IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - May 15


OMG......triplets. You said from the beginning you thought it might be triplets!!!!!!Wow. I am so happy for you. Take it easy and gets lots of rest, your body is really working hard. Congrats!

I am really bummed today. One of my co-workers was 7 weeks pg, had trouble concieving, etc. She had u/s at 5 weeks and things were fine, she had one last night and no heartbeat. I feel so bad for her.


no hiccups yet, I remember those with dd however....its a weird feeling, in a good way!



Jules614 - May 15

Ronda -

My coworker just lost her baby too and the other two of us in the office are pregnant. How sad is that. I found out the other day a friend of mine also just miscarried. So sad. My heart breaks whenever I hear those stories.



JasJulesMom - May 15

Ronda sorry to hear about your friend. It must be difficult for her. I remember how bad I felt after the miscarriage. I was lost and nobody really could understand it because I was only 7 weeks along. I don't care how far along you are it hurts.

Jen- Great to hear you are so positive. I wish you and DH all the luck and prayers in the world.


RB - May 15

Jen..WOW!!!! Triplets!!! :D :D :D

Congrats hon...its amazing that you suspected triplets right from the start! You have such a great positive attitude that I am sure you and all three babies will be just fine! Just take very good care of yourself - your age and your health are already in your favour plus you have all of us praying for you and your babies.

I told you only good things will happen on my birthday didn't i? ;)



jenfrancis - May 15

I will check out that other board. Thank you Jules!


vw79girl - May 15

Haha Jen, I love your ticker...very cute. It took me a few weeks to get with the program and put two bunnies on mine. :)
so happy for you!!!

Reshma, how are you doing?


jenfrancis - May 15

Thanks! I saw it on another board and had to have it! Makes it more fun to come back.
Well, today is my first full day of my reality check. I thought it was triplets, but still not fully mentally prepared!

Its going to be hard to accept until they actually pop out! Guess when I have to start buying three carseats, three swings, three high chairs and our conversion van, it will be real!

Real Fun!


Jules614 - May 15

I feel like the minority with my little singleton!! ha ha ha.

Love the tckers..



Marina - May 15

Wow Jen...What can I say?I wish you all the patience,health and happiness in the world.And a lots of helpers,you'll definately need them.As for me ,I know for sure I couldn't do it.I'm spending everyday(and night) with my friend's twins and I see every minute what a hard work that is.I needed this trip to see if I can do this to help me make a desigion how many embies to transfer with my FET.I still did not make this choice because I feel the same way about reduction,but I know for sure that I want only one baby.I guess I'll make it right there before the transfer.
I miss home,I'm very ready to go back and see my family and get back to babymaking myself.I love my friend and her kids,but it's very tiring when they are not yours and you are not in your own world and rutine.
Lyly,I see you struggle a little with making decigion about natural or medicated FET.If it was my choice,I'd do the natural,but my doctor just wouldn't do it for the same reason that dr.Jacobs gave you.Stress(and in our situation we just can't avoid it) or something else can screw everything,that is why they don't take any chances and want to control our cycle.I'm on day two Lupron-so far so good,no headaches.
Glad you are all doing good!


lyly14 - May 15

Hi girls- Well I am finally all set up! I am going in tomorrow to have tests for fragile x and cystic fibrosis. Dh and I have to go this weekend and have some other bloodwork. I have 10 days of bcp left and I should get my period by May 28. Then on day 9 of my cycle I start going in for monitoring. I usually surge on day 15 or 16 so if all goes according to plan I should have my transfer around my birthday (the 14th) or so. What a happy birthday gift for me!

Marina- I am a bit nervous about going all natural, but I am happy to not have to do anything but go in for u/s and blood work. I think all the meds are half the stress, not to mention how they reak havic on your hormones and mood. I think my new RE wants to stay aware from hormones as much as possible for me because of my increased risk for blood clots. I was always concerned about that but my old RE never thought it was a big issue. This new guy wants me on lovenox so the increased in hormones that result from pregnancy wont put me at higher risk to throw a clot especially in the placenta. Well it looks like we will be cycle buddies after all! I should be right around you give or take a few days!


