IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - May 13

Debbie- They wouldn't even be getting the money because they are sending me out to the lab for the tests. They want his blood type and group and a syphilis screening. I already had that same screening when we did the initial ivf bloodwork. I would think if I was negative he would be too. It is not like it is not passed along to partners. I don't know. I called around to some labs today and found one that would do all the tests for $80. Dh seemed more calm since we paid $1000 for all his other tests. If this FET doesn't work and we need to do another fresh IVF then we need to get it done by october so all the tests are still good. As long as they are within a year they will take them. I had really bad kidney infections when I was pg with my dd. I was hospitalized for a week with IV antibiotics and then on oral antibiotics my whole pregnancy because they kept reoccuring. It was terrible my whole second trimester I was so sick from them.

Lisa- He has absolutely no insurance coverage. I keep nagging him about it but..... Well he absolutely hates anything medical and doesn't do doctors. He comes with me when he has to but he hates it. When I had my last m/c the doctor who did my d & c left some fetal tissue and I went into labor and delivered the rest on my own and hemorhaged( think I spelled that wrong). He wasn't home at the time it happened and he met me up at the hospital. He almost passed out when he walked into the room and saw all the blood. Then he got sick. He is a bit of a baby that way!


RB - May 13

Hi girls,

hope you all had a good weekend and a happy mothers day. Dh got me flowers and i got several calls....it was kinda nice to be on the receiving end on mothers' day for a change.

The sad thing about it though is that my mom and i are not speaking and my sisters and i are no longer as close as we used to be so it was kinda lonely and depressing as they were all together...i had lunch with dh's mom and visited with an aunt...they were so much nicer to me than my own family! You would think they would try to make my life easier instead of more stressful at a time like this! anyway, enough venting.

Lyly, i am so glad that your appointment went well...i was thinking of you all day yesterday. As for your embies...i had one 6, a 4 and 2 cell transferred...all 3day grade 1 transfers but at least one made it...i think your embies have a pretty good chance. My RE also told me that even if the quality of some are not as good, they do assist the implantation process making it possible for at least one to make it. So stay positive and believe in those embies!

Jen - i am so excited for you to see your little miracle or maybe miracles for the first time!!! Even if you dont hear the heartbeat, to see it beating away is totally cool!

Tanya - stay positive. 11 days is quite early so think positive thoughts until Thursday..like everyone else already told you, the importsnt thing is whether your levels double.

Julie, Lisa, Ronda, Debbie...how's it going? i also feel those tiny flutters but i ususally think its gas...i cant wait to feel a real kick :)

Marina - hope you are having a good vacation.

Hope i didnt leave anyone out - if i did, i'm sorry - it must be the hormones making my brain fuzzy ;D

Lots of love and baby dust to all,


bethnyc - May 14

hi girls. Yes, it's been a while. I have been reading all your posts, but haven't had much to write since there's not much going on here. Busy working (ridiculously busy). Trying to plan a trip to see my mom, sister and her 2 kids (haven't seen them in over 4 months), but with this fertility stuff, can't leave town b/c I need to be at the RE on day 2 and I'm not taking any chances. At least they understand what I'm going through.

Seems like everyone is doing really well. And, like there are a few new people in the group. I think it's amazing how great you all are and how supportive. I am really going to try to read/post more often as I do want to be a part of your group.

Lyly -- so happy that you finally got to see the RE and it seems like things are moving along. When will you know the date for the FET? I hope it's soon. You need to stay positive -- I know you hear it all the time, but it's so true.

Marina - are you still on for June 13th?

I'm waiting for AF (had a blood test yesterday and they said that I was ovulating so it should be here within 14 days) and will then start estrogen on day 2, and progesterone around day 14. Looking at having the FET around June 10th or 17th (I want my RE to do it and he only does transfers on Tuesdays). If the date doesn't work for a Tuesday, I can have another doctor do it, but I am really hoping for mine this time. There are 5 doctors in the practice and all seem amazing - but, I have a relationship with my doctor and feel like that might make the difference. A different doctor did it last time and while I really liked her, I thnk my doctor will make me feel more comfortable. So, it's a wait and see game..I will let you know.

