IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - May 16

Julie, I work at a school. High School. As an Art Teacher. :)

Reshma, NO, you are not being selfish or unreasonable. The last thing you need right now is stress. She should respect that and care for your well being and that of your little one growing inside you. I hate sometimes that people can be so inexcusably mean to the people they should love the most.

Beth, I know what you mean with age and the fertility stuff. It can be so frustrating. Hang in there!


Jules614 - May 16

Lisa -

Art Teacher's Rock! I was in honor's art in high school and won an award for an acrylic painting I did. It was 4 sneakers drawn into a cartoon - they had mouths and were smiling.... I wish I still had it to put in Samantha's room - but I think it got lost in the move - or it is somewhere in my port folio.



vw79girl - May 16

oh wow Julie, honor's art? I'm impressed. :) That sounds like a cool project actually, if you ever find it, I would love for you to send me a pic via e-mail, perhaps I could do it with my students. :)

I really love teaching art. A lot of my students are serious about their work and going to college for it. The talent level is incredible. I wish I had more time these days to do my own work. Mostly I do it for commission, little jobs for people here and there. The money under the table is great.


lyly14 - May 16

Wow it is busy on here. It has been 2 pages since my last post. Forgive me if I miss a response to someone.

Reshma- They took you off the blood thinner completely? Make sure they do extra tests on you to make sure the blood flow in the placenta is good and you don't develop any clots. The last time I was pg I saw the perinatologist and they monitored me frequently with u/s. I was told I would have doppler flow studies and all sorts of stuff but I never made it completely to the second trimester. I had been told that with my next pregnancy I would be on blood thinners from 6 weeks pg to 6 weeks post. Of course I never got pg and no one offered me the shots to try to achieve pregnancy untill now. He told me I will start the day after a retrieval on a fresh cycle or the day of follicle collapse on a natural cycle. I am hoping this will make a difference!

Lisa- I am so happy it is Friday! Unfortunately it is raining here. Yuck! It seems to rain every friday.

Beth- I am happy that I have people to go through the process with. Are you doing lupron and meds like Marina?

Debbie- I feel the same way. It is nice that we have kept in touch. I remember when you said you were taking a break and now you are way past me. I hope I will be able to join you in the world of pregnancy soon.

Thank you to all the girls for your continued support I am so glad to have found such a nice and comforting group to share my thoughts and feelings with.


bethnyc - May 16

Lyly -- i hear you on it being Friday. And, you're right, it has rained every Friday lately.

I am doing a semi-natural cycle, so no Lupron (yeah). I will start Estrogen pills and patch on day 2 (which should be before 5/27). Then start progesterone shots on day 14. You're doing it completely natural, right?

Reshma -- You are not being selfish at all. You need to do what's good for you right now and what will bring you postiive energy. You need to keep the negativity far far away. You are going through something very stressful on your body and don't need any added stress.

Like Lyly, I wanted to thank you all. It's great to have everyone's support.



vw79girl - May 16

ughhhhh I know Lyly, here too as of late. I am getting my VW 79 Beetle out of storage tomorrow so I can at least drive it for a couple of months before my belly gets too big and I can't reach the clutch lol. Of course it is going to rain tomorrow too. grrrrrr


Arabsrcool - May 16


You are not being selfish. You have to take care of you and that precious baby. No bad vibes!!!!!!

BEth, Lyly, marina,

you guys get to do FET together. That is great! You will all be getting your tickers soon. I'm so glad you gals are getting dates and nailing this down. That is half the stress, the not knowing.


your ticker is very cute. I am still in shock for you! You are very positive about the triplets and I think that is great. Sorry about the m/s. I had it bad and its just now starting to slack off. I tried the sea bands, but they didn't help me, but some people have alot of luck with them. Too bad your not closer, I'd give you the ones I bought.

Reshema and Lisa,

we are almost 14 weeks. I am so glad to be done with the first tri-mester! I go back to doc next week and hope I can talk him into an u/s. My friend at work just had a u/s at 7 weeks and they didn't find a heartbeat. I feel awful for her and am freaking out it might happen to me next week. I still have m/s symptoms, but they are slacking off......so then my overactive imagination kicks in. you know how it goes!



lyly14 - May 16

Beth- My last guy wanted me to do it how you are doing it but with estrogen patches and PIO shots. This new RE wants me to do the first part completely natural then I will use progesterone suppositories and lovenox shots as soon as I ovulate. I will also be taking medrol for a few days around the time of transfer.


RB - May 17

thanks for the support girls....its so hard to go through this without my mom's support...this is not how i imagined it to be. I guess she already has three grandkids by my youngest sister no less, so this is no big deal to her...oh well, you live and you learn. I have never depended on my family for anything so this is no exception i guess. At least I have all of you and Dh and his mom have been truly wonderful.

Ronda, i totally understand how you feel. I am always on a cloud for a few days after my OB visit and the u/s and then after about a week or two i start worrying if everything is ok...i was so sorry to hear about your friend - that's one of the things that really scares me. i pray that none of us will have to go through this.

Lyly - i had 4 ultrasounds in my first trimester alone so they have been monitoring me very closely. My doctor decided to take me off the bloodthinner because of the bleeding episode and although i tested positive for the antiphospholipids i never actually had a clotting incident before so i guess it was weighing the risk of bleeding over the risk of clotting....i will ask about the doppler flow studies at my next visit so thanks for the heads up.

well girls...the weekend is here and that means i am at 14weeks and about to start week 15...yipee!

have a great weekend!



lyly14 - May 17

Reshma- I am sure they will monitor you closely. It probably was for the better they took you off. I forgot about the bleeding issue you had earlier on. The doppler flow studies are to check the blood flow throught the placenta to make sure there are not clots. I have actually never had a clot or anything either and didn't find out I had the problem untill after my dd was born so they never wanted to give me the blood thinners untill my m/cs. Even then they never offered me them to help achieve pregnancy until now just said if I get pg. There are so many people who have these problems and have healthy pregnancies with no blood thinners or anything. A friend of mine had 2 healthy pregnancies and no problems before she knew. Then during her third pg she had problems and found out about her clotting problem. Her baby was born early but is doing well. I am sure everything will be fine as long as they watch you frequently. If they start to see any problems they can always put you back on.

