IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - May 28

Jen, how are you doing?


jenfrancis - May 28

Checking In -

I am fine ladies. Just put in my notice yesterday. My last day of work is July 3. I can not put in more than 6 hours a day. I really would prefer to sleep in and clean up until I go on bedrest.

Hubby wants to go to the Bahamas before I get too big and before the angels come. I dont feel like it! I dont want to travel, and I would love it if he would spend that time off work at home with me, relaxing.


Arabsrcool - May 28


Make sure you tell your dh that. It you don't want to travel, don't. You can have a relaxing vacation at home and maybe get some of those home projects done before you get too big and on bedrest.

Its starting to drive me crazy that I cannot ride my horses. Everyone around me is riding and all I can do is watch. I've made arrangements with a horsey friend of mine to swap horses. Her horse won't stay sound, so she doesn't have a horse to ride. So I can at least have one of my horses getting ridden this summer. Just bummed today. Still excited about being pg, but the warm days are bothering me already!



lyly14 - May 28

Reshma- I am so sorry to hear you are in the hospital again. I was thinking about you last night and tried to messenger you , but I guess I know why I didn't hear from you. I am sorry you had to wait so long for your u/s. I totally understand the devestation of not knowing if your baby is okay. Luckily your baby is doing good and I pray it stays that way. Let us know how you are doing when you can.

Marina- can't wait to go home and visit your page. Like Lisa I am blocked from that site at work. I am so suprised I don't get blocked from this one.


Jules614 - May 28

Hey guys! It looks like the website is back and running again. I couldn't get into it for a couple days.

Ronda - You horse back ride. I did when I was younger. I then got head butted and pooped on. When I was a little girl, I got bit in the head at a farm and ended up in the ER. I think I am done with horses. However, every time I go to Florida, I take Samantha pony riding.

Jen - The Bahamas sounds great! Can I come.. ha ha ha - I would probably be too big!

Marina How you holding up? Any estimate date for your transfer?

Oh Reshma - I got so emotional reading your post. I felt the tears... Darn hormones. I am so glad the baby is doing good. Are you on bed rest until you deliver? You are in my thoughts!

Lyly - I am so glad you like your new doctor. I can't wait to hear more as you have been so patient!

Lisa - Is the m/s lightening up at all?

Hey guys - Katlyn has barely been moving. I have been worried. I was calling my Ob today to do a stress test and as I was on hold she started moving a bit. he is quiet again, but at least I know she is still alive.
My mom gave me all of Samantha's old clothes the other day.. I did laundry from 5 a.m. yesterday until about 11 at night! I forgot how much stuff she had.



jenfrancis - May 28

Reshma - Oh Hunney I am praying fervently for you! I pray for your health and the health of your baby!
Take it easy!

I did tell DH last night that I really did not want to travel. Now he wants to rent our house if we move to Texas! I do not want to rent it out, because after a year I will have to come back here to sell it! I can not imagine leaving my babies to do this!

I am so upset at him. I even did a calculator sell vs renting. Since we could never rent for the entire price of our mortgage, we would also have property taxes, etc, maintenance, we would actually lose more money than the amount of equity that would build up in another year!

I do not want to rent my house to a smoker or pet owner, then what, we also have to get the carpets steam cleaned, and come back here to get the house in order to sell!
I am stressing out over this! I am most certainly stressing! Because he is just not seeing things my way. I do NOT trust renters! I want to sell it as is, and get the equity and cut all ties to this house and get the hell out of this Washington DC area.


lyly14 - May 28

Jen- great idea about the 2 tickers! Now you have one for the countdown and one for the development. Sorry to hear you are stressed. Try to relax and do something to take your mind off of everything. Stress is the last thing you need. You need to take care of you and your 3 little precious angels.

Julie- I am glad Katlyn is moving a bit now. Did you ob ever tell you about kick counts? It was so long ago for me now that I don't remember how many are normal, but I was told to count kicks and call the office if I didn't feel more than a certain amount.

Ronda- Sorry to hear you are bummed but when all is said and done you will be right back on your horse! I used to ride when I was young. My sisters and I took lessons. It was so much fun, I always wanted to go riding again but have not got around to it.

Well girls AF is lurking. I thought I would get it today but I am just starting to spot, so I may be a day behind but at least it is coming. I have been PMSing all day and have some cramps. My box of meds is being delivered today. FET here I come. Yeah!!!!!


jenfrancis - May 28

Lyly -

YAYYYYYYY! Yee DAWGie!!!! I am so excited for you!!!