Jules614 - May 15

Lyly - Hurray it's your time!



vw79girl - May 16

Yesssssss Lyly, that is awesome. It must feel good to finally be starting things up. :) Having a FET is a piece of cake next to a fresh cycle. I did one last July. It just seems so much easier. Did you find out about the assisted hatching? Can't remember if I asked you that already.

Ronda and Reshma, this weekend we will be 14 weeks so that is technically 3.5 months! and Reshma, happy belated birthday!

Jen, is it sinking in yet? :) :) :)

Julie, sorry to hear about your coworker. you are funny...the minority. hehe


lyly14 - May 16

Reshma- sorry didn't catch that we missed your b-day before. H A P P Y B- D A Y to you (even though its late).

I am so glad all you preggo's seem to be doing so well. Don't worry Julie, while all the girls are going nuts running around after their twins and triplets (good nuts), you might actually have some time to relax while your little one is sleeping. I would be okay with twins but I don't think I can handle triplets. wow talk about exhausting.

Lisa- I was so excited about what he had to say I totally forgot to ask about the AH. I will ask next time I see him. I don't see why he would be against it. After all it is more money for him.

Good night girls! Talk to you tomorrow.


jenfrancis - May 16

LOL - you guys are so funny! Yes, Its really sinking in. I went to my hairdresser today and all the girls in there were so happy and surprised and said my hair will be the nicest pregnant woman hair in town! :)

Well, Lyly, its coming down to the wire, I am praying for you.

marina, take your time take your vacation and enjoy it. When they tell you the quality of the embryos and when you are sitting there in your hospital gown and think back to the whole journey, I think its very easy to want to put as many as the dr will allow. We did not want to have to go through the IVF again!
I was so miserable. So we wanted the three best put in, hoping for of course one healthy one, or maybe two. We were told maybe 5% implant all three. Guess womb conditions we optimal and the embryos were perfect.

I am nervous, only learning how hard it is to find a perinatologist close by. Looks like I will be driving about an hour to the closest one! I know there are risks, but I am really learning what those are. I see on TV plenty of women have 5,6, 8 babies and make it just fine.


RB - May 16

thanks for the birthday wishes girls...dh took the day off from work and we spent the entire day together...he took me shopping :) then we had lunch at a really fancy restaurant...the food was great but dessert was divine!- warm godiva chocolate souffle cake with chocolate dipped strawberries on the side ;D - then we went to the movies - we saw Made of Honour - it was so romantic and funny - i really enjoyed it. it was a really nice day.

Lyly, our birthdays are exactly one month apart! One of my best girlfriends is also a gemini :) it's so great that things are falling into place for you...looks like you and Marina will be on the 2ww together and Beth as well. I cant wait for you girls to join us.

By the way, ialso have the antiphospholipids and my doctor had me on Clexane shots from the day after egg recovery. I am off them now because of the bleeding but i am on baby aspirin. They are considering me high risk because of the clotting so i am really taking it one week at a time...i cant wait for each weekend because that means baby and i have made it through one more week.

Ronda, Lisa...we're hitting the 14w mark..whoo hoo! Ronda, how are you feeling these days?

Hey Jules...the multiples are the minority (lol)- you, Debbie, Ronda and I are all singleton's but if you count Lisa's two and Jen's three...i guess they outnumber our singletons! Ha Ha!

Hey Beth, welcome back!

Lots of Love girls,


Jules614 - May 16

Reshma - Happy Belated b-day. When was it?

Lyly - Thanks for being excited for us. I believe you will have your turn shortly. I have faith. You have had the best attitude as well.

Jen - What is a perinatologist for? I hear girls from my chat use the term. Were you able to check out the chat I listed?

Not much here. I walked this morning for 60 minutes. Now, it's time for work.




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