IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - December 6

Julie- The doctor said it was probably from the lupron, but is not changing my meds. He said if it happened again it would be really bad luck. Well unfortunately for me I have really bad luck!!!!!!! Anyway, I think he will check my ovaries to look for mid sized follies before he puts me back on lupron, that way it reduces the chances of a cyst developing with the initial influx of hormones from the lupron. I am glad to hear you went for a massage. I love going for those. My last one was almost a year ago on Valentines day we went for a couples massage.

Jena- How long ago was the IUI? What day is you beta? Lots of baby dust to you.


Jules614 - December 6

Lyly - god luck to see if you get cysts again. I have a feeling my IVF didn't work - I don't feel pregnant AT ALL.
I just played hookie from work for an hour to go shopping for hubbies holiday party.



Brianandjena - December 7

HI *HUG* i had my trigger shot on the 30th(friday) and the iui on sunday (2nd). I am cd 17 today.
they dont give me a beta appointment they just tell me to poas.. i wish they did the beta...
How r u doing?


lyly14 - December 7

Julie- Don't get discouraged. You never know. I am praying for you!

Jena- I am okay. I am going to the RE Sat morning to check on the cyst. I was having some pain the last two days so the dr wants me to come in and have it checked to see what is going on. How are you feeling? Any symptoms? It is still kind of early. When are you going to POAS?


Jules614 - December 7

Lyly - thanks for the advice. Good luck Saturday. I hope there is nothing wrong.



lucky - December 7

Hie jena
sorry for a late reply, yes i was at the hospital on the 4 , she things every thing is going smooth i started the puregon shots on the same day, there not so bad quite easy because of the purogon pen i dont need to calculate the dose or mix it its all done with the pen, but my experience with the iui shots was bad ,because of the normal injections. i have another time on the 13 and then i will find out the size of the follicles lets hope for the best. the ratrieval should be between the 15 18 dec. what aboat u hope ur doing well long time did not wright to u direct, check ur yhoo msn. we can live chat if u like or any one just to share some thoughts,
good luck jules i hope ur doing well i have been reading all the posts well i tried.


Jules614 - December 7

Thanks Lucky for all your kind thoughts. This waiting period has me on my toes. How do you during your waiting periods. What do you do for fun beside fertility treatments? Did you check out the Dr. Phil yesterday - it was all about fertility treatments and what women will do for a baby.



lucky - December 7

Hie lyly
Well when i was doing my iui i use to work in london ofcourse my cause of being in london was only treatment because of my family being there and i was born there too, so i decided to work part time just for the fun of it,i know it sounds weard but the job was very exciting so the time past well in all that family bisness, but hear in oslo with my husband i dont know how i will cope because i have no family except friends and dh. but am not at 2ww soon will be hope before cristmas deppending on my follicle result on thursday
lots of babay dust :)


Brianandjena - December 8

hi everyone, lucky, Jules,lyly,
well I am on cd 19 and I had trigger shot on cd12(around noon) and i had iui on cd 14 @ 10am
syptoms: my breast are a little sore. and some slight pain in my lower tummy. i am geting twinges every now and then, Nothing like 1st time. (although they didnt mean anything the first time,,lol.. I got a bfn..
THank you guys for checking in on me*HUG* i check on u guys everday. sometimes I dont log in. I am not wanting to discourage anyone, with my negativity about this cycle.. *HUG*


Jules614 - December 8

Jena - sounds like u r pregnant! Good luck



lucky - December 9

O jena we r so happy for u , it seems every thing is in place cross r fingers ,when r u going for a test?
lots of baby dust


lyly14 - December 10

Hi everyone- just checking in to see how everyone is doing.

Julie- Almost time to test right? I am praying you get a bfp. Baby dust

I went to the RE yesterday. The follicle is still there and only slightly smaller (it went from 36mm to 31mm). Looks like I have a bit of waiting to do before we can try the IVF again. He scheduled me for a recheck in three weeks. I go back the day after christmas, lets hope those three weeks of continued birth control pills are enough to control and diminish that cyst.

How was everyone's weekend?


Jules614 - December 10

Lyly -

Glad to hear the cyst is at least shrinking. My weekend was awful. Had a BIG family blowout.. long story. I think these fertility drugs are kicking my bu**!

How was your weekend?



lyly14 - December 10

Julie-Sorry to hear about your weekend. I know the fertility drugs can definitely mess with your emotions. Dh and I had major blowouts when I was on the clomid. My weekend was busy. Lots of shopping and we had my family chanukah party sat night. Now that that is almost done (only 2 more nights), its on to christmas. It is hectic and expensive celebrating both, but I do christmas for dh. My dd also loves it now because she always wanted to celebrate christmas , but both her father and I don't celebrate it so I never decorated the house for christmas before. Now that dh is a part of our lives we have a tree and everything.

How are you holding up? How are the progesterone shots going?

I just put in a call to my RE this morning because I am spotting again on the stupid birth control pills. Last time I was on them I started spotting after one week of pills until I went off and got my period. Now it has been a week again on the pills and once again I am spotting. I can't take it. I don't want to spot for the next three weeks (or longer depending on how long he keeps me on the active pills) until my recheck.


Jules614 - December 10

Hey Lyly - I celebrate Chanukkah too. You probably need a stronger pill and that is why you are spotting, I had a uge family blowout - my sister was spying on my IVF chats and told my parents my deppest and darkest secrets. I was so mad at her and she is wiping it in my face about her pregnancy and that I am a miserable person.. I stood up my parents chanukkah party and will never speak to her again.



lyly14 - December 10

Julie- I am so sorry to hear about what your sister did. Mine is the same way, just doesn't know when to mind her business. My sister hates my dh more than you could ever know. I didn't really tell my family or my friends we were trying but after my last miscarriage and when I started hemmorhaging (don't know if I spelled that right) everyone close to me knew. She started talking to anyone ( and I mean anyone) about my business and how she thought I was crazy to have a baby with him. Anyway regardless of that it is not something I like to discuss with people I am close to let alone people I don't really know. I was so angry with her and we eventually had a huge blowout (not just over that, things have been accumulating). I didn't talk to her for months and she actually moved out of the apartment in my house. I am still angry and resentful, but trying to ignore her negativety and just move on with my life, regardless of what she thinks. I have not discussed anything about the IVF with her and refuse to tell her anything now. That really stinks that your sister was spying on you that way. And the fact that she was telling other people (even your parents) about your business is terrible. I guess she knows about the websites and your username.



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