IVF anyone?
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RB - May 23

Jules - thank God! I know how relieved you must be :)

Lyly - my heart goes out to you! If there is one person who has had more than their fair share of trials it has to be you. I cant belive they made you drink that awful thing for nothing! I hope things get better for you soon hon.

Beth - congrats on getting started! Soon you will be on the 2ww! I hope you can steal a few minutes with your laptop so you can join us on windows live :)

Lisa and Jen - i loved seeing your u/s pics...its so cool to see the multiple sacs....wow!

Jen - i can understand the decison to stay at home...i am contemplating it myself because i dont have much in the way of support from family and i am leery of being so dependent on a stranger to care for my baby...at the very least i may change my current terms so that i can work from home more - at least for a year or two.

Ronda - hope you get a chance to get onto windows live...its really cool and not that diffuicult to set up.

Debbie - hope you can come up for air...at least over the weekend. How did your test go?

Lisa and Ronda - 15 weeks!!!! whooo hooo!!!! :) :) :) :)


Jules614 - May 23

Thanks RB - I was nervous.

So, how many of you are going to find out the sex of the babies?



vw79girl - May 24

Julie, I find out on the 26th of June :) Glad your test went well. I will e-mail you some pics tomorrow and Ronda too. Jen lemme know if you set up a page yet.


Jules614 - May 24

Lisa - I can't wait!



RB - May 24

I am definitely finding out...i have an OB visit on June 3rd and then a 3D u/s on June 13th which will be week 18 so we should be able to tell by then.

I also have a great site for you girls to check out. They show you the stages of a baby's development from conception to birth! it is really amazing and i hope you check it out.


Once you get in, click on home and it will take you to the correct page.

Let me know what you think.


BTW, Marina...where are you????


Jules614 - May 24

Reshma -

Thanks for the website.



vw79girl - May 24

Hope all of my girls are having a good day. Jules, I sent you and Jen and Ronda pics. Lyly, you should be able to see them on the site and anyone else, I am not leaving you out but... I don't have your e-mails to send.

I went to a nice Mother's Day lunch thing with my mom today for a women's group we belong to through our church. Wherever there is food, there is Lisa! :)
We had this delicious lemon cake for dessert. I only ate half of mine and took the rest home to enjoy tomorrow. I was stuffed.

Bought some flowers today to plant in our big barrel out in front of our house and a nice pot we have on our porch. It is nice out but still so cool and a little breezy here in NH.

Reshma, I got a new battery today(returned the one from 2006) and we tried the monitor. I swear I heard a faint heartbeat but who knows which one it was lol. I heard a lot of thumping around. Greg loves that there are two headsets for it. I am thinking we will hear more in a few weeks. Very cool though and inexpensive too!

I am off to nap and then I am working a bit at the restaurant tonight. Everyone will be touching my belly lol.

:) Lisa


vw79girl - May 24

Lyly and Julie, nice pictures. Thanks for sending them. I love being able to see you guys! and your families and pets! :)


Jules614 - May 24

Hey Lisa - Great pics.

Today, Greg and I worked onthe nursery and Samantha's room. I pained the letters that read "SAMANTHA". WE bught some organizers, moved things around... I am very tied now... Greg is passed out on the couch.



Marina - May 25

Hi guys...I feel like I haven't been here 100 years...
MSN chat?Wow,I totally feel left out! ::)
I'm pleased to see everybody safely made 15-16 weeks!
Jen,is this a mistake,your ticker says 15 weeks?I didn't think you are that far, or I missed something?Or you decided what the heck,I'm having triplets and I can just run through the pregnancy three times faster now?lol ;)
AFM,I've had u/s,still doind lupron(no headaches this time) and on May 27 I start estrogen,so it put's me 3 days behind Beth.
Lyly,I'm so sorry to hear about your problems >:(.Hopefully it won't put you of again,we need a third player to complete our nice FET gang.
You know guys,I came back from my trip in totaly different mood-not stressed out anymore,relaxed and just kind of live a normal life ,without thinking every second about the whole process.Of course,I'm looking forward to that special day (and than another 10 longest days in whole life ;)),but this time it's without fanatism.
I'd like to see all the pictures,but I'm not sure how to do this.
My e-mail< [email protected]>


Jules614 - May 25

Marina -

Welcome back. It is greta to hear from you. I think Jenni so far ahad because her due date is a lot quicker than someone having twins or singletons - but I could be wrong.

I am so glad to hear that you are not as stressed. You have had a very tough journey and my heart always goes out to you.

It is Sunday and we are going to my sister-in-law/bro-in-laws for a BBQ tonight and a block party tomorrow. My parents offered (they live down the street from my in-laws) t take Samantha overnight.. kinda weitd because they never want to take her...

