IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - June 3

whats this about Jen spotting?



lyly14 - June 3

lisa- I do but i have to admit I rarely check it. My supervisor complains all the time that we need to check it daily but I forget. I'll send it to you but I don't want to leave it on here. If you look to the side of my post here you will see a link that says instant message. click it and it will direct you to be able to send a message above it you will see inbox, outbox etc. click on the inbox. I left you a message.

Ronda- the pushing is the first thing I felt when I was pg with my dd. I spoke to Jen in the morning yesterday and she said she was spotting. Hopefully like Reshma the bleeding is not related to the babies. I know so many people that have had bleeding issues and they now have healthy babies. I haven't heard from her since so I pray everything is okay.


vw79girl - June 3

girlies``` pushing meaning pressure in your lower abdomen? I have had a lot of that. It feels like my stomach is bloated and stretching out. Is that what you mean?


Arabsrcool - June 3


I have the pressure and the bloating feeling too, but what I have been feeling is a stretching/pushing in my stomach that goes away after a few seconds/minutes. Feels like baby is pushing/streching out then curls back up. Maybe I'm crazy, but thats what it feels like.

I have also had some pretty sharp twinges in my stomach, bordering on painful.



vw79girl - June 3

Thanks Ronda,
lol I guess I am feeling lots of the same things but sometimes I am not sure if it's gas and others I don't think I am really aware of it.


bethnyc - June 3

Hi girls.

Had my blood and u/s today and all is good!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm on track to start the progesterone shots on Thursday (can't wait - just kidding). I go back on Saturday for another blood test and then start the meds (antibotics) that day. Transfer is set for 1pm on Tuesday, June 10th (with my RE). Seems like things are falling into place. Now, I just have to hope that we get 2 good embies to thaw (we have 5, for those of you who don't know). Very excited.

I have my sister and her 2 kids (6 and 4) in town which has been amazing. I have spent the past 2 nights with them and am taking off from work on Thursday to spend the day with them. They are so amazing and make me want my own so badly. Her kids look freakishly (is that a word?) like me which is odd since my sister and I don't look too much alike -- people always stop me and tell me how cute my kids are and how much they look like me.

Did I read that Jen was having spotting? What's going on?

Reshma - how are you feeling?

Lyly/Marina - how are you doing? Still on track for transfers in the next 2 weeks?

Rhonda - excited to hear about your 3D u/s -- that's going to be exciting. What's the date? I just want to remember to think about you that day.

Julie & Debbie -- hope all is well with you guys.

Did I miss anyone -- I'm sorry if I did.

I haven't been on messenger in a few days, but will hopefully find sometime when my sister goes home. It was great chatting last week with Lisa and Lyly. We have to do that again.

Got to get back to work -- not only is my sister in town, but so is my MIL and the 2 of us are having an early dinner and going to see SATC, so I need to finish up what I'm working on so I don't feel guilty leaving at 5.

Talk to you later.



JasJulesMom - June 3

Beth so glad you are on your way. June 10th is right around the corner. I know I am countong down the days til the 11th so I get have my anatomy check and will know if it is a boy or girl.

Ronda- I had the same results as you with the predictor test. I will let you know the outcome. What is the date of your 3D u/s?

Lisa- I have been feeling definite kicks and movements over the last couple of days. I love it and now I remember why I loved being pregnant so much it has been great so far.

Lyly- Is your date set for FET? When was the last time you spoke with Jen? Did she have to go to the hospital?

Reshema- How are you?


vw79girl - June 4

Debbie, I can't wait to feel those things. You are a few weeks ahead of me so hopefully soon. :)

Yay! Beth, Can't wait for you to start things. The ball is really rolling now!


Jules614 - June 4

Reshma - Where are you? I hope you are OK.

Jen - I had a lot of spotting in the past as well. But, my baby is still growing strong. Hopefully, yours will too.

Beth - It sounds like you have your hands full with all your company

Lisa - also get the same pressure you are describing. Rest, what is that?

Ronda - I am exciting to hear what your 3D u/s shows. Maybe you will see if it is a boy..

JasJulesMom - I was in the same boat as you. I didn't care the sex but everyone else wanted a boy - well I am giving them a girl. It's not like I had any control..

Lyly - Your bday is June 14th - I don't know anyone that has the same bday as me. How cool is that?

My best friend (known since I was 5) delivered her baby girl today. She was 2 weeks early. I spent the afternoon at the hospital. I can't wait for it to be my turn!!! It brought back such memories to give birth.



lyly14 - June 4

hey girls- Not exactly sure what happened with Jen and the spotting but she did leave me a message that all was well. So she and the babies are doing fine.

Debbie I wont have an exact date for my FET because I am doing a natural cycle not medicated. Which means it depends on when I ovulate. I should be ovulating around the 13th or 14th if all is as usual then the FEt will be 3 days later ( around the 16th or 17th). I am going in on Friday to get my first u/s check of my lining and follicle.

Beth- that is great news! It is getting close.

Marina- How are things with you?

Julie- I though I was the only one born on flag day. I have a few friends whose b day is the 15th but none that are on our day!

Ronda- Did you set up the windows live messenger? what is you screen name?


Jules614 - June 4

Jen - I am happy to hear things are good.

Lyly - Wow, so cool we have the same b-day and your DD is a day before that? wowsers. Yup, flag day babies we are!



lyly14 - June 4

Julie -my dd's birthday is in november, but I have some friends who's birthday is the 15th.

Lisa- I love the new album you put up it is a great idea!


Jules614 - June 4

Lyly - my bad - thought u mentioned a bday on June 13th - maybe that was someone else.

How is everyone doing?

Kaitlyn has been going all day and all night! She is definately makig herself known.



vw79girl - June 4

Lyly, glad you like the "belly shots" album. Greg takes one of me every week lol.

Jules...I can't wait for those definite kicks! Debbie, it sounds like you are loving it. :)

Ronda, when I cough or sneeze, I get those sharp twinges you spoke of. When is your 3D u/s again?

Jen and Reshma! how are you guys???

I had General Tsao's Chicken and some steamed rice tonight...yum! That chicken is oooo good.


Marina - June 4

Hi girls,
Jen,Reshma,hope everything fine with you guys,let us know. ???
Julie and Lyly,not only Lyly's DD looks like Julie(to me),and now you have the same b-days...
Beth-yahoo,so close!How many are you going to put in this time?I think we'll do 2 ,I'm still afraid of twins,but I think I'll take a risk. ::)
Lyly,Lisa-nice chating to you guys 8)!Lisa-great belly shots-only since week 13 you start looking just a little bit preggo :)
Ronda,it's definately your baby moves around!
JasJules...you are the second "oldest"on a team after Julie!


Jules614 - June 4

Lisa - at least when you cough or sneeze you aren't at the point yet where you pee yourself. Wait until those babies are leaning on our bladder.

Marina - That is funny you think Lyly's daughter and I look alike. Do any of you have myspace or facebook? If so, look me up. I have tons of pics there.




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