I hope everyone is feeling good and send baby dust to all.



bethnyc - May 14

i forgot --

jenfrancis -- good luck tomorrow. i can't wait to hear how many little ones you have in there. How exciting.


vw79girl - May 14

Girls...I found this today and it kind of put my mind at ease:

About one in 20 women will have a positive result with any of these screening tests — far more than those who eventually deliver a baby with a chromosomal abnormality. In fact, most women who have a positive result from a screening test deliver healthy babies. :)

Dh is not worried at all and feels that everything will be fine. He is the optomist. I guess I feel that way too. There is just a little bit of worry tucked back in my mind. But I think that is to be expected during these nine months and as Debbie said, for many years to come.

Jen~ good luck tomorrow!!! I will be thinking of you... Looking forward to hearing your good news!

Beth...Glad you let us know how you were doing. Hang in there, Hopefully your dr. will be able to do your procedure. June is just around the corner.

Reshma, I am glad dh was sweet to you on Mother's Day. I agree it was nice to finally be on the receiving end. I can't wait to feel a real kick as well!!! Julie says you will definitely know the difference. :)

Lyly, my dh is a little phobic about Dr.'s too. He barely even ever takes tylenol. He really takes nothing for anything and just deals with whatever it is that may be bothering him. He hates any kind of cold meds etc. That stinks about the insurance though.


jenfrancis - May 14

Ok, Ladies,

Today is the big day! We can really prepare how different our lives may or may not have to be, based on how many tiny heartbeats we see!

I am so anxious, its only 6 hours away!
I will make all my phone calls on my way home, and will post the news for you all to see as soon as I get in the door!

The only thing I am certain of, is there is one, and if I find out there is more, a conversion van might be in our future.

I dont know if I will be going back to work if its two or three! I think its only fair to my boss that I train someone else as soon as I decide. Day care is hard enough to find with one infant, I am very picky. But I aso know most providers can only have two infant slots, and what is the likelihood that they would have both slots open. NOW if there are three, I would have to find a day care center and I dont think they get enough one on one in a big center.

So, today is a big day, if there is only one little human in there, things wont be that DISCOMBOBULATED. Lets see...(thank you to all you lovely ladies, Reshma, Marina, Lyly, Lisa, JasJules, Julie, for pulling for me)
And beth, welcome back.


Jules614 - May 14

JenFrancis - I have my fingers crossed for your BIG day! I can't wait to hear your results. How exciting!!!

Beth - Welcome back. Good luck with your FET. I heard it is a very timely process. How does it differ from a full cycle?

Reshma - I so feel your pain about family issues. My mom started giving me the guilt treatment yesterday about how Mother's Day was a flop and it makes her sick inside her daughter's don't speak - It is almost like she blames me! My sister was the one who wronged me a 100%. My sister has never been a sister to me in all the years I knew her. I was by her side through everything she did in her life all the way up to her eptopic pregnancy. She has never in her life asked me how I am doing. If the conversation isn't about her then she wants nothing to do with it. When she lived with my mom mooching off her room and board free - my mom said she was self centered an everything was about her. Why would I even want someone like that in my life? I have been so much happier not haring about her drama and issues. Don't worry, you will feel a kick shortly. I really didn't feel much until 21 or 22 weeks. Now I feel plenty.

Lyly - Sorry your hubby doesn't like the site of blood. Mine is a nut and watches all those surgical procedures on TV. I get grossed out and get sick to my stomach seeing blood. When the docs asked if I wanted a mirror held up when delivering Samantha I said NO WAY - Just get her out of me...I had a UTI about 8 years ago and I remember how uncomfortable they are. But once you get the meds, they feel better pretty quickly. Hopefully, you will get some meds soon.

Tanya - Try to stay positive. At 12 days my beta was only 45. Then 2 days later it went to 83. I was told that is low but as long as it goes up, my chances were good. My lab told me they saw someone with a beta of 8 and delivered a healthy baby. It's hard wondering - you will only know once you have that next beta test. Good luck!