Hubby was craving McDonalds last night so he brought home a double cheeseburger and 2 apple pies for me. I ate it all. It was so good. He hate 3 double
cheeseburgers and of course he won't gain a thing...
Kaitlyn enjoyed it all! She was bouncing after.



vw79girl - May 26

Marina, I will send you a couple of pics as soon as I have a sec.
Glad you are back and on schedule :) You sound so relaxed which is soooo good for what is coming up for you!

Reshma, I resent that pic so you should have it but let me know if you don't.

We are having a cookout tomorrow at our house. :) My family is coming over after the Parade. My hubby is marching in it, so proud of him.

I got up early, planted some flowers and went to church. Huge prayers out to all of you ... my girls. Anyhew, on my way home, stopped at BK for my chix sandwich...lol SHOCKER! My husband can eat a double whopper and everything else to go along with it and not gain an ounce. brats!!! so you seee Jules, I can totally relate to what you are saying.

15 weeks today!!! :)


RB - May 26

Marina, welcome back! we missed you! Glad to hear that you are on track for your FET and that you are in much better spirits. Sounds like that trip was exactly what you needed! :) Your very loooong 2ww wait will soon be here but you have all of us to help you, Beth and Lyly through it...i think of you and all the girls when i say my prayers.

As for msn chat - its really easy to get set up and those of us who are on already...Lisa, Jen, Lyly and me...even have a Page where we can upload and share photos (its like a myspace page but only for us!). Its really great being able to put a face to each others' names and seeing each others families. Those who arent on are updated via email since we cant post photos here and it wouldnt be just among us anyway.

I'll send you an email to help get you set up!

Hope the rest of you girls had a great weekend and are planning to do something enjoyable tomorrow...think of me as I will be working :( But i have Friday off anyway!

Jules, if your parents have Samantha for the night you and Greg can get busy! Hope you make the most of it! ;)

Lyly, hope you are feeling much better.

Take care and stay well,



lyly14 - May 27

Hi girls- I hope everyone enjoyed there memorial day weekend. I am starting to feel a bit better today. Thank you to all you girls who have been asking. I had to go back to the doctor this morning and get a stronger inhaler and he increased my antibiotics. I think the new inhaler is doing the trick. I just hope this goes away quickly. Dh and I still haven't gone for the blood work we needed because I got sick. So we are suppossed to go tomorrow no matter what. Otherwise I am afraid they will say it is too late. I am going back to the urologist tomorrow so he can read my CT scan. I am really hopeful there is no more stone because I have been pain free for a while now. So hopeful it has passed.

I should be getting my meds (lovenox, my only shot :D, progesterone gel caps,medrol and doxycycline) any day now. I am not sure why they are having me take the doxy since they gave both dh and I a script for zithromaz. We were suppossed to take 4 pills each yesterday with my last bcp, but since I am taking tons of antibiotics now my doctor told me to wait to finish those first. I wonder why I will have to take the doxy too on top of the dose of zithromax ( so many antibiotics!)

Marina- I am glad to hear your vacation did you good! It sounds like you needed to get away. If all goes well I should be within a few days of you and beth. I should get my period by Wed or thurs. If my cycle is its usual I should ovulate around day 16-17. My transfer is 3 days after that so that puts me around June 16th. There is a good possibility that I could go sooner since I am coming off being on the bcp for the past 3 months. So who knows. I start getting monitored on day 9 or 10 of my cycle to see where I am at.


Jules614 - May 27

Lisa - How was your chix sandwich? I ate soooo bad this weekend. I had two BBQ's to attend. I ate so many deserts and bad food! I probably put on all the weight I lost last week.

Reshma - Yeah, my parents had Samantha but we stayed at a friend's over night - as for getting busy - not in the plan untl after the baby is born since I had all that cervical bleeding. I don't want to take any chances.

Lyly - So glad you are feeling better! I can't wait for you to get started again! It's your turn!



Marina - May 27

Hi everybody!
I still didn't get chance to go and register for that MSN live chat ::),but I got your e-mails Lisa-and your pictures and Reshma! 8)
Lisa,you and your hubby very good looking couple! :)
Yesterday we had company over to celebrate my B-day and before I was trying to get my yard all pretty for the party-last summer we put a new pool in our yard and I'm busy planting and decorating before the big day-after June 13 I won't be able to do any heavy lifting or yard work,so I'm trying to get done as much as I can.We still have to put steping stones ::).This weekend went very fast,but we had a blast at my party.

Lyly,I don't get why you both have to take antibiotics? ???They don't need anything from your DH this time,so why is he taking them?They didn't tell us anything,I'm just taking doxy 2 days before the transfer.And you!You are already taking so many antibiotics all this time,you should ask him if this is really necessary.They kill everything-good and bad,I usualy get yeast infection after them. :-\
I hope everybody had a good weekend! :)



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