IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - December 2

Thanks Lili - How are you you holding up? Are you having a nice weekend?


lyly14 - December 3

Hi Julie-sorry it has been a while since my last post. I had my dd birthday party this weekend. I had 15 kids at the movies for Enchanted. The party went well but was hectic. Anyway it has kept my mind off things. I am praying that this cyst goes away or is getting smaller by the 12th when I go back for my recheck, so we can get right in for the next cycle. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

How are you feeling? I know you really weren't feeling well after the retreival, I hope you are feeling better. Sending you lots of baby dust. What day do you do your beta? Get lots of rest and keep me posted.


Jules614 - December 3

I do my beta on the 13th - so if things are negative - maybe you and I will be doing our IVF cycle at the same time.

I am OK - very gasy and nervous. Feel my blood pressure is bad from the stress. Never had bad blood pressure before but since the IVF procedures it has been off the charts.

Glad to har you had a nice birthday party I took my daughter to Enchanted as well.



lyly14 - December 3

Hi jules- Sorry to hear about the blood pressure. How high has it been? Try to think positive. Just think BFP!!!! Good luck on the 13th and Keep me posted on how you are doing. The 2ww really sucks.

I have been having a little bit of pain on my left side, so I wonder if that cyst got any bigger. I pray I just feel it shrinking!


Jules614 - December 3

When I had my cyst - I felt pain but didn't know what it was. I basically ignored it because I am not the brightest bee.

My blood pressure is normally about 120/70 - It went to 165/96 from nerves. I guess they call that "white coat syndrome" where you fear the doctor's office.


Jules614 - December 3

Thanks Braina -

I did not even realize you wished me luck until today How are you?


Brianandjena - December 4

So.. whats new> r u getting ur scan on the 4th still?


lyly14 - December 4

Julie- You sure did get white coat syndrome! That was pretty high. There is not much going on with me. Just waiting to get my laptop back. I hope they can get rid of that virus. I feel like my patience is being tested. Wait wait wait! How have you been feeling? Have you been able to rest?

Jena- How have you been? Where are you in your cycle now?


Jules614 - December 4

Lily -

I have not been feeling great since the E/R - I have chest pain because I think I pulled a muscle when throwing up after the anesthesia - plus, I have been bloated and cramping since then as well.. thanks gd for gas X -

How are you doing? How are your ovaries feeling?


Brianandjena - December 5

Jules, lyly,
*HUG* i am doing alright (let me see what cd I am on)cd 16 (the 4th) and 5th tomorrow being cd 17.. HOw are you both doing? Jules im sorry ur not feeling well. I am praying for you.
Lyly, how are you doing?


Jules614 - December 5

Hi Jena -

Thanks for asking how I am doing. I am doing better. For the first tme in a week - I felt good enough to get on my treadmill and do a small walk.

What is your story again? Where are you with IVF?


lyly14 - December 5

Hi Julie and Jena.

Julie- I am hanging on. My ovary is ok I guess, only slight twinges here and there on the left. One more week till I see if this cyst is getting smaller. Keeping my fingers crossed. How are you holding up ?

Jena- When do you test? You did an IUI right?


Jules614 - December 5

Lyly - My fingers are crossed your cyst will shrink and you can continue the IVF. Do they know if a sepcific medication caused it? If so, I hope they change your meds.

I am doing OK - Pampered myself to a 50 minutes massage today. I have not had that since Mother's Day 3 yrs ago. It felt so good.



Brianandjena - December 5

Jules and lyly,
HI there.. I am on cycle 2 of clomid and trigger shot and iui. .I dont have any children and I am 34 so I am "unexplained" and my bf or 8 years has some make factors. low count and motility issues..I use to be married for 10 years and no child. We seperated and a couple years later he has a little boy. (who knows)
the doc seems to think we have a pretty good chance with this method.. (who knows)
I am on cd17 . I am on my 2ww .
I am feeling so discouraged .. *HUG* Thank you for asking about me and checking in on me.


Jules614 - December 5

I did 3 IUI's and failed all of them but my sister is pregnant with twins due in June from an IUI.

Stay positive.



lyly14 - December 6

Julie- The doctor said it was probably from the lupron, but is not changing my meds. He said if it happened again it would be really bad luck. Well unfortunately for me I have really bad luck!!!!!!! Anyway, I think he will check my ovaries to look for mid sized follies before he puts me back on lupron, that way it reduces the chances of a cyst developing with the initial influx of hormones from the lupron. I am glad to hear you went for a massage. I love going for those. My last one was almost a year ago on Valentines day we went for a couples massage.

Jena- How long ago was the IUI? What day is you beta? Lots of baby dust to you.



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