IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - May 14

Marina- I had the same thing with the bcp. I spotted everyday while I was on them before the ivf and again when he put me back on them waiting for the FET. I am now on my third pack (ugg) and it has finally stopped. You wont be on them that long so you may have the spotting the entire time, some days more than others.

Jenfrancis-Wow! Triplets that is crazy and expensive. I wish you the best of luck with that. Triplet pregnancy can be very dangerous for you and the babies , so I am praying you have a healthy pregnancy with your little ones!


bethnyc - May 14

Lyly -- great news on the embies. Hopefully we will end up with our FET dates around the same time. I'd love to have someone to go through this with. Let me know when you find out and I will do the same. I'm thinking 2nd week in June (if all goes well).

Marina - let me know once your date is set or is it set already?

Julie -- the FET cycle is actually much easier (although this is my 1st time with FET). This is how my doctor does it. Wait till AF -- go for blood/scan on day 2, start estrogen pills that night (if #'s are good), continue till day 14 (I think I go in around day 10 for another blood/scan to make sure my lining looks good). If all looks good, start progesterone shots on day 14 for 4-6 days and then it's time for the transfer. Some doctors do it with Lupron, but mine only does that for 5% of his patients. And, i'm so happy to not have to do the Lupron shots - it made me really depressed.

JenFrancis -- wow, triplets. That's amazing. You knew all along. You must be on cloud 9. How did DH take the news?



Jules614 - May 14

Beth - I am with you. I HATED taking LUPRON - It made me so moody and I got the worst headaches!
I hope your FET goes smoothly.



vw79girl - May 14

Yay Lyly, that is great news!!!
you can only go forward from here girl!!! :)

OMG Jen!!! congrats :) :) :)
That is amazing that all 3 took!!! When will they do another ultrasound and did they see the sacs and yolk sacs for all 3 as well? As far as heartbeats, with my two, the smaller in size of the two always has come to have the stronger heartbeat. My two at 7 weeks were 11mm with a 148 hb and 7mm with a 121 heartbeat.
Did they say that all three are right on with your 7 week mark? and how big were they??? YAY!!!!!!!!!

UGHHHHH yes Marina...I HATED bcp's. I spotted every darn day!!!

Julie~ do you recall Kaitlyn having hiccups and you feeling that? I swear I experienced that this am when I woke out of a sleep. Dh put his hand on my belly and was so excited. :)
Ronda have you felt anything that may resemble that? it was like a contracting type of thing but it really felt like hiccups.

I am off to a baseball game, talk to you girls tonight.


Jules614 - May 14

Lisa - I never feel Kaiitlyn having the hiccups - however, when I had an u/s with Samantha I remember the tech saying she had the huccups - or something like that.
I am oblivious to most everything.



JasJulesMom - May 14

Jen-Congrats on the triplets. Did your RE sound shocked? Hope you have a healthy pregnancy, be extra careful and have no stress. That is amazing. How does dh feel. Did you see all three?

Lisa- My dd had hiccups during my entire pregnancy and I always felt them. It was so funny and when she was born she continued to get them frequently.


jenfrancis - May 14

Ok, ladies, just got back from lunch.

Um, DH is happy, he knew all three took, with as much bloating and weight I have seemed to gain. He was on the phone right away!

We saw the yolk sac with all three, saw the heart beat and heard it! I did not think we could hear it, but it was there!

Today is my day one of week 7 and the babies are measuring right on, except little one is week 6. I am having another ultrasound in one week.

Wow, I was not sure, but I thought morning sickness was here early and I knew I was big.

My RE was sitting there with hand over mouth, I did not know what was on the screen, they looked around for a minute or so, and she said Guess what guys I see three sacks!

I cried. I reallize its expensive, but we are prepared, we will make it, I am going to quit my job, as soon as someone else is trained, and of course only one car using $4 a gallon gas and no daycare, well, thats a start.

I dont know what to say! I am telling my family this weekend. They will be thrilled! But shocked no doubt!

I understand there are risks and I have to find a specialist, but I think as long as they monitor me constantly, bed rest will help. I will just eat and stay healthy and happy. Prayer got us this far...


JasJulesMom - May 14

That is amazing. I am so happy for you. So you will be having two boys and a girl?

