IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - May 20

If you are due in mid. Nov. you could be right around Reshma, Ronda and I. My due date according to the OB is the 16th of Nov. :) According to that calculator, I would be due with twins on Oct. 26th.
I think I had to adjust my ticker once I found out the due date because what they were telling me I was and what the ticker read after I put the info in messed it up.
Glad I can make you and Julie laugh about my cravings lol.

I called today to see if I can get an u/s on June 5th when they do my 2nd bloodwork and my 2nd OB check up. Still waiting to hear back.

I wish we could post pics on this site. :) Maybe we can all get onto Yahoo messenger or aol instant messenger and we could chat one on one or have little chat rooms when we all happen to be on. We could also send pics back and forth that way. I would love to do a face book or a my space but as a teacher, I really don't like the idea. I think I would be too worried about someone hacking into it or something.


JasJulesMom - May 20

You ladies are making me hungry. Unfortunately all my cravings are crazy and no one is New Jersey has what I want. I love greek food and I am always craving it. Not many greek restaurants around here. My other big craving is potato Knishes with spicy mustartd and saurkraut, no one in New Jersey even know what a Knish is. I have to wait to go to New York to get one.

Now I am really hungry.

Jen- I can'yt tell you what it feels like to have three babies inside but I can tell you what it feels like to have 10lbs of baby inside. It is crazy. You feel like you cannot move and you enter the room 20 minutes after your belly. My dd was 10lbs.


JasJulesMom - May 20

Oh Lisa-Great idea about the Chat. I know what you mean about the other sites.


jenfrancis - May 20

My daughter was 9.7. She was 21 inches long and had a 14 inch head. I could see her hand when she would stretch!

My belly was so stretched out, my skin was so thin that they told me if she would have grown any bigger there would have been fluid leaking out! Scary.

Which tells me I am in trouble if they have to be 4 lbs each!
I am very nervous!


Jules614 - May 20

Just so you know regarding myspace - my page is private. Only people who I approve are allowed to view my page. That being said, you don't have to worry about anyone seeing your info that you don't want to.



jenfrancis - May 20

Hmm, ok, that sounds better. Thank you for telling us Julie!
I think we can post our own pictures on here. In the profile you can add a picture of your own.


Jules614 - May 20

Jen - thanks for the update.



RB - May 20

This board is so active these days :) I guess we have lots to talk about...FETs, twins, triplets, kicks, rumbles and cravings!!!!

Let me tell you my story on cravings...i am going from one extreme to the next...one week i cant stand the sight or smell of meat, especially chicken, and the next week i am craving burgers and steaks!!! I am also stuffing down pretzels and peanuts (not at the same time) and eating olives (the black ones) straight from the bottle. Since the start of my pregnancy i've alsio been eating lots of pickled mangoes or pineapples (we call it mango/pineapple chow...its half ripened mangoes/pineapple, sliced and marinated in salt, black pepper, hot pepper and spices...its soooo good). And recently, i was craving ice cream at 10 in the night so hence the trip to the pharmacy for Haagen Daas and i got the heart beat monitor as a bonus! ;D Poor Dh, my cravings keep changing and they happen at really weird hours too...i woke up at 3:30 in the morning feeling for a boiled egg a few weeks ago and the poor thing got up and made it for me. He is so sweet.

Ronda, sorry to hear that you havent been feeling too well...i had a bad week with headaches recently...like every single day i either woke up with one or went to bed with one...then they stopped. Dh said it was because i was stressing myself out...maybe he was right.

Lyly, Marina, Beth - how are you all doing? Any developments?

Lyly, read about your stresses with the clinic....at least once your FET is done and you get your BFP!!! you wont have to deal with them again. Hang in there.

Lisa - you can actually chat online from this site if you happen to be online at the same time but i like the idea of being able to post up pictures and so on. I am actually on facebook but i have it set up so only people that i accept as friends can view my photos. So facebook or myspace might be an option.

Jen...looks like you are joining Lisa, Ronda, Debbie and I...we're all due around the same time!!! How exciting!!!


jenfrancis - May 20

I know, isnt that crazy, I never would have thought they would be here this soon! I know its for their own good that they stay inside me as long as possible, so bed rest i am certain will be inevitable.
I know it will be hard but I can do it!


lyly14 - May 20

Hi girls- Lots going on this morning. All this talk about cravings. I get them too but not for the same reasons, I am just being a pig! lol. Anyway I finally talked to my nurse. She spoke to the dr. and dh doesn't have to repeat any of the hepatitis blood work :) but he does have 2 tests that are not that expensive that he needs. So I am finally all set. She is also ordering my Lovenox. Not really looking foward to that shot. I heard it really burns but I am sure I will get by the repronex burned too when I did the last IVF. Now I am just waiting to finish my pills. Only 6 left then I should get AF by may 28th and wait to ovulate. Hope all my little embies make it through the thaw!

Lisa- I hate to brag (yeah right) but I only have a 4 day week this week and a 3 day week next week. We normally have the Friday and Monday for Memorial day weekend but we always get extra days because we never use our snow days.

Talk to you all later.


jenfrancis - May 20

Lyly - I pray for the 3 little embies! I hope they all make it too!
Glad the doc can get by without the expensive tests! Seems like long as its not older than a year, they ought to be ok.
Many docs assume that insurance covers so much, and they take for granted when they order all that testing!

Enjoy the time off! I am so happy its coming down to the fun part for you! Shots - I know you hate them, but its progress. Take care, hope it does not burn too much. There is a cream called Emla cream which numbs the area, and i found that helped when I had to take the huge HCG trigger shot! That burned my first cycle and left a knot under the skin. So I requested the emla (which is a prescription)!


vw79girl - May 21

Girls...would it be possile for all of us to download(if we don't have it already) aol instant messenger? it is free and I would love to have you all as a group. IF you aren't familiar with it, it is so easy. If we are all on or some of us on at the same time, we could chat and there is even a way I believe to have a chat room and we can all talk together if it worked out that way. I just feel like sometimes I want to talk directly to you guys like right now, right this minute lol. Does anyone know what I mean? I have tried to instant message some of you through this and it doesn't work all that well. Also, if you are on the messenger, you could send pics back and forth if you like right in the message box. Let me know if any of you already have a screen name for that. you would go to http://dashboard.aim.com/aim. all you do is install it and create a screen name.

:) Lisa


lyly14 - May 21

Lisa- are you familiar with Windows live messenger? That is the instant messenger I use. You can send pics and chat just like the aol one. I used to have aol but got rid of it because most of the people I chat with have the other one.


vw79girl - May 21

Lyly, I have a mac, can i still use it?


vw79girl - May 21

ok, i think i downloaded it, what is your sn Lyly?


lyly14 - May 21

Good question. I'll have to check into it. It is part of msn so I don't see why not but I am really not sure.



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