Lisa- My clinic sent me some paper work and I saw they checked off they are doing assisted hatching. So I guess it isn't even an issue.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are having a beautiful day compared to the dreary rain from yesterday.


vw79girl - May 17

Lyly, Yay! I really think the assisted hatching was our good luck charm. :) My embryos were always good and we had put in two each time. I think the first time would have continued had we done the assisted hatching, instead it ended up being a chemical pregnancy. I can't wait for them to do the transfer...so excited for you!

We had a gorgeous day here~ Dh and I got my vintage beetle out and drove it around all day in the sunshine. :)

I got some cleaning done as I have done nearly nothing since I found out I was pregnant.

Hope you girls had a good weekend so far!


JasJulesMom - May 18

Lisa- Glad you and DH had a great day. I know what you mean about the cleaning. Last time my MOm cleaned for me because I was so nervous but my house really needed it. I cleaned today and felt pretty good although still trying not to over do it. Rest of my day was pretty nice. Tomorrow is dd birthday party, 21 4-5 year olds...yikes.

Lyly-I know you will joing us soon. I just feel it. How is dh holding up?

Jen- how are you feeling, is your morning sickness still very bad. I hope you are doing well.

Reshema- Hang in there. It is definitely tough when there are family issues, but the only thing that matters now is that you have little stress and enjoy being pregnant.


vw79girl - May 18

Ronda, that is so sad about your friend. I think for us, now that we are 14 weeks, the chances of that happening are very slim. Although, this morning I find myself feeling like I'm not even pregnant besides the constant hunger and little belly that I have growing, I feel really good and I feel like I should feel I don't know...more different? does that make sense? I guess it is my overactive imagination too. I am not scheduled for another u/s until June 26th which is the anatomy scan. However, when I go on June 5th for my next check up and my 2nd. seqential screening. I am really hoping that I can talk them into doing an u/s that day.

Debbie~ It is hard sometimes to always be careful about 'overdoing it' isn't it? I am so used to doing things on my own and feel like i have to rely on Dh and my parents and others a lot. Sometimes it leaves you feeling helpless doesn't it?

Lyly, Beth and Marina~ hope you both had a good weekend and you are looking forward to good things to come!

Julie~ how was your weekend?

Jen~ did you tell your family? how are you feeling???

Lisa ;D 14 weeks today!!!


Jules614 - May 18

Lisa - I always found myself feeling pregnant because I was always throwing up. Now that the morning sickness is gone - I am feeling good. We have had a very busy weekend jumping from gathering to gathering. Today, we already went to breakfast, grocery shopping, and got our cars oil changes and a car wash. Congrads on making your 14 week mark! How exciting!!! Yes, I was in honor's art - I was such a dork. I transferred to a new school when I was in high school and knew no one. So instead of going to the lunch room - I would paint in the art room. Kind of sad 8(

Lyly - I have a friend that takes blood thinners. Her mom and sister also had the disease. I forgot what happened. Both her and her sister had great first pregnancies - but my friend had a rough second - she had blood clots etc..and as a result from multiple complications her child has a cleff palet. She just had her second miscarriage this past month/ I feel so bad for her. But she has two wonderful birth children and one adoptive child.

Reshma - I understand how you feel about the lack of support from your family. My mom and I have never got along. We are too alike which is a bad thing. She has OCD and she can't come to my house and not insult the way I live, the way I raise my child etc.. I finally through her out a year ago and barely welcome her back. Her attitude is if things aren't done the way she does them, then it is wrong. I have just learned to distance myself rather than let her drive me crazy!

Beth, Lyly, Marina - That is so great you can all do the FET together. I never had strong enough embryo's to make it for a FET. Good luck to each of you - may all three of you get pregnant together.

Not much else going on here. feel Kaitlyn kick here and there - but she has slowed down lately.



vw79girl - May 19

awww Julie, I love my art dorks. Sounds like you had a busy day. I am feeling like I did more than I have in a while. Did a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend. Felt so good to feel like I could do it and not worry I was doing too much. I had a lot of energy. It's too early for the nesting stage isn't it? haha.

Ronda, Reshma, Debbie...do you guys have any symptoms other than that belly growing and possible flutters?
They say it could happen as early as week 14 and as late as week 18.

I am off to bed...
talk to you girls tomorrow! :)


jenfrancis - May 19

Hey ladies -

Ok Friday night we told my family. My sister of course was upset I did not tell her all along what was going on. My parents were very happy for us. My mom was shocked she did not expect that sort of news. Everyone that I tell usually thinks I am joking. triplets???? No, c'mon, three????

So, its a trip. I do still have morning sickness. Its round the clock, unless I am sleeping. Then when I have to poddy, its there.

I just generally dont feel well, but I am happy. I am pregnant and this is part of it, I just hope it eases up!

Lisa - I have not done any cleaning either, I have not felt like moving. When I get home from work I am in the bed. Less movement the better. I am addicted to crackers and ginger ale, which dont seem to help at all.

FET Ladies - Fingers and toes crossed for you three! I can not wait to follow your cycles and hear your news.



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