Lyly- After hearing about Jen, are you still prepared to put in all three?


Jules614 - May 14

Jen - Ther eis a girl in my IVF chat that just found out yesterday she is having triplets as well. You two should connect. Your due dates should be right next to each other. Her name is Jenn too.



lyly14 - May 14

Debbie- I still intend to put all three in if they make the thaw. I really don't think that I would get all three if I am lucky enough to have all 3 for the transfer. To be honest I may consider selective reduction if all three take. I have too many medical problems as it is and am already high risk without adding the high risk of triplets. I just think 3 would be way too risky for me and them. I would not want to chance losing all of them. It would be really tough but I don't think my body can physically handle 3.

Jen- Did you do a 3 day or blast transfer? I am glad you and dh are happy. I wish you and the babies all the best. Make sure you take care of yourself and those precious triplets.


vw79girl - May 15

Jen, that is just like my twins. One is right on schedule and one is a week behind. Perhaps that is the one with the 113 heartbeat? I went back week 8 as well. It is so exciting to see the progress from one week to the next. They will most likely monitor you pretty closely now. :) Honestly, I kind of like it. You will get lots of ultrasounds! yay!
When we first found out it was twins, we were kind of worried about affording it etc. but ...we will find a way. We call the smaller of the two "little one" also. I am so happy for you!

Jules...you hit the 100 day mark!
thanks to you and to Debbie for the hiccup information. Greg told me he was smiling about it all day. I have to admit I thought about it and smiled quite a few times myself. I am pretty in tune with every little feeling my body has since my Crohn's disease and all of my surgeries.

Lyly, I still say put all 3 in and see what happens :) Greg and I said if all 3 took, we would have probably done reduction too as I am very petite and have also had my share of medical issues.

Marina! enjoy the rest of your vacation. It's supposed to rain here for the next three days here in Manch NH. blahhhh

I love how devoted we all are to this board and how supportive we are of one another. I check it several times a day and you girls are always here to reassure me or put a smile on my face. Thank you!!!


Jules614 - May 15

Lisa - My MIL is just like you with her Crohn's and body. My Unce and cousin both have Crohn's as well. I have to keep an eye on my daughter as it runs on both sides of the family. Does anyone else in your family have Crohn's?



vw79girl - May 15

Julie, no, noone else has it which is why we have no idea where it came from in me. I feel like ever since I've had my ostomy and could feel the funky feelings in my stomach due to the inflamation and movement of bowels, it had made me so aware of any little feeling in general. Sounds gross but I like that I am so in tune with my body :) I feel like I felt that hiccup session or whatever it was because it was so quiet and everything was so peaceful as it was like the middle of the night.


jenfrancis - May 15


Well, ok, lets try to answer all the questions. Um, on the selective reduction, I thought about that, before hearing and seeing the heartbeats!
But they are all three very much alive! I can not do it! I know there are risks, I know I really need to take care of myself.
I am only 33 and very healthy, my husband will help me and I am very ready I think. Where there is a will there is a way. We will make it.
I have faith.

Lyly - yes we did a day 3 transfer, I will most definitely take good care of me, and Lisa, I agree they will monitor me very closely and that makes me feel better about handling any risks.

Jules614 - what other chat is that? I would love to connect with her. Funny her name is jenn as well!

I am so happy for all the support here! I know you ladies really are so well informed and educated on these things that I learn something new almost everyday!

I will let you know what the ultrasound shows next week! WHOOOO, here we go!


Jules614 - May 15

Jen -

The website is through babycenter.com - check out http://boards.babycenter.com/n/pfx/for

girl's name is Jenn. If you go back a few pages, you will see her talk about having triplets.

Good luck!



Arabsrcool - May 15


OMG......triplets. You said from the beginning you thought it might be triplets!!!!!!Wow. I am so happy for you. Take it easy and gets lots of rest, your body is really working hard. Congrats!

I am really bummed today. One of my co-workers was 7 weeks pg, had trouble concieving, etc. She had u/s at 5 weeks and things were fine, she had one last night and no heartbeat. I feel so bad for her.


no hiccups yet, I remember those with dd however....its a weird feeling, in a good way!




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