fingers crosed!!

JasJulesMom - How are you handling the heat and staying cool?

Marina - Be happy you don't have our hot and humid weather - it sucks when you are pregnant!!! I am always worried about swelling. How did your u/s go?

I am sorry I don't respond on this site much anymore - but I feel like every time I try to log on it is down.



lyly14 - June 9

Julie- I actually have the opposite problem. My follicle grew quite well and is a mature size quicker than anticipated given my usual 30 day cycle with lh surge on day 16. I was starting my Lh surge on day 11 but it just did not repture the day following the surge! So they said it could be upt to 48 hrs to collapse so maybe monday. Anyway they said today (day 13) it is still there but smaller. So what does that mean?!? Did it rupture and I ovulated or not? They are waiting for my bloodwork to determine if my progesterone is above 5 and my Lh is going down. So now I have to wait until the afternoon to find out.

I know they said the follicle would collapse but can't it just start to shrink after ovulation? who knows !


Jules614 - June 9

Lyly - Yikes. I had a smiliar problem. I triggered at day 9 because my follicles were growing so raidly and then even after the e/r I had a follicle burst inside of me which was extremely painful I was in tears it hurt so bad and I didn't even cry from the pain of labor!



jenfrancis - June 9

[quote author=bethnyc link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=1245#50244 date=1212851657]
hi girls. I only have a minute as dh is in the other room and he will kill me if he sees me on my laptop. But, there's something I had to tell you guys...

MAJOR SETBACK yesterday -- I had some pain in my right leg (top and bottom) - then saw a rash and decided to go to the doctor. Turns out I have shingles - - yes, you all read that right - shingles. So, needless to say, they CANCELLED my transfer for Tuesday, put me on Provera to get my period. I now have to wait till this clears up and I get my period again so I can start another cycle. That puts me about 35 days from a transfer date. I am beside myself and completely freaking out. How can this happen? Why does this happen? I just don't get it. I'm a big believer in things happen for a reason, but this is a bit ridiculous.

So, I'm home, in bed, in MAJOR pain, hoping the antibiotics will clear this up asap. I need to take a few days off of work next week to get better and de-stress (they say stress is what caused this). I'm thinking about having my RE write me a note so I can take off a month from work as getting pregnant is my priority right now. Although not sure if the RE will do that or not. What a nightmare.

I hope you all are well - have a great day/weekend. I'll try to check back later today to see what's going on with you all.

Beth Oh man. I am so sorry to hear this! I was so anxious the first cycle that I never told my doctor when I had a headache! I wanted to force the cycle to happen no matter what. I would have probably hid it and tried to have them do the transfer anyway. How can you hide shingles tho.

Darn, I know what you are saying about staying home. If you have the sick leave try to take it, if you think that will help. For me staying active with my mind on other things helped better.


jenfrancis - June 9

Marina - Can't wait to see if you can start! And get to follow you through this process.

Lisa and I tried to conference you into the messenger, but your phone does not allow multi conversations. I hope that stubborn follicle is gone tomorrow! Go away damn follicle! :) Lets get the party started.

Beth, again, I am so sad about the shingles. You are right about one thing tho. Everything happens for a reason, your body was not ready for more than one reason. Relax, get rest, and get ready for next month!
DH is so sweet. He ought not to leave you, and go to the beach alone!! NO WAY. How honorable of him to stay with you! Enjoy that!

I am fine, swelling is down. Morning sickness in full effect today. But headaches are at bay for now.


lyly14 - June 9

Julie- I have never had pain from ovulating except from when I did the injectibles but I tend to think it was more from my ovaries being so large and tender at the time of ovulation. I really don't anticipate any pain just waiting for this thing to collapse so they can set up my transfer and tell me when to start the progesterone, lovenox and other stuff. I guess I have to wait till the afternoon to see if I need to go back again tomorrow morning for another u/s and bloodwork.


Arabsrcool - June 9


Hope that follie goes away and you can get onto the transfer business!


I feel so bad for you. Just try and rest and get those nasty shingles to go away.

its nasty hot here too.....I always liked the heat, but not that I am pg, I am not enjoying it too much. We dug a garden/goldfish pond yesterday, it was 90 degrees...damn it was hot and that was alot of digging. Also got a sunburn. Put sun screen on dd and got distracted and didn't get it on me. thats what I get I guess!



lyly14 - June 9

Thanks gals for all your support. It would be really funny if my transfer was on Saturday. What a birthday gift that would be!!!!!!!! Of course an even better gift if it is a BFP.

Beth- How are you feeling? I hope you get better quickly and you are not in too much pain!


JasJulesMom - June 9

Lyly- Hope you get the news you want today. You are a very patient woman. I would definitely be kicking and screaming by now, not that it would get me anywhere.

Julie- After that breakfast bet you can'twait to add another child. Wait til the arguing starts. That is when you want to take them botha nd lock them in your rooms and pull your hair out. My two are 7 years apart and still argue like they are the same age.

Marina- Good luck to you, hope your transfer gets going this week. It would be great for you and Lyly to get BFP on the same day.

Jenn- Glad to hear the swelling is down, hope your morning sickness goes away soon.

Lisa- How are you handling the heat?

Ronda- Sorry to hear about the sunburn. I had the same problem yesterday. You worry so much about the kids you forget yourself. Digging though....thats a bit ambitious for me right now. i just want to go into a cold room and stay there.

