IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - May 13


that is great news. Sounds like you are make progress towards your BFP!.


It sounded like from what the nurse said at my last appt, because of my age, they would just refer me for the 4-D u/s and not do much of the bloodwork. I'll find out more when I go next week.



jenfrancis - May 13

Lisa - my appt is at 1PM tomorrow, I leave work about noon. She said I dont have to drink for this one, so thats nice. I should be nice and comfy.

I am just so blessed to be pregnant that I will be overjoyed with only one, with twins or even with all three.

I think doctors maybe say you start feeling fluttering and movement about 15-20 weeks, but who knows for sure??? You have twins in there, after all, and they could be playing jump rope in there with the umbilical cords!

Bet its those precious boogars!

I just can not wait till tomorrow! 26 hours away!!!! I must admit tho I will be a bit shocked if there are triplets, I am prepared for anything. I am so emotional already, just imagining seeing the heartbeats! I know I will cry. Its been such a long journey to get to this point. I am just making sure I walk out of there with more pictures of my pregnancy!


jenfrancis - May 13

Also, I can not wait till tomorrow to see what my little ticker says!!!


vw79girl - May 13

Jen, at 7 weeks, we were able to see the heartbeats but not hear them yet. But even just seeing them is such an amazing reassurance. :)

Can't wait to see how many!!!


JasJulesMom - May 13

Lisa- I hate the glucose test because the last to times I had it I failed the initial test and had to go to three hour test, which is long, boring and 4 needles involved. Both turned out negative.

I know I want to believe it is movement, but then when I do not feel anything for a while I start to worry. That is why I cannot wait until it is a definite kick.

Jen- I also saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks. I did not hear it until last week at my 14 week appointment. I love the sound.


vw79girl - May 13

Debbie, the second sequential scan they do for me on June 4th is in place of the AFP they said. I guess that is how they do things there. They assured me today that the results of all of these things are only screenings and not to worry too much about it as things could be perfectly fine in the end and my nuchal scan went well besides. They reiterated the 92.4% chance of things being okay and reassured me that 7% is a small number.

why do I still feel worried even though we plan to have both of these babies no matter what?

The nurse also told me that my OB is not the type to sugar coat things and if he felt we really should do an amnio or CVS, he would have said so.


Tanya1231 - May 13

I am 11dp3dt with a beta of 7.8. Is there any hope?


JasJulesMom - May 13

Lisa- Telling you from experience, as a parent you will always worry for the rest of your life. Worry if they are happy, if they are healthy, if you are making the right decisions where they are concerned, there is always a reason to worry, I think that just goes with the parenting territory. SO even if things were not 100% and you decided to go ahead anyway, you would worry. I think I will be doing that for the rest of my life where my kids are concerned, you can't help it there is no better kind of love in the world.


jenfrancis - May 13

[quote author=Tanya1231 link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=885#49503 date=1210696580]
I am 11dp3dt with a beta of 7.8. Is there any hope?

Oh, hunney, there is hope, dont you give up! The level my nurse said they were looking for anything over 5, as long as the numbers keep doubling every other day, keep positive!

Pray, think happy mommy thoughts. Surprised they checked you before your 14th day, you ought to have about 50-100 by then!
When do you go back for a follow up test?
I will pray for you! God bless and let us know what happens!


vw79girl - May 13

Tanya~ yes, there is always hope. Like Jen said, it is kind of early. Let us know how it goes as I am sure you will test again in a few days.



lyly14 - May 13

Lisa- I spoke to the nurse this afternoon. She said she is going to look into where my embies are (the old place or the new). Then she just told me she needs copies of all my and dh's blood work and that there are tests that my doctor didn't do that we need before the transfer. Dh is pissed because he doesn't have insurance and is saying he already had all the bloodwork. He doesn't want to pay more money for blood tests. Besides I don't understand the embies are already there and they are putting them in me not him. I understand that they want more tests on me but it doens't make sense for him with the FET, maybe for another fresh. Oh well apparently at this new place the nurses are really in charge of everything. My old place was very different and the doctor did everything and made sure you knew exactly what you needed. Just going to take some getting used to.

Tanya- good luck. When do you do another beta? If it doubles in 48 hrs then the pregnancy is a good one even with low start.


lyly14 - May 13

oh yeah I forgot- I got a call from my general practitioner this morning that my urine culture is still positive. So after 10 days on the antibiotic I still have a urinary tract infection. Now I have to go see the urologist next week.


Tanya1231 - May 13

I will repeat the beta on Thursday.


JasJulesMom - May 13

Lyly- Doesn't deel like it is always something. I had the same problem with UTI when I had my son. I had to stay in the hospital for 4 extra days with IV for infection. YUK!!! I understand about the blood test. Since it is FET why does it matter what bloodtests DH hs not taken, sometimes I truly believe it is for the money.

Good luck Tanya. I think 11 days is too early to give up.
Suprised they tested that early my RE made me wait till day 16. And on day 16 it was 287 so it definitely can be good for you. Usually over 5 indicates a pregnancy. Now if it doubles then you know it is growing.


vw79girl - May 13

Lyly, I can relate to what you are saying about the bloodwork. My husband and I took a little break from the vitro from July '07 until this past Feb. I had to have all kinds of bloodwork redone and I think I had to have another Sono and Pap as well. I also think they made him do bloodwork again. Only difference is the insurance. He doesn't have insurance at all right now? The place I was at with my RE...the nurses took care of a lot of things too. We only spoke to the Dr. once in a while.
Hang in there. That sucks about your UTI. Like you need that on top of everything else.


lyly14 - May 13

Debbie- They wouldn't even be getting the money because they are sending me out to the lab for the tests. They want his blood type and group and a syphilis screening. I already had that same screening when we did the initial ivf bloodwork. I would think if I was negative he would be too. It is not like it is not passed along to partners. I don't know. I called around to some labs today and found one that would do all the tests for $80. Dh seemed more calm since we paid $1000 for all his other tests. If this FET doesn't work and we need to do another fresh IVF then we need to get it done by october so all the tests are still good. As long as they are within a year they will take them. I had really bad kidney infections when I was pg with my dd. I was hospitalized for a week with IV antibiotics and then on oral antibiotics my whole pregnancy because they kept reoccuring. It was terrible my whole second trimester I was so sick from them.

Lisa- He has absolutely no insurance coverage. I keep nagging him about it but..... Well he absolutely hates anything medical and doesn't do doctors. He comes with me when he has to but he hates it. When I had my last m/c the doctor who did my d & c left some fetal tissue and I went into labor and delivered the rest on my own and hemorhaged( think I spelled that wrong). He wasn't home at the time it happened and he met me up at the hospital. He almost passed out when he walked into the room and saw all the blood. Then he got sick. He is a bit of a baby that way!



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