JasJulesMom - Are you going to find out the sex? What do you want?

AFM - Samantha got bit for the second time at school in the past week and a half. I was fuming and called upon the director's attention. The child who bit her yesterday has a history of biting other children and I want to know what the school is going to do about. Both instances Samantha's skin has not been broken, but is very red and can see the bite marks. In today's society you don't know if a child has Hep, HIV etc.. I think as a parent I have the right to know my child is not in any danger.

I also had my pregnancy massage yesterday. The girl who did me is a coach who helps my Ob deliver babies.. small world. She has also done IUI's and IVF with little success. She gets pregnant but ends up miscarrying or has an eptopic. Amazing how many people you talk to who are in similar boats as us.



JasJulesMom - May 14

Lyly-My dh is the same with blood. Last year they needed to update his blood test. One vial he was terrified. I thought he was either going to run or pass out. They had the smelling salts ready. It was kind of funny.MEN!!

REshema- Glad you are doing well. Did you notice your ticker moved to the next phase, isn't it cool.

Lisa- Glad you are positive about the results. My first two pregnancies I did not even do most of the screening tests. I just felt it would all work out. I guess I am being more cautious this time because of the fertility challenge and also because I am 37.

Jen- Good luck today. It is going to be great.

Tanya-Hope you are hanging in there.


lyly14 - May 14

Hi girls- I got a call from the new embryology lab a little while ago. My embies were moved to the new lab, so they are ready to go. Now I am just waiting to hear back from one of the nurses to set everything up :D

Jenfrancis- How did it go? I am anxious to hear how many of your embies attached!

Julie- I was already on meds for 10 days and I was feeling better until I stopped. Now it is back and I a on the meds for 2 weeks this time, but until this stupid stone is gone it is just going to keep happening. I go to see the urologist next week.

Beth- Good luck with your FET. I hope mine is real soon.


JasJulesMom - May 14

Great news Lyly!!!!


Arabsrcool - May 14


That is great! you are moving forward now!


I'm dying here.......how many is it?


welcome back!



Marina - May 14

Wow,guys,I poped in a good time!A lots of good news!
I'm still in Ukraine,just got a chance to see how all of you doing, comming back home on Sat.
I'm having a full time "hands on" practice with my friends twins,they are 6 months old,I even was babysitting-alone!-for 4 hours!!!!It was a little stressfull,but I made it.I think,this is what I needed to remind me what I fordot in 13 years.And it's not that terrifying as I thought to take care of twins.So,Lisa,I guess,you'll make it too.
Lyly ,I'm glad you are on a finish line,try not to worry about your embies before you have to.I started my Lupron today.
Beth,we'll be doing FET in the same time!
Did anybody had spotting while taking bcp?I was spotting every day since I left,only today it's kind of getting better.I even asked my DH call the clinic,but they said it's normal.I've never had this happen before.
I can't write for a long time,I'll see you all when I get back!Jen,too bad I didn't see how your aptt went,i'll try to check later!


Jules614 - May 14

Lyly - That is great news. Your time is coming real soon! HURRAY!!!!

Jen - I am thinking about you?



jenfrancis - May 14

TRIPLETS!!!! AHHH I just walked in the house! I am having triplets. The heartbeats were....126, 124, and 113.

Not sure what to think about the smaller baby with the 113 heartbeat. But I am in love with all three already.

Thanks ladies for sticking around and waiting!



Jules614 - May 14

Oh my God Jen~ You just knew, huh?



lyly14 - May 14

Marina- I had the same thing with the bcp. I spotted everyday while I was on them before the ivf and again when he put me back on them waiting for the FET. I am now on my third pack (ugg) and it has finally stopped. You wont be on them that long so you may have the spotting the entire time, some days more than others.

Jenfrancis-Wow! Triplets that is crazy and expensive. I wish you the best of luck with that. Triplet pregnancy can be very dangerous for you and the babies , so I am praying you have a healthy pregnancy with your little ones!



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