As for me. I had my regular OB appointment today and everything was good. Baby's heartrate was between 136 and 152, he said that was very good. The only thing I am upset with is that I gained 6 lbs. I do not even know how. I have not even been eating alot. He said it might be from water retention because of the heat. So my next stop is anatomy scan on Wednesday...cannot wait.


bethnyc - June 9

Hi everyone.

thanks for your kind words. I'm doing ok - still in pain, but it's not as bad as it was on Friday. Although the shingles has seemed to spread down my lower leg (waiting for the doctor to call me back so I can get his POV on what to do). So, like JenFrancis said, how could I hide this? Would have been impossible. And, if they had already thawed the embbies that would have been terrible. I just hope I get my period in 10 days or so and can start the estrogen again. I'm now looking at a transfer around June 8th or so. Not too big of a delay --

I heard it's really hot here, although I've been inside for days. I'm working from home for a few days b/c I can't even put pants on and don't think going to work in my "daisy dukes" will go over too well. Work seems to be ok with that -- in my opinion, they should be ok that I'm even working - I could have just taken the days off instead. Although I do like to keep my mind busy.

Lyly - when are you getting your results back? I think a transfer on your bday would be great, but take it whenever you can and hopefully a BFP will follow.

Marina - you still on track for Friday?

Julie -- crazy breakfast with your dd. I can relate slightly as my niece sounds exactly like that -- the devil one minute and then the sweetest angel you've ever met. Times like that I think to myself is this really what I want??? And, I always think to myself yes, while I know it'll be challenging, I'm up for it because of all the rewards.

I hope everyone is dealing with the heat ok -- especially those of you who are pregnant.



Jules614 - June 9

Jen - I am so sorry your m/s is bad today. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to make it better. It just has to pass.

Lyly - Good luck with your results this afternoon. Please keep us posted.

Ronda - I agree - the heat is no fun when preggers

JasJulesMom - I am happy to hear your appointment went well. I am sorry to hear about the weight gain. When I was 4 or 5 months, I gained 7 pounds at one appointment. I know how you feel.

Beth - I am sorry you can't wear your daisy dukes and the shingles are still there. How long do they last for? Do you have a fever? Are you itchy?



lyly14 - June 9

Beth- I am sorry to hear you are still in pain , but glad it is not as bad as Friday. Did you mean July 8th for a new transfer date? That is not too bad. I hope everything goes as expected and your shingles clears up quickly. As for me I couldn't have said it better. I'll take the transfer whenever I can get it!

I will let you all know what they tell me when I get the phone call this afternoon. I should hear by 5pm.


lyly14 - June 9

Hey girls- update: I am all set. My transfer is on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so I found out they actually thaw the embies on Wednesday but I wont know anything until the day of the transfer. I started my doxycycline, medrol already and I start the lovenox shots tonight. I don't start progesterone until the night after the transfer.

Marina- My beta is on June 25th. It seems so far off from the transfer. When did they tell you yours is?


bethnyc - June 9

Lyly -- Great news! Thursday is almost here. You must be so excited. I wish I was going through this with you.

As for the beta, it does seem like the 25th is a long time from the transfer -- mine was going to be 9 days later, but since you have day 3 embbies (and I had day 5 blastocycts), they probably do it 11 days later which would be Monday, 23rd. Maybe they do extra days since you did a natural cycle?

Let us know how Thursday goes. You will be in my thoughts.

Julie -- I was told shingles last between 2-3 weeks, but I hope that means completely gone in that time, not just sort of gone. They are itchy and painful, but the pain is definitely getting better. I do have a slight fever, but nothing major. And, good news, the doctor said I can work out whenever I feel up to it. I'm a freak about working out so sitting at home is killing me - when I have to do it for the fertility stuff, I get it, but not for this (especially when they say shingles is caused by stress as working out is a huge stress reliever for me). Now, I just need to convince DH that it's ok -




bdantonio - June 9

Marina havent heard fom you in forever how are you


bethnyc - June 9

Hi. I just posted and it seems to have disappeared, so forgive me if this goes up more than once.

Lyly -- great news. Thursday is right around the corner. I so wish I was going through this with you.

As for the beta date, does seem far off - I would have thought it would be the 23rd -- 11 days later (since you have day 3 embbies), but maybe b/c you're doing a natural cycle they add extra days? I know with mine, it was going to be 9 days later since I was using day 5 blastocysts. They must have a reason for it, but I'd ask to make sure it's correct. Why wait extra days if you don't have to.

Julie - I do have a slght fever and this is quite painful and itchy -- feels like a constant burning sensation. And, where they are feels really hot to the touch -- I am getting some pain killers from the doctor today so hopefyully that will help me sleep. Staying home has been nice and today I'm feeling a little better than yesterday -- probably b/c I was working and my mind was occupied.

On a fertility note, I just noticed some staining -- the RE said that might happen because I started the progesterone shots before they cancelled my cycle. But I have to hope that it's not a full on period b/c this will be too soon for them to allow me to start the estrogen again since my lining wouldn't have completely shed. I hope hope hope that it's just staining and that I don't get it. They are all gone for the day so I will call 1st thing in the morning. I don't want to have to wait another full cycle since I usualy don't have a 28 day cycle (more like 40 days) and that will push me out too far into July and the lab is closed in August. YIKES! I guess I could always start lupron for 2 weeks then estrogen, but I'd rather not do Lupron, but if I have to so I don't get pushed off until September I will. I'm not sure my body can take more medication at this point though.

Ok, I have to run -- DH will be home soon and I need to finish working for the day.

Have a good night.




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