IVF anyone?
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Marina - May 27

Hi everybody!
I still didn't get chance to go and register for that MSN live chat ::),but I got your e-mails Lisa-and your pictures and Reshma! 8)
Lisa,you and your hubby very good looking couple! :)
Yesterday we had company over to celebrate my B-day and before I was trying to get my yard all pretty for the party-last summer we put a new pool in our yard and I'm busy planting and decorating before the big day-after June 13 I won't be able to do any heavy lifting or yard work,so I'm trying to get done as much as I can.We still have to put steping stones ::).This weekend went very fast,but we had a blast at my party.

Lyly,I don't get why you both have to take antibiotics? ???They don't need anything from your DH this time,so why is he taking them?They didn't tell us anything,I'm just taking doxy 2 days before the transfer.And you!You are already taking so many antibiotics all this time,you should ask him if this is really necessary.They kill everything-good and bad,I usualy get yeast infection after them. :-\
I hope everybody had a good weekend! :)


lyly14 - May 27

Marina- They want dh to take 1 mega dose( 4 pillsof zithromax at one shot) at the start of the cycle so he doesn't pass anything to me during the cycle. We are both supposed to take the same dose at the same time so we don't pass anything back and forth. My other RE never had him take anything last time. This RE does it as a precaution. I am not sure why I have to take the doxy. I wasn't told anything about that until the pharmacy called with the order. I thought it was the just the one dose together at the same time. I have to stop by the new RE tomorrow to give them our consent forms so I will ask why I need the zithromax now and the doxy later. Maybe the doxy is so they don't send any infections into the uterus when they put the catheter in for the transfer.

I used to be the same way with the yeast infections! Yuk! It was so horrible I cringed when they wanted to put me on antibiotics because I knew I would get a yeast infection. I started asking for diflucan everytime I had antibiotics, but.... Since I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and pre-diabetic and put on metformin I don't get yeast infections from them anymore. I think it was all the sugar ( yeast loves sugar) that was doing that for me.


Jules614 - May 27

Marina - I am also curious why your hubby is taking something? I would be curious to hear their reply.

Lyly - I had my first yeast infection a couple months ago - I put an applictor in my vagina all the way when pregnant rather than only half way and I hurt my cervix. I bled for 4 weeks.



jenfrancis - May 27

[quote author=Jules614 link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=1080#49884 date=1211568067]
I just wanted everyone to know I passed my diabetes test!!!! I am so relieved! I guess they look for levels under 130 and my levels were 118! Phew.


YAY JULIE! What a blessing That must be great to know! That is wonderful, you dont need any complications!


jenfrancis - May 27

[quote author=Marina link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=1095#49899 date=1211693268]
Hi guys...I feel like I haven't been here 100 years...
MSN chat?Wow,I totally feel left out! ::)
I'm pleased to see everybody safely made 15-16 weeks!
Jen,is this a mistake,your ticker says 15 weeks?I didn't think you are that far, or I missed something?Or you decided what the heck,I'm having triplets and I can just run through the pregnancy three times faster now?lol ;)
AFM,I've had u/s,still doind lupron(no headaches this time) and on May 27 I start estrogen,so it put's me 3 days behind Beth.
Lyly,I'm so sorry to hear about your problems >:(.Hopefully it won't put you of again,we need a third player to complete our nice FET gang.
You know guys,I came back from my trip in totaly different mood-not stressed out anymore,relaxed and just kind of live a normal life ,without thinking every second about the whole process.Of course,I'm looking forward to that special day (and than another 10 longest days in whole life ;)),but this time it's without fanatism.
I'd like to see all the pictures,but I'm not sure how to do this.
My e-mail< [email protected]>


Lyly- I changed it to match my actual due date. On paper 40 weeks is Jan 1, but I was told my date would be November 13. I just wanted to know how many days left. I like this ticker better since its more realistic to when I should deliver.


Arabsrcool - May 27

Hi girls,

you all have been very busy.

Lisa, Julie and Reshema, I got your pics!! Thank you. Its nice to put a face with a name. I tried to email all of you pics from work, but guess what, they have blocked that now. Darn them for trying to make it all work and no play. What do they think this is......a workplace????? I'll send them from home!


glad you passed your test.


welcome back and I'm glad you had a good vacation.



vw79girl - May 27

Good Morning girls~

Marina~ Glad you liked the pics and thanks for the compliment. :) Happy belated Birthday and yes yes! get as much done now as you can. I still take it easy when doing yard stuff but not as much as I did in the very beginning.

We had a bbq at our house yesterday and I ate way too much but I couldn't help it. SO good! The weather was gorgeous all weekend.

Jen, I know what you mean about the due date moving up, I guess I didn't realize it would move up that much. They still have my date as Nov. 16th but if I go by that calculator I sent you, I would be due on Oct. 26th so that is like 2.5 3 weeks earlier than originally expected. We shall see! :)

Julie, sounds like you had a good weekend of feasting.
The chicken sandwich was amazing as always. How is Kaitlyn doing? I am busy putting artwork together for a show we have here at school on Thurs. night. I have everything matted, just need to put it on display boards and do some name tags.

Lyly, hope you are feeling better. Good to talk to you this weekend.

Reshma, I was exhausted last night but sent you a message before I crashed, hope you got it.