I am so happy we get to go along with you for this journey! I am sure everything will go great! Prayers, hugs, angels all around you, lyly!

Soon and very soon! Take care. How fun, medicine, crazy as that may sound, I hated the injections, but was thrilled on medicine delivery dates. I had something to look forward to. One step closer! I am so excited.

Wouldnt that be awesome if you had triplets too! HAHA!!


vw79girl - May 28

busy busy girls today...If I am away from this site for an hour you guys are going nuts. lol

E-mail from Reshma says hopefully she will be home tomorrow and that the bleeding is slowing down to just spotting. She is getting lots of rest.

Jen...m/s me? I haven't had any, maybe you meant someone else? How is Katlyn? Kicking you lots again I hope. Remember I was asking you about that? I feel like I will be so excited but also a nervous wreck once the kicking starts.

Ronda, I was thinking about how much I will miss boogie boarding at the beach this summer. I am such a beach/surfer girl in the summer and there will be none of that for me. Just spectating. :/

Jen, that is a good idea about the tickers. very very smart lol. I like looking at both of them, it's interesting.

Marina~ send me that link to the fairies if you can find it. :)
Can't wait to go home and visit your page. What is your dog's name?

YAY Lyly!!! I am glad the crimson tide is coming. Soon you will be done surfing it and onto the drugs and the 2ww!!!

I have an appt. with my urologist today to check on my kidneys and make sure everything is good. I have one twice a year due to the stones. Lyly and I have our share of kidney issues. Grrrrrr. Anyhew, hopefully everything is okay and I don't get any stones during the pregnancy. I haven't had one in 4 years now.



FeCC - May 28

Hello all,
I am just going crazy so I hope somebody will answer me. I am on my 2ww and today is day 10. I will do my beta test on friday (may/30). I spotted today, earlier in the morning. I felt some cramping last sunday (25) but today I am ok. I was devastated. I went to the pharmacy and both a HPT, my results was negative. Then a friend told me that 10days after the transfer was too ealier for a preg test. I dont want false expectations... does anybody knows if was really to earlier? (I am going crazy!)


jenfrancis - May 28

Dear FeCC,

I know they tell you that it may be too early to test. So you are two days from your beta, I would wait for that. The levels that the lab tests for in your blood are at 5, most pregnancy tests are looking for 50, 10 times that amount.

Dont get discouraged. Stay upbeat, yet realistic.

However, have your plan B. If you are starting another cycle, be positive and know that you will start that soon.

I had the same thing. Brown spotting, people told me it could be implantation spotting, I heard is so rare its mythical. I also heard other explanations, but it was my period. I had no cramps and got my brown spotting two days prior to my beta.

But on my my second try, it worked. The doctor knew how my body would handle the medicine.


Jules614 - May 28

Jen - I don't blame you for not wanting to rent your place to a smoker. yuck. Was your hubby upset you didn't want to travel?

Lyly - I understand you AF is lurking. I am as regular as they get but I ended up about 7 days late on the Lupron. I am with Jen - I am so excited for your journey.

Lisa - Good luck at your urologist today. Hopefully, your kidneys are in good shape!



Jules614 - May 28

FECC - The spotting could be implementation bleeding - cramping is also normal even if pregnant!

Good luck!



FeCC - May 28

Thanks you all for the replies.

All I can do is wait and see if my period comes. Beta test is friday morning.

I am not sure about another cycle, we did not talk about that yet. This is my first IVF attempt, I was just able to produce 7 eggs and fertilized 3 (all high quality). They transferred 2 and we frozen 1.

I am not sure where we go from here. DH does not want another cycle. I surelly do. I am praying hard and trying to feel hopefull... but I just want to cry..


lyly14 - May 28

Julie- No lupron for me. Going all natural except for progesterone starting just before the transfer. I am usually regular but always spot before AF. Plus I am just coming off bcp so I know withing 3-4 days of stopping I should get it. I had my last pill Sunday, so today is only the third day of not having it.

Thanks girls for all the happy thoughts!


Jules614 - May 28

Fecc -

I had zero embryo's that ould freeze. DH did not want to do another cycle if it failed either - but I know I did. I guess I was somewhat of an emotional wreck and hubby didn't want to see me go through it again. I was not myself and I was emotionally unstable.




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