How is Ronda today? and Beth and Debbie, how are you girls doing?


vw79girl - May 27

Ronda! lol you and I were both posting around the same time so I see you are well and yes, when you have a chance, send some pics along. I am blocked from practically everything here at school too. It stinks! That page that Reshma, Jen, Lyly and Julie and I have is great. If you want to set one of those up and you still need help, let us know. The easiest part of it is you can just keep adding or updating pictures. :)


Marina - May 27

Julie,you probably missunderstood me-my dh isn't taking any pills this time,and when we did the fresh cycle they told him not to either.That was Lyly and her hubby.I guess this is just to be on a safe side.
Jen,I understand now why your ticker says more than it is,but isn't it a little confusing-you kind of forget your babies real age and go just by a due date? ???Who knows when their due date,it could be anything,but just for the right information on babies development...But that's just me,I just liked to read week by week what's going on inside me as I go.


vw79girl - May 27

Marina~ I hadn't thought of it that way but I do the same, read week by week and I am hoping I go almost right up until that due date. I think my mother is planning a shower for me sometime in August. September is too nutty with school starting, my birthday and a huge 3 day Greek Festival we have here in Manchester. Jules you would love it. :) You are the one who likes Greek food right? October is too close to the babies coming. I want to enjoy setting things up with Greg and putting things away. Looks like our "coat closet" will no longer be a coat closet in that room. lol

Awesome pics Maina! Thanks for sending them along. :)

Lyly, only 5 weeks left to go now...home stretch. :)

It is really warm here today. Kind of humid.


lyly14 - May 28

Jen- I totally understand what you are saying about your due date. Rarely anyone has there baby at exactly 40 weeks anyway. Carrying triplets to term is not common, but like Marina I would want to know what stage of development my little peas in a pod were at. If you are happy with your ticker and the countdown then don't mind us! It is whatever makes you feel better that counts. Enjoy your pregnancy the way you want :)

Julie- It was my dh that has to take the antibiotics. He never took them with the fresh but since we have a new doc new rules! It is just a precaution so we don't pass anything back and forth to each other. Luckily he doesn't have to take the doxy at the time of transfer, just the zithromax at the start.

Lisa- June is going to be a really busy month. I have so much going on (recitals , end of year parties, close out paperwork). If I hadn't been waiting this long I would have never planned for a June transfer. But if this doesn't work I want to do a fresh cycle over the summer when it is calm and I am work free, so no more hold offs if I can help it.

Marina- I totally missed it, but Happy belated B-day! How are you doing with your cycle so far?

Debbie & Ronda- How was your memorial day weekend? I hope you are both feeling good!

Reshma- I live all the pics on your page. Your first mother's day gift was gorgeous! It must have made you feel good.

Beth how are things going for you? I think you are the first one to have the transfer of the three of us. You are going on the 10th right?

So who else was able to get the msn messenger and set up a page?


vw79girl - May 28

Girls~ I wanted to let you know that Reshma is in the hospital. She e-mailed me earlier in the day and I will attach bits of them so you guys know what is going on. Apparently she started bleeding last night so she went to the hospital and had to wait until this morning for an u/s.I am

This is from Reshma:
~~doing ok and my little one is ok thank God. When I came in last night they couldn't detect the heartbeat with the doppler and I couldn't get an u/s until this morning so I was a nervous wreck. I cried all night. It is the placenta so I am in the hospital until the bleeding stops and then its back to bedrest. I was so relieved to see and hear the heartbeat which was a strong 153 and baby was moving around a lot. I am much less of a basket case now. They can't explain why my placenta keeps tearing....maybe its the same tear that opened back up but they just can't tell from u/s. I guess I just need to stay off my feet as much as possible. I am in much better spirits and am anxious to go home. I don't know what I'm going to do about work though but i'll think about that when I get out of here.
I hope you had a good Memorial Day and say hi to the gang for me.

She is using a phone to e-mail so I am sure when she is up to posting she will. Keep her in your thoughts and say a little prayer for her that everything is okay with both of them.

I am off to bed. It was a long day at school. Lyly, June is going to be a nutty month for me too. I will just be glad when our summer vacation starts!

Marna, how did you get the fairy on your profile? I tried to do that today and it wouldn't work to put something there. grrrr

goodnight girls! sweet dreams. :)


Marina - May 28

Lisa,we live in Minnesota,and on Sunday we had a bad tornado just a few miles away from our area-you guys probably saw it on a news.I coudn't even imagine it was so bad-we didn't even get hail at my house,but my friend who lives 2 min away,got it the size of a golf ball!
Anyway,Monday was very cold-barely 48,and we had frost at night!I'm just sick of it,I just planted and we had to carry everything in the house!I still hope we'll have summer some day!
Lyly,thanks!I'm on my first Estrace pill(estrogen) and baby aspirin,June 9 I have u/s to see how is my lining grow.
now guys,if you exuse me,i'm going to try to set up my page finally ,so I can see you all


Marina - May 28

Hi guys,there is definately a problem with this site today-I wrote alot and it just ate it!I see Lisa posted 3 times,probably the same happened to me,but it just dissapear.
I'm so sorry to hear about Reshma.No kidding-bed rest for sure!Thanks God the baby doing good.It is very important to be of your feet.if this is placenta irruption(or separation)it's not a joke.
Reshma,i'll pray for you,dear.
Lisa,it's a good question about Fairy.If I remember correct,go to your profile and it gives you an option where you can pick a picture or you can copy and paste animation or picture from another program (where it says "own picture'")Or did you need the web where I got that fairy?
And girls,I sent you all invitations-I finally set up my page,see if it works,so I can see you all.
Lyly,I'm on my first Estrace pill today(estrogen) and baby aspirin, and lupron down to 5u,u/s on June 9 to see my lining-that's it,nothing interesting.


vw79girl - May 28

Marina~ I guess I would appreciate the web so I can see if I can get something from it. It won't let you just put in your own pic ulness you have a myspace or facebook it seems. I would like to put a regular pic but I don't think I can. I will check for your profile on Live Space when I get home as I am blocked from the site at school.


vw79girl - May 28

Jen, how are